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  1. Jason Bourdeau

    Who is the teacher

  2. elia6790 elia6790

    WHY DO I HEAR JUICE WRLD 36:59/58:49

  3. Mohamad Soukar

    Out of all the things on the cruise ship JJ was gassed about a toilet

  4. Vaxi

    43:59 :no caption needed,honestly just a good way to break the ice

  5. nybelg

    Holy Jarvis

  6. colin Nguyen

    They held the camera while finding out how much they weigh, rookie mistake

  7. ish ray


  8. Memeilous

    1:40 the best moment of my life

  9. Light Ox’s

    7:09 NOPE VS JAKE lol

  10. Calzonie

    Harry deffo has blunts before these challenges like 🤣

  11. Rock lee Vs Sasuke

    44:50 😂😂😂😂😂 funniest part

  12. john foran

    the best way to gain weight is to hit the gym and do weights because muscle weighs more then fat

  13. Jamaal Smikle Y2J.2

    43:22 Beyblade?

  14. Cyber_Cam999

    i love this video, these guys, they’re not the boys...they’re the LADS.

  15. Cobe-Tyler Vuong

    whole chicken and 3 fries is prolly 3 meals worth for me if that. idk how jj can eat it

  16. Mr Turkey

    Two black people go to jail Harry: It would be them though

  17. The goat lol

    Does anyone know the video that starts @ 14:12

  18. Ashton Fogg

    this s so werid..

  19. cmcf 07

    Love the harrys like ooh ahh up the ira

  20. scoop diddy poop • 1 year ago

    Ethan: *hugs first girl* Also Ethan: *handshakes last girl*

  21. Booby Shmurda

    Why do they all have the same scales

  22. Eeman rashid

    Where is ur dad he left u didnt he hahahagahahahahagahahagagagahahzhagagag

  23. JTooSquared

    16:08 i was so confused what jj meant. Finally realized he confused foreplay with roleplay lol

  24. Owen Locker-Garnham

    The diameter of the earth is actually 12,742km (look it up)

  25. Mystix_Y 1

    1:27 - wtf happened to viks face!?

  26. Brice Moriarty

    Thing is this would actually be a good film

  27. KG703

    Fam they have five guys in Vancouver too

  28. On the real On the grind

    Wish it was in lbs

  29. ReetheTurtle

    I now realize how massive American portions are, although being a 6’ 3 teenager who obliterates food might help me eat a little more

  30. Joe’s Mama 2017

    Those guys that came in ruined the video

  31. Kevin Jiao

    Why is no one talking about the fact Ethan got raped by JJ 😂

  32. Sebby BUDDELL

    No one: Literally no one ever: Not a single soul in existence: Harry: Look at all that Haram

  33. Mohammad Khan

    Her:4:22 my house take's up a whole street Me:SHES HOMELESS

  34. Noah La Fave

    It’s physically painful to watch Vik

  35. Joaquin Zavala

    Ethan has matured so much.

  36. Jan Wladyslaw

    harry like ksi now

  37. Blitz Volcanos

    Ethan stop acting ur so good

  38. X0 ZERO

    Bulking season has commenced

  39. Aiden loves brownies

    I’m only 13 and I weight more than JJ or KSI

  40. pierce wing

    Can I have the xbox plese

  41. Tadeo Pratolongo

    bro i come from 2020 and i realized josh was FAT back then. not chubby, not fat. FAT.

  42. HyperFuztion

    what did harry say at 27:34, "i dont mind to the....?" i couldnt quite catch the ending

  43. Matt Miller

    coming from a four year muay thai background, ethan’s straight right and left hook had very good form but was just lower on the side of power. Harry’s kick also had very good form

  44. Samuel Bailey

    To many Fing commercials

  45. monika laosi

    Harry: “I quite like mushrooms” we know Harry... we know.

  46. Sebby BUDDELL

    22:07 whos eating some minecraft bread then?

  47. Adam Wahid

    35:10 😂😂

  48. HazaKay1103

    48.05 anyone see harry smell his hand after it was near his crotch

  49. Bladez


  50. King Louis

    Tobis laugh 12:01

  51. fl 1205

    2:09 finally someone said it thankyou Tobi

  52. GooD_ LoCo

    Too many ads dude

    1. monika laosi

      Tobi got an alien shape and I’ll smoke him in a race fr

  53. John Bayha

    23:26 hippodrome

  54. Aaron O donovan

    38:43 why does Simon look so uncomfortable 😂

  55. Hamaad Hussain

    PHIL???? He WoUld DesTRoY ThEM!!!

  56. cool boss


  57. LuCi AnO


  58. Drake Warner

    It’s weird seeing how they look a year and a half later. Their changes are insane

  59. TheBeastman556

    No one: KSI: *wakes up w bandana on*

  60. Ali Nas

    Ethan gained his Nigerian when he lost weight

  61. lemon tree

    In every sidemen video someones always pooping

  62. Faze A

    Cant remember ask your mum

  63. White

    25 minutes in and just realized that JJ has the hat on his hat 43:29 Damn he's apparently not that drunk

  64. cool boss


  65. Joshy Clare

    Should’ve made income tax being demonitized

  66. Kyoko Aiko

    33:33 For me, don't worry

  67. TMF Blurry

    ok the chic velvet said Vik was "too short" but vik was taller than her tf??????

  68. Wopow Gothampat2

    I love dragon ball legends KSI name is W-0-P-O-W

  69. cool boss


  70. Syrex

    Mans not 23:08

  71. Ed Ford

    It’s a fun vid and Simon still being competitive

  72. Ed Ford

    Simon ruins these vids

  73. Ed Ford

    Simon stop being competitive

  74. Dustin Sneddon

    If only Harry got a scar

  75. Ava

    Me watching Harry’s awful driving getting THIS close to going into the ditch

  76. Kenden Turner

    First girl doesn’t have the biggest thinker does she

  77. Will Holland

    bruh just have 3 chick fil a sandwiches and dip it in chick fil a sauce every bite

  78. Anas Ali

    Stfu Ethan

  79. Trash Boy

    Of course harry likes mushrooms

  80. Taras Batsyk

    Yo Simon has some hairy ToEs

  81. Hyp3z_ 0pti

    Simon be looking like waluruigi tho

  82. Lynxeon Liv

    Whenever me and my group are telling jokes, I secretly open this video

  83. Cam Cam

    Ksi pulling down his pants is ultimate legendary 😂

  84. Detox

    Challenge is too game weight JJ: works out

  85. bhillthagreat

    why does JJ run like that

  86. tifftillander

    My favorite part is between 18:10 and 18:45

  87. T2 Sway

    Can someone tell me how many kg equal a pound

  88. BlueBoy

    Thats nothing i waiting 10 hours in the airport before when there was different flites but early

  89. Lamberjeff

    Toni literally signed at 0:01

  90. lxxvi. rylee

    the last one looks like ethans dad

  91. joel brough

    Sad thing is I had nothing better to do than watch this

  92. Bayley Gaming

    Side men’s best ever video

  93. Michael Wanjara

    I swear Tobi is some ninja he always gets away with it

  94. Lankathon

    Wow JJ took hide and seek seriously for once

  95. Kelsie Campbell

    how many likes this comment gets is how many steps Tobi walked up :))

  96. Nitin


  97. ppap chocolot

    isnt it bear pong not fear pong

  98. jayd3n games


  99. king stove

    Joe moma

  100. DFDTerdinc

    Tobi got an alien shape and I’ll smoke him in a race fr