Doing this SLsel thing. Don't have a real job.

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  1. Danial Hussain

    Awesome vid

  2. Judy Chen

    Score a goal with every champions league ball ⚽️, the World Cup ball ⚽️,and the euro ball ⚽️

  3. Judy Chen

    How hard is it to score the greatest champions league and World Cup goals ever

  4. Matthew Grocott

    Chris tried to repeat goals😁

  5. Matthew Grocott

    You're amazing

  6. Gabby Loves soccer

    can you do one but for the woman's team cause you never do them

  7. Mattia Simeunović

    So fake Ronaldo

  8. FL0_ote

    The beat thing about Chris’ videos are the football memes lmao 😂

  9. IQBAL Tanziim

    7:21 turn on captions

  10. i Sp33dy

    I'm sorry but our school team could probably beat half of the teams featured in this video.

  11. Dylan

    What about Rooney Man City

  12. brent basha

    where can i get older PL footballs

    1. brent basha

      from 04 for example

  13. bocoy noiu

    *types chrismd into google definition : quality over quantity (voidset's Idea)

  14. CR7 Playlist

    can someone tell what is the differince between skill and dribbling

  15. Official Vixor


  16. Eat your CEREAL


  17. Brandon Chapkovich

    I have been subscribed and I’ve been watching you since 2014, watching this channel grow has been a great journey and I can’t wait to see this continue, keep it up, love you bro no homo btw, I and I was 9 then now I’m 14

  18. Lucky Charms

    That goal keeper couldn’t save a word document

  19. Jacob Simpson

    Ollie better get 10% of the revenue

  20. Joel Harris

    Shelvey vs Aston Villa?

    1. bocoy noiu

      Chris: Makes a video at the Fortress His footballs: Here we go again...

  21. Ryhaan ahmed

    Roses are red Violets are blue You clicked read more didn't you

  22. Alex

    This video is so goood michale Jackson said hey oh trtrtrtrtr the o 2 rip juice world harambe que Ching Stu Andre spicy ass Cheeto bootleg bro that kid had a Mojave’s I don’t even remember what he looked like oh when I feel on the skateboard and his mom was like why porque lo empujastes by I fell solo

  23. WCI Thunder

    Anyone remember when United was good

  24. Brad Lofthouse

    Bro wtf is your dad at pens

  25. 李圆

    ) In response to the surging infection cases of the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, the Chinese communist regime tightened the control of the news media and the internet, allowing only the official narrative about the outbreak to be circulated. Strict Information Control According to videos posted online by netizens, most hospitals are still overcrowded and many patients don’t have access to medical treatment. Meanwhile, the crematoriums in Wuhan are working around the clock, often burning over 100 bodies each day. The official death toll reported by the communist regime, though, is only 1,016 by February 10, leaving many suspecting that the real number could be much higher. Frustrated with the lack of transparency about the outbreak, many Chinese are criticizing the government, expressing their anger and sharing first-hand information about the epidemic on social media. But the Chinese regime proved to the world again that it has zero tolerance for criticism of its handling of the virus. On January 22, a netizen with a family name of Bu was arrested and detained for three days for publishing a blog post on Sina that 444 infections and 17 death cases had been confirmed in Hubei Province. He also added that three death cases had been reported in his hometown in Guang’an, Sichuan Province. All the data he sent were from the official source. On January 25, a netizen with a family name of Hai in Xining City, Qinghai Province, was arrested and detained for ten days for sending a message on WeChat that “all local taxi services will be suspended in Xining.” On January 27, another citizen Peng in Wan’an County, Jiangxi Province was arrested and detained for five days for sharing on WeChat that a patient had been confirmed to be infected with the virus and quarantined in a local hospital.

  26. Boef Pelle


  27. moses haguruka

    the hair jell king

  28. Thatcher Gladwish

    “This is the one” lol

  29. Zaib383

    Reacreat the best international goals from 2000-2020 Like so he can see

  30. Jamie Estepp


  31. John Barr Vlogs

    I've only just seen this? is it something to do with the algerithum?

  32. Rise Yt

    Risking injury for ????? 😂😂😂

  33. AnonomousPerson

    Who else feels like Ollie is a comedy show

  34. 13sportmidget

    Where is papa cisse goal against Chelsea

  35. Liam Armitage

    Chris has the cake😂😂

  36. HardbassPro

    I realise that Charlie is good at saving penalties because he's never on his line when they take them, always comes forward.

  37. Kaiser Wilhelm II

    4 vids in 1 month No

  38. Wassim Aidja

    Is this fifa 19 or 20

  39. We love United

    Dose anyone else think Ellie is really cute

  40. Jonah Kielty-Collins

    allow rugby

  41. 250 subs and I’ll do montages NOW!!


