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  1. Abraham Rivera

    6:04 Cody: "First ever volleyball trick shot" They literally have a video called volleyball trick shots

  2. Chase Shuster

    Love the crocks ty

  3. Devon noveD

    First try?

  4. glitch wolf gaming

    Team coby

  5. Millie Lichtenberg


  6. Kmc Crew

    not Cory

  7. Cornet Man

    3:55 the panda isn’t garret because he’s left handed. The panda is right

  8. The Western Schleich

    Rodeo and bull riding

  9. SlamClamBigelow

    @7:47 what is that in the sky ??

  10. Cameron Tovey

    You guys did what I wanted to do before I die and I thank you for that

  11. Daniel D'Ambrosio

    O T 9 Tyler did not spin to start off


    I feel bad for cobe and cory

  13. Mohammed Annas Quadri

    Song name......?

  14. Matt McGuire

    there is 4 differences

  15. DRIFTKING 2019

    4:27 that’s what she said

  16. Blake Benzi

    the second e on the sign behind them is off center

  17. Pranav king

    2:14 Wait, I got it for 6.99

  18. Gideon Peterson

    they should do this video again, or do it on overtime, specifically because they lost the record for worlds highest basketball shot, its now owned by how ridiculous.

  19. joe filipelli

    These trick shots are cool but how many attempts does it take to finally get it right

  20. Yuvraj Sharma

    Anyone from INDIA-Like Anyone from FOREIGN-Comment

  21. WOLFY - GMD

    Who skipped the game time cuz they played raid shadow legends?

  22. ximena callejas

    Who is watching this in 2020 because I'm slow

  23. Yuvraj Sharma

    Anyone from INDIA-Like Anyone from FOREIGN-Comment

  24. Chase 93 H1

    R.I.P momba mentality stay strong momba


    Dude perfect 👍👍

  26. Shivam Bhaiwan

    Please make one gym 💪💪💪💪video


    Sooo cool this video i love it

  28. Chunk

    They didn’t even catch a guitar

  29. RawFishDiet 4

    At 0:57 I thought the guy was koby Bryant 😭 R.I.P Koby.

  30. ginu easow

    nooooooooooo i am not wacthing this dude perfect byeeeeeeeeeee

  31. Pat’s Nation

    At 3:13 did any one else see Tyler dancing behind COBE

  32. FuNnY jR.

    1:49 my banana swirl friend

  33. ginu easow

    cory win the game whoa 2223204 nice job

  34. Mega Red Alex

    They should make a park stereotypes

  35. Souls Tornado

    The real legend is the person who filled the bottles with the correct and exact amount of liquid

  36. Nicholas Raney

    I knew it was checkers

  37. Chief White Buffalo

    Wow u lucky it did not take your head off really

  38. Cookiesandcreamoreo Milkshake

    When they couldn’t spend as much money on Rage Monster.

  39. Lindsay Cogan

    I knew tie could not smash the diamond

  40. Epic Piano Kid

    I think Cody aged the best. Am I right?

  41. Yuvraj Sharma

    Anyone from INDIA-Like Anyone from FOREIGN-Comment

  42. zt v

    Who said that dudeperfect are dead ?

  43. Aidan Smith

    They be acting like Coby's got the coronavirus or something

  44. Logan Figz

    My favorite trick was the vacuum trick

  45. Wes Lehman

    that was all wrong in top ten

  46. Christopher K

    18:23 my life in a nutshell

  47. ginu easow

    dude perfect

  48. Dylan Hughes

    Styropyro: pathetic 8Ws my 200W bazooka

  49. ginu easow

    whoa i phone

  50. AZRsplitz

    So this is what the “Dude perfect” intro line is from.

  51. ginu easow


  52. Lerence Troy Babas

    As a filipino T.T. Is hilarious 😂

  53. The-Hyper Poop

    Guys I'm close to 50 sub's! Plz help me get there it will mean so much ❤

  54. Henry Brandenberger

    Who else guessed what the acronym meant

  55. Destruction 20087

    U know that one of these was ab actual trickshot but some Th ingbubexpected actually happened so they made this