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  1. Dr Phot

    When they said, "Like an old lady in a skirt. I felt that. RIP Granny!

  2. Phresh King

    3:32 lol that look she gives him lol

  3. Nick Eliacin

    How you gana eat pizza on a show bout health?

  4. Dre'

    Where can i watch full episodes?

  5. Jεε¥☯ñG

    2:18 Jason looks like their dad in that photo & Kevin's just randomly there hahahaha

  6. Aysiah Riddle

    8:10 😭

  7. Carrie Livengood

    Do one with chance the rapper again

  8. Kevin Moothu

    "She's cheating!"

  9. jjones46046

    12:35 Kevin's face of pure confusion after Keegan's yell 😂😂

  10. Cedric Rizos 21

    Russ is just cool (he's not even my favourite player).

  11. Erica Cruz

    I can’t take Kevin serious cause all I see is the bunny lmao

  12. Halu Tesfa Productions

    Did i see a ussr flag in the background of race walking

  13. Rowdy1

    Hey Kevin when you going on 5150 show

  14. James W.

    Not gonna lie I would’ve loved to have seen this with Key and Peele!

  15. See You There Invitations

    "Can you spell Renaissance? No!" 🤣🤣🤣 I thought for sure Kevin was going to rope the bull on the last try. They set that music up so right. This was hilarious from start to finish.

  16. NuttyButtuski

    4:30 Great way to practice social distancing 👍

  17. Kevin Cordova

    Fast walking looks stupid af but that girl looks dank

  18. Jerry Zavala

    Can u say corona water .t o be continued

  19. Paul Hetherington

    Oops do you, have CVCC-caption issues? You have, half a pages issues-- at this time?

  20. Naomi Butler

    Their faces when Kevin said the f word XD lol super funny

  21. Paul Hetherington

    Half page-- signals-- direction keys. <h2-->3> /+ bits bytes

  22. quinby z

    This was old footage clearly they just released after he was better n such. If not, this is a bad example of SOCIAL DISTANCING!!!!

  23. Jeff Jones

    Race walking? seriously? that's in the Olympics.

  24. Sashy Pooh

    Aw this brings back memories! I was fencing captain in HS . All the dorks were on the fencing team... It totally made me a dork by association, but I didn't care 😁.

  25. Curiosity Voyage

    They made the young guy very embarrassed .

  26. Sinbadd The Pirate

    Kevin Hart is perfect for Table tennis. He can stand on the table!

  27. Real

    Y'all know Kev and Nick been tight way before Hollywood husbands. That show was funny..

  28. spark fractal

    7:26 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. WestsideLj M

    Wayne got too many S’s in these words

  30. Real

    Now that's good that Nick admitted that he could not rap but so far as what he's done and what he's doing for the black community I definitely respect the brother and support him..

  31. Teo Torres

    Keegan coming out the bubble had me rolling 🤣🤣

  32. OneZYT

    Soo cringe

  33. sip justyn

    Get up get out and get active aka stay the hell home haha

  34. Musso Tuiloma

    That blonde kid needs a hiding

  35. John PIerre Balseiro

    Why isn’t this just a tv show

  36. Marsha Page

    "...a baby's top" 😂😂😂

  37. Chief Nate

    Imagine if one person in that field had Corona.....

  38. Ma’ayan Praiss

    Now it’s the 2021 Olympics

  39. Jerrell Williams 1

    They should be in a movie together

  40. Jerrell Williams 1


  41. Karima Akhdar

    T9dar lmra 3lach

  42. ChaoticMatters

    Idk I don't think they're gonna be in the 2020 Olympics

  43. I am here for My Milk

    who wanna see david beckham or billie eilish with kevin hart ?

  44. CHUCK

    Lol Pre Corona recorded episode???????????

  45. Justo Arellano

    This is top 5 what the fit lmao

  46. Actual meh

    can't get out corona . Stay home kevin

  47. Christion Carter

    they actually scored a point lol thats hilarious

  48. Lucas Grant

    Does anybody else do fencing here?

  49. Vxbes

    Nobody: Kevin: THIS IS BULLSHIT

  50. LaShonda Allen

    This was the best one that I've seen so far

  51. farolBAIXO

    Muito legal. Pena não ver alunos negros.

  52. Lunacy -

    Thought is was postponed to 2021🤔

  53. E P

    David is hilarious 😂😂

  54. - Droid-J7 -

    Kevin really pulled a uno switch card on that psychic XD

  55. kabenitezguy

    “The energy is contagious” Poor choice of words


    Keegan..funny dude.. I saw him down AC one time..

  57. Ian Will

    You mean 2021

  58. Ivoy Luo

    Keegan Michael key is a long fucking name to call at once

  59. James S K Makumbi

    The table tennis celebration killed me. That was hilarious.


    She is so fun and gorgeous 😍

  61. Quinton Shabangu

    The way that Kevin Hart was spitting in the beginning of the movie was nasty

  62. shrillshrimp 200

    Kevin: "we're going to the Olympics!" Earth: "nope"

  63. G C L

    they dont't have a shot to go to the 2020 olympics cause there's no 2020 olympics haha :(

  64. abhinav rawat

    Ritual expert lady😂😂

  65. Cai Martin

    I think you mean 2021

  66. keem dream

    Two hilariously funny individuals 😂

  67. Dennis Dotson

    We gotta have a Hart and Key movie!!

  68. cloak541

    CYRUS!!! Where is the closest pizza spot? CYRUSSS!!! Wake up wake up wake up!!!

  69. Christo Johnson

    That boi brought his own sword dwl

  70. Ngwane Hansel

    7:24 WTF?

  71. Cierra Cooper

    Government: stay home Kevin heart: I want y'all to get up get out get active

  72. Chrissy KK

    Dwl mi caan badda wid Unnuh 🤣😂

  73. Willis K

    LMAO this was fucking great. I need more David/Kevin Colabs!!!

  74. My Production

    1:35 the flag 1.2.3 l'algerie <3 god bless

  75. Fredderick Liriano

    At 4:51, have you’re iPhone or AirPods next to you. You’re Welcome.

  76. André Lima

    Race walking is fucking exhausting man damn !

  77. Masego Mashishi

    You guys deserve a movie

  78. Mario Morales

    This was good

  79. KrisAT

    Can they call it 2020 Tokyo Olympics anymore?

  80. Heck Smith

    Bad timing on uploading this when the Coronavirus kept getting worst.

  81. temya smith

    I needed them in a show or movie together asap

  82. xXSCAR117Xx Gaming

    I was expecting Key to do that high pitched grunt from Friends from College.😂

  83. Branden Ramos

    Why does all of this look easy. Hahaha

  84. Jeanri Wepener

    Obviously this Video was recorder before Corona. Can't we just enjoy the funny without a 100 people going on about the virus. We all know!!!!

  85. Silent Streakz

    What about Peele?!?!

  86. Johnathan Wilson

    3:56 lol smh

  87. King Judah

    My Siri keeps popping up every time they say it lol

  88. AR

    Now this just makes me want to see this duo in a movie

  89. Angie B

    This was hilarious, you got the perfect person to do this with Keegan is wing man for foolishness. Tickled at the space gap the walker had over Keegan, I thought it was going to be close because he's The fencing was insane (OMG, I REMEMBER WATCHING SHARON IN SEOUL, SHE LOOKS GREAT) Kevin you know that reach was going to be like a "giraffe " lol