  42. Jamie Estepp


  43. Emmanuel Samson

    Chris : shoots miles wide Ollie:pro clubs keeper

  44. Neo Godsell

    anyone watching this in 2020

  45. Puppy Reee


  46. Michael Tsang

    #bringOllieback is finally back.........

  47. A person

    You may aswell be shooting into an empty net

  48. Barnaby Fisher

    Chris got the same amount of nutmegs on Harry as he’s got subscribers

  49. LloydCosmicGamer 205

    What bugs me is that Chris actually didn't hit the back of the net at 8 minutes and 55 seconds in

  50. Behzer

    that last shot hit hard tho

  51. Hjig

    thank you! u got me back to football. <3

  52. UX5

    go check out ux5 plz

  53. BlaDe Jumpy

    Was the first one an og

  54. Nathan Coupland

    11:26 you can tell Lachlan isn’t a footballer because he blocks JJ from getting to the ball when he could of easily tackled him

  55. hyder ali


  56. Omar Suph

    The song at 9:00 please?

  57. Davidjr4 _

    He actually beat THE F2

  58. Catalin Oancea

    want a challange? do the one at the 3 min mark

  59. TurkzPlayzz

    Let me be ur ball boy it would help u out a lot 😂

  60. tom newman

    Jesus Christ

  61. Soinas Doyi

    Chris: Makes a video at the Fortress His footballs: Here we go again...

  62. Albie Ralph

    Mr FIFA FEVER Is good at you tube subscribe to him


    I’m huge fan of yours Mr FIFAFEVER LOVES it# Arsenal

  64. LPM, Cpt Neuro

    Kevin is soooo humble it’s insane

  65. RS Productions

    8:30 it’s a high school game in America not Sunday league

  66. LPM, Cpt Neuro

    Kevin looked embarrassed, I hope he knew it was a joke

  67. Luke Oldman

    13:31 I got really annoyed cause he quick sold mbappe

  68. LPM, Cpt Neuro

    2:59, the way tobi hold that ball is too good 😂😂

  69. SonOfPoseidon

    whos the girl with harry and chris

  70. pork wop

    Hey seems like on the first type of goal you just needed the first touch to spin off a bit more towards the net. So you wouldn't have to rotate and swing around the ball to strike it. Just an observation! Keep doing your thing. Videos are great.

    1. Soinas Doyi

      When Chris said "I just paid you to stand in goal" to Ollie, was I the only one to have that revelation of Ollie's true intentions in the net? 4:37 by the way

  71. Unkn0wn

    4:49 that would be Cristiano RN xD

  72. Warren Rubery

    I support everything you do ❤️❤️ gay life

  73. Jack the only

    Chris MD reply to my comment the 2 flicks over the heads of the players were out of this world ! 100% A+ 😱😯

  74. abdallah qatarneh

    these fake beat drops are getting out of hand and its annoying (please stop them) nice video tho

  75. Julien Aglionby

    Shouldn’t Townsend’s volley be here against city

  76. No Yes

    This guys such a ponce! "Im risking injury" man up son

  77. abdallah qatarneh

    when Suarez did his handball everyone hated but when Valverde did it's pure class

  78. Gav Games


  79. Kevin Martinez

    what the song for the last goal??🤨

  80. Gary Martin

    One ball 😂

  81. Cameron Critchell

    Please do your fifa series again

  82. AGamingUniverse

    666k View :o

  83. Lemon Guy

    7:26 funniest part of the video! LOL

  84. Allister

    That pitch is tragic 😂

  85. Lex Cdbf

    didnt ksi end your career last Time

  86. Yadira Sarmiento

    The effort tho⚽️

  87. Luca Xkem

    Very good

  88. James Ultron

    I swear those edits always get me 😂💀

  89. Rdwan Goran

    Rc7 1111 1111

  90. CardWay

    Can you please tell me what your ab workout comprises of and what does your diet comprise of?

  91. Johnny K

    Ronaldo's English has improved a lot!!!

  92. Daniel Stewart

    i fell in salted that he said rugby is a wast of life and football is for wimps and they are way to over dramatic about injuries

    1. Daniel Stewart

      or if you can even call them injuries

  93. Gareth Robson

    Too many adverts.

  94. Aylez

    Should've done Papiss Cisse vs Chelsea!

  95. ADHD tw1n5 _

    Chris: Left backs and right back are redundant Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander Arnold: Exist Chris: Well then

  96. Pauline O'Donoghue

    Do a video of FIFA like if you agre

    1. Pauline O'Donoghue

      Do a video with your nan

  97. T0RNADO

    Goalie just standing there

  98. JH10

    Music at 10:30??

  99. Terry Evans


  100. Musab Al-hammadi

    Chris you should do a fut draft in fifa 2020