Hey everyone! I'm Xiaoma (@xiaomanyc) and I share amazing things from all over the world with strangers in NYC! A little about me: I'm an American who's fascinated with international foods and cultures. Until the age of 18 I grew up speaking exclusively English, and then I got the chance to learn Mandarin and live in Beijing for a year where I fell in love with Chinese food, language, and culture. This expanded my appetite to learn about foods and cultures from all around the world and I now I share this passion with all of you!
You can learn more about my language journey on my language learning channel ariinbeijing: slsel.info
For video collaboration or business inquiries, send me an email -- English or Chinese both okay! Email only available on the desktop version of this page.

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  1. Melissa Monette

    Let’s all talk mandarin so we can get the free food Lmao

  2. Margo jo Leary

    Love watching your vids

  3. 李斌推拿TraditionalChinesemedicinemassage

    希望美中友善 谢谢🙏国际友人 中国人民向往和平热爱和平

  4. Large Pizza


  5. iAmDeD Sec

    My home girl said gooder 🤣 at the end I think 🤣

  6. David Kennedy

    You still haven't posted her youtube site.

  7. Mac Morford

    Ugh, I'm sorry but this girl is annoying. :-(

  8. A. V. F.

    I love the lady at 1:47 She reminds me of a New Yorker. " Of course dummy, dafuq language you think I speak?" LMAO!

  9. Brianna Mattis

    Okay but this hair Xiaoma 👀👀👀👏🏾👏🏾

  10. cody baggett

    I'm starting from here and watching all the way to your current videos.

  11. sparky42

    I love the way you two guys interact together and I was hoping to see more vids . Thanks !

  12. salvador escoto b

    I love your interaction in public with Jillian by your side. Makes the video very interesting with you guys communicate in Chinese. Love it. Hope you guys do more of these kinds of video(s).

  13. will loadedchamber

    Just fuck already kids

  14. cody baggett

    Xiaoma at the end looked like he was really upset.

  15. betterinsodapop

    0:59 lol

  16. Spanky McFister

    Also I really enjoy your new videos with your blonde friend, sorry I do not know her name but I will try to watch her videos.

  17. Spanky McFister

    My man. Your epilogue sent this particular vid of your’s over the top. I am a 52 yo m, in Texas. I know a moderate amount of Spanish through my 32 years of working in healthcare in Texas. I have tried formal instruction but haven’t been able to keep at it because of various life distractions. I appreciate watching your videos vicariously.., imagining I had pursued language study more. I am very interested in Chinese and Asian culture in general and it is always enjoyable to watch your videos with my daughter who is nine years old.

  18. Matthew Wusinich

    Question: How different are the multiple dialects found in China? Would it be similar to the differences between Spanish and Italian? Would we have to include German and Dutch too?or is it more like the difference between English and Korean?

  19. dukefont

    Do more videos with her!!!

  20. Rap Lawyer

    I liked the video just from the intensity of the intro. Luv it!

  21. Sunshine Rain

    You are making me miss NYC Chinatown. Used to go to the very same restaurant all the time! 🤤 Yum!

  22. Akpobari Godpower

    1:20 That dude's face is screaming "How da fuck they know Chinese?!!!"

  23. YehBoiFausto626

    Xiominy I'm highaf and he kinda doesn't like talking to her lol

  24. Pol Romulo

    People warm up better, easier to other people who they don't expect to know their language but do... especially those who weren't born in their homeland but try very hard to learn it. In fact, they tend to admire them...

  25. Stephanie Zhang

    Do you prefer Mandarin or Cantonese? Also, how long have you and Jillian been studying Chinese?

  26. Anon Ymous

    The internet is increasingly full of "Columbusting" as they call it: You trick your target into underestimating you, then you pounce by showing off your skills, "busting" them for selling you short. The whole Columbo detective show consisted entirely in setting up the murderer for the humiliating downfall at the hands of the supposed idiot. It's basically a "hustle" con, for psychological kicks. A Julliard pianist in an airport acts pretends he can't pick out "Chopsticks," and as his victims start sneering, he plays La Campanella. It's kind of fun to watch this "Hey, I speak better Mandarin than you, and I'm white!" stunt, but it is a hustle, a con; the set-up is clearly pretending not to speak the language (deliberately awkard communication, acting frustrated at the language barrier), then pouncing with perfect Mandarin. An okay stunt, but usually a bit dishonest, because you set it up to convince them you don't know the language, only to heighten the showing off effect. It's very similar to bowling or pool hustling, but just for the fun of showing off and throwing the target off balance. At some point, everybody in Chinatown will be wise to this stunt, if not already. Each time, the effect gets flatter and flatter because of this. Still, occasionally fun. But not as innocent as pretended.

  27. rdsrmt

    What happened to your mic?

  28. boostspike

    Why is it always raining.

  29. Ronnie-Lynn Dolan

    Why don’t you guys just say thank you when they complement you on speaking Chinese good. You always say it’s not “that” great! Just take the complement.

  30. maria r

    Great!!!🌺🍀❤️🙏🏼 Ty

  31. TheBkad12

    your videos suck and are racist

  32. lawrence matos

    Even the famous super car blonde posted your video ... awesome...facebook.com/supercarblondie/videos/157760159000714/

  33. Jake n' Ado

    It’s also super cute at how happy the waitresses get when you guys speak Chinese 😁😁

  34. Jake n' Ado

    I just now realized there is a third person with them carrying the camera.

