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  1. 이름 뭐하지어


  2. Sirius Stark Al Ghul

    1:26 In spanish we use "cabrón" or "cabrito" (which are both derived from the word "cabra", goat) as insults too.

  3. Rukusheyi Rhakho

    I wanna know... what happened in 2016?

  4. Mаkачла Bönnü

    My friend izabel and me always joke around with eachother or used to until schools shut down but that's besides the point. I would place random hammers and sickles on a sticky note and place them around different periods to confuse people and most of the time she would find them she is not Russian at all but she always says my nickname comrad bigmac to get my attention.

  5. soinu foig

    All you need to do is watch LifeIsBoris and do what he’s done

  6. Crispee Vacon

    Ahhhhhh...... I smell how to basic

  7. Spy King


  8. N.E. E.T

    Português Boris, português;-;

  9. Julian ‘The Apostate’ Constantius

    srbija strjonk

  10. Sebastian Stone

    Number 16 make a trampoline scooter (yes I actually did this today)

  11. Milyn Garalda

    Maybe ukraine?

  12. The Meta

    Non Slavs- water is easiest way to cool pc Boris- pass me the VODKA, time to make new cooling system

  13. John


  14. Rxdnxck

    Ага, можа і беларускую мову разумееш?

  15. P13R0

    I thought that was an actual stielhandgranate

  16. Jesse Spades

    we need an boris pop figures

  17. Undeadheart 1235

    Boris: Vadim Cyka!! Me: Dude that was me okay??

    1. soinu foig



    Eh? Can you beat my SUPER SLAV DREADNOUGHT KV-2?

  19. Nasrul

    Your cat is so cute!

  20. Jake Jordan

    Artyom needs his own channel

  21. Zim_zam 101

    Me: *Italian and know how to cook* Boris: This is a joke dont take it seriously

  22. random crap erday

    Vodca should be first thing

  23. caggiano

    Just started learning Russian because of the quarentine.......

  24. CauseEU

    Can he just stop with the fake accent it’s not funny

  25. Griffin456 Extras

    I live in Louisiana. I love the way u pronounce it

  26. Mr. DRACCO

    Finally usefull tips

  27. Brger.

    No screams mean potato is done

  28. LordZorddan

    It's works better with a dog

  29. Bleached_Potato

    You need dr.sausage to make dr.sausage

  30. Jaime Angulo

    Someone must send Boris pool of Majoneyz The more the merrier

  31. Ethan Leung

    when he said.ding dong cyka I literally choked

  32. Lisbeth

    This got to be one of my most favorite Boris video.

  33. Hind D

    "Even though your birthday is in two months" *celebrates birthday on 24th in isolation

  34. Rērar

    Russians vodka fueled PC. Americans OIL FUELED PC

  35. Samuelto 2005


  36. Lisbeth

    5:46 that gasp tho

  37. cw249 24

    I stuck in hot English jail

  38. Paul Zawkiewicz

    My name is pronounced (ZAW-kuh-VEECH) Like " I ZAW (saw) a kuh (key) at the VEECH (beach).

  39. Jacob Stevens

    Boris! Have you eaten any Tatar food? Better yet, can you teach us how to make some?

  40. GD_ GreySkies

    I have a komarade friend who is as slav as me. (i will post squad photos of me and my komarades squatting)

  41. Magnificent Idiot

    If Boris doesn't make my day better I don't know what will

  42. Dapperfield

    I actually do 1 and 2 lmao

  43. GD_ GreySkies

    I actually have a komarade friend and we squat Toghether when we hang out (both are 11 and we drink non-alcoholic vodka because we are not allowed to but we still squat. Even my squad squats.

  44. Samuelto 2005

    Spanish people: Why you dont put subtitles ?!, i dont know speak english !!! :'(

  45. red x17

    This is also polish dish

  46. Blue Steve

    If my babushka always want to cook and give to us some blins, does it mean that its a good babushka?