  35. Shaded Zaleph

    1:01 Even the statue in the background is like "WTF her Chinese is superb"

  36. francisco herrera


  37. DJKhal21

    Your blonde friend is so hot

  38. andriv

    😦😦😦😦😦 that reaction

  39. Michael Mathers

    the dumb global rule for being complimented on your speaking skill in whatever language is to say "no no, it's okay" and maybe add "yours is much better" or "theirs is much better" if with a friend

  40. Mommy Dolly

    He reminds me of Woody Allen

  41. Recabite Jehonadab

    New girlfriend??

  42. Robert smee

    Flipping your hair at the dinner table...

  43. The Zo

    this is the best language learning tutorial i've ever seen

  44. Darren A

    We know who you are.

  45. Jerome Garcia

    Try GSM Blue MOJITO It's has a nice taste☺☺☺

  46. Jay Dyer


  47. Peyton & Other Humans

    Eat your cereal

  48. APEX MAN

    Shes gorgeous.. love watching these videos

  49. yang shenqiang


  50. Mickey

    People from SLsel learn things very quickly.

  51. Noble Lundberg

    Where is this restaurant?!? I’ve been there but can never remember the name

    1. james conkling

      Jing Fong, 20 Elizabeth Street.

  52. Victoria Carpenter

    It was like they loved that you could speak in there language so they couldn't feed you enough...

  53. TheAdamGore

    like like like like like like English suffers when your good at fluent Mandarin I'm just trying to make myself feel better about not being multilingual truly , love these videos !

  54. Robin Luo


  55. Carolyn Roberson

    Is that restaurant music. Can’t hear your speaking for the background music.

  56. vapete 123

    Whaaaaaaat Da Cluck are Chicken Feet? There’s no meat on those surely???

    1. idlekon

      it's mostly skin and is gelatinous. you should try it sometime!

  57. Madd Knadd

    After eating. He was either beyond full and tired or drunk or both lol

  58. Joe Schmoe

    Last interaction was priceless!

  59. Raul Araya

    Idk why im here but i like this

  60. Z Oh


  61. EnzoTheBaker

    Talk shit, no tip lady!

  62. Billman

    Jillian is hot, give her a mic next time!

  63. 我有故事你有啤酒嗎?


  64. slashdotjeo

    She is gorgeous though.

  65. Gracie W

    I absolutely love these videos. It is just beautiful to see how language can bring people from completely different backgrounds together. ❤❤❤

  66. S A D L I F E

    kinda wish you ate a tiny bit even tho thats not the purpose of video

  67. sisu

    That one shot of the other dude at their table was hilarious lmao

  68. artglue2

    How and why do you both speak Chinese?

  69. Peanut workshop Huang

    童話! 小馬歌聲好聽! Maybe a music show next time?

  70. Babyy Sodaa


  71. Lucas Cosgrove

    Imagine an asian guy walks into AppleBees, orders in English, then everyone drops their fork in amazement.

  72. Alden Octarish

    xiaoma... is so cute... :)

  73. rdp 132

    Eggs, bacon, ham, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, & mushrooms all wrapped up in scrambled eggs with toast & pancakes on the side sounds pretty savory to me.

  74. R GM

    Wow los asiáticos son muy amigables cuando hablas su idioma se siente contentos 👍🏼

  75. Marie Curie Grady

    She could be a beautiful model if her day job doesn’t pan out.

  76. Joe Hopkins

    I can speak Chinese and learning and my written is way better than my oral because I’m so nervous when speaking. Also I find I can only speak comfortably with older chinese people because young chinese people only want to speak English with you or will always reply in English 🙄😩 lol

  77. IZZI

    The highfive at the end made me cringe.

  78. thr3eS6Xmurphia Ryan Murphy

    0:31 he got annoyed AF because she kept talking over him.. lol

  79. Xeno Benoit

    Chicken feet?? Do they have Dog meat on the menu???

  80. Bryan Metelski

    You should do a vid on mental health...

  81. Clarisse Reinfild

    What the title of the song you sang in the end??

  82. mary poppins

    More, more, more. Thanks to you I went out today and tried my extremely rusty mandarin. Felt good especially as my youngest son was curious and asking the Chinese shopkeepers to teach him more words😉🥳🙏❤️

  83. aaron ornelas

    These two banging it out?

  84. christopheles


  85. Pat1ence

    Mix before you eat guy's Halo-halo means mix-mix

  86. 漢兵方至

    how many times did he say the n word?

  87. Dang Dude

    she's from russia right?

  88. Andy Trieu

    more videos with Jillian

  89. George Jetson

    Damn I want to learn🤔

  90. Donald Trump

    She’s crazy

  91. guangping Li

    全世界千多万人都了解你小马了, 你现在是名人了。

  92. linsay ross

    Better than Gefilte fish lol

  93. J D

    Marry her!

  94. Patrick Coombes

    Great video. I think you to make a perfect couple.

  95. Maggie

    Wait I was there last summer LMAO

  96. MsEnglishtea

    I love love love their reactions❤❤❤

  97. Dude B

    "LIKE" Most used English word.

  98. 一炁施重光LORD369DiAMOND

    “White”? Are you west Asian boy really sure about this? is she a precious albino gal? Or your color blind? lol Btw what is ZhongWen? What is chinese? Time to learn something real and new Lord my West Asian boy 👦

    1. 一炁施重光LORD369DiAMOND

      matanuska high you may ask Lord me any question

    2. 一炁施重光LORD369DiAMOND

      matanuska high truth

    3. matanuska high

      一炁施重光LORD369DiAMOND dafuq you blabbling about?

  99. Michael Von Friedrich

    Bro you looked really tired after eating all that food I bet you were stuffed!!! Good video as always!!! Keep them coming! 😄

  100. Peanut workshop Huang

    The BGM is too loud!