  47. take trick

    형 아프지마ㅠㅠ

  48. I Exist

    This made my day. Thank you 😂

  49. Griffin456 Extras

    Da Tovariscsh

  50. Kyoutotics Gaming

    Dude his intro are so damn meme

  51. bio builder

    Boris is the only human that would ever mutter the words "mayonaise muffin"

  52. Snowy

    I've eaten all of these and I got very hungry

  53. Roadhouse Rebel

    Niko Bellic

  54. slothfulcobra

    You can joke when making sandwiches or simpler dishes about doing everything haphazardly, but the science of cheese don't play well with that

  55. Attack Sarcophagus

    Ah yes it is children's book

  56. 春人鈴木

    in soviet russia, corona won't attack you... you attack corona

  57. ItsGqbe

    More pls

  58. institute larry

    americans: its an empinata

  59. Blou Bear


  60. N00b Gamers

    Tutorial jongkok bgsd wkwkwkwkwk

  61. fcr

    i have played this on 1.5x speed. I am vodka incarnated now.

  62. Ismatroll24

    1:20 boris

  63. 3rutu5

    how is it, that a month ago i never knew this doof doof existed? I'm feeling like i need to start an old communist party when this is all over.

  64. Θανασης Ροκκας

    I played this loudly and my neighbors called the police They arrested my neighbors!

  65. Weeb Trash

    *o y b l y a t*

  66. Vento de Cauda

    Come to Brazil, we are slav as fuck.

  67. Noob Epic

    I slaved my Honda Fit Now it,s a Honda that can fit lots of Slavs inside so it,s now a Honda Slav

  68. RandomHistoryNonsense

    Artyom really want that fur 😳

  69. Ary Gary

    Camarada seus titulos sao traduzidos ou vc q poe em br msm


    U are a messy cooker boris 😂

  71. red x17

    If you went to a local biedronka you would find either a passed out guy or some guy or old woman asking for money

  72. yuniper

    I also attempted to make my own cheese at home once and I think I've never related more to a video. Especially the apart about the smell... Jesus Christ, the smell...

  73. Boba Break

    . . . . . *Learn Russian*

  74. the carnotaur of geckos

    Boris: you can cook this pan with a pan. Pansexuals: I serve the soviet union, master boris.

  75. Aleksi

    Boris is not Urod. Boris smart.

  76. Halfthekgb

    True Slav currency is not pelmen. It's ruble

  77. J Lucas Levi RM


  78. J Lucas Levi RM


  79. Cushing national weather service

    11:57 That constellation tho

  80. Mateusz Wietrzynski

    At this point Boris' kitchen is reactor 4.

  81. EspurrTheMagnificent

    Okay, so, I expected it to just be hilarious (and it is), but it's actually a pretty nice tutorial.

  82. Halfthekgb

    Boris: Pelmeninator Me: Giant spoon with weird oblong holes in it

  83. Gurrehable

    4:04, damn, thought I could get a glimpse of his face in the reflection, but this Slav is 10 moves ahead of me

  84. Exotic_ Dummy

    The Tetris theme playing in the background just made it better 😂

  85. Mihai Dan Popa

    Whenever I wait for food I bang my head into walls

  86. Frost Arctica

    What bayonet does Boris use?

  87. MemerPlayz HD

    Do you live in Slovakia

  88. npsfam

    haha, 2:08, Cherynobyl Rainwater!!

  89. Lucius Fong

    2:13 slav cat

  90. Arc Aiden

    If I die please bury me in squatting position i hate covid :c

  91. Doom Guy

    And the award for Greatest euphemism ever go’s to: life of Boris

  92. DanielStillPlays

    Can you do a eyes reveal video

  93. LoxSlash

    How to live with no paycheck under COVID-19 lockdown LOL

  94. Dylan Halloran

    Remember Kids... In Soviet Russia, Boris watch you!

  95. Jacob Griego

    From the sound of things doctors sausage is just like bologna

  96. M Hilmi YT GAMING

    Play war thunder again

  97. Zero Waste TV

    ...I love you?

  98. Captain Obvious


  99. Gangplank

    Riding a jet in varna is the best thing ever ! Sadly i live in the sad city of Ruse

  100. Russia19the91 Motherland

    I remember when this channel only had 100k subs.