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  1. BasedEdward

    John Dupee missed this.

  2. jo mom

    karma for the jets

  3. DSL Funny Moments

    No manches cuántos miles de millones de dólares se tuvieron que gastar 🤯🤯🤯🤯💸

  4. I know i Succ

    Tbh JLO’s part does look like something out from the pornhub

  5. Zach Durocher

    Pepsi is my favourite song

  6. Bull Whipz


  7. Jacob Karl


  8. KELVIN Rz.

    What songs are of Jlo's??

  9. Daniel Alarcon

    Wooooo shakira

  10. Karter Hufnagel

    Super Bowl 55 Lions vs Browns

  11. Meme Guy

    Not very family friendly. The NFL should be ashamed. Stripper poles, crotch grabbing..just very nasty and trashy. Kids should not be seeing this. Even the men had more skin covered than the women. (Had to point that out by the way) This should not be displayed at a family friendly event. Very disappointing. People should speak up about this because there are those that don't care until someone vocalizes it. NFL should do better, because this is just disgusting. I will not apologize either because this is how I feel about this. These women were basically wearing nothing. Poor America, I can't believe this is actually a half-time show. Edit: The only thing family friendly about this would be when the girls in white came out. Even after that, Shakira and Jennifer still shook their bottoms. Unbelievable

  12. Youngboisam _YT

    My predictions for this year: AFCE 1.Bills 12-4 2.Patriots 9-7 3.Dolphins 6-10 4. Jets 2-14 AFCN 1.Ravens 14-2 2.Browns 7-9 3.Steelers 7-9 4.Bengals 2-14 AFCS 1.Texans 14-2 2.Titans 14-2 3. Jaguars 8-8 4.Colts 3-13 AFCW 1.Chiefs 15-1 2.Raiders 7-9 3.Broncos 5-11 4.Chargers 3-13

  13. Ryan Witte

    2:41 "I'll play later" 😂😂😂

  14. Mark Nethercutt

    Moss was good but not great.

  15. A’Real Trucker

    Only Steve : triple pink shirt tie and jacket

  16. Theqwerty

    #5 Watson: 26TD, 12INT, 98 Rating, 256 YPG #8 Cousins: 26 TD, 6 INT, 107 Rating, 240 YPG Ooooookkkkkaaaayyyyy there NFL

  17. Ryan Witte


  18. Rhatigan Brothers

    Please take time to hear this CHIEFS song and video we made for our Dad and all those who have passed away before our SUPERBOWL experience together! GO CHIEFS!!

  19. Rhatigan Brothers

    Please take time to hear this CHIEFS song and video we made for our Dad and all those who have passed away before our SUPERBOWL experience together! GO CHIEFS!!

  20. BrewTha Woo

    Mariota to the bears or Chargers they can both use him

  21. Rhatigan Brothers

    Please take time to hear this CHIEFS song and video we made for our Dad and all those who have passed away before our SUPERBOWL experience together! GO CHIEFS!!

  22. Arnel Cabusao

    Fitzgerald is basically the lebron James of football, even though he’s got no rings, Larry legend is virtually getting better every year even in his mid 30’s

  23. David Beachem

    Not only he's extremely fast, he's also extremely funny. He also did a 70 yard touchdown and immediately afterwards starts twerking like Antonio Brown.

  24. Robie schuyler Hernández

    I love you Shakira

  25. SmokeSZN

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen

  26. Benjamin Joseph

    I really like Josh Allen. With stable head office, coaching and other players, Allen will be really dangerous. I like him better than Jackson over the next few years.

  27. C Garcia

    I love this but wish J lo would sang a Selena song

  28. Didier Burke

    Gold and Silver....Period.

  29. superstaypuff

    During teenage dream the shark on the left high af

  30. Hugh Steinman

    I’ll take the tie with Jackson and Mahomes

  31. kaseem abdullah

    Ben was horrible.

  32. Nick Gonzalez

    Lolololol Kevin White

  33. Pro Bed The

    Ok fake guitar and drum playing

    1. Karson Liddell

      There’s also a video on SLsel that shows her playing the drums during this performance.

    2. Danny L.

      Shakira started her singing career playing guitar way back in the nineties.

  34. Karen Felix

    Eu não canso jamais de assistir esse vídeo

  35. Atal Mel

    Cómo se llama la canción que canta JLo en el min 7:25? Gracias

  36. Sara Nasser

    No soy adicta a las drogas pero si dándole replay al vídeo

    1. Letras Hd

      No eres la unica

  37. Lucas Thomas

    Rihanna and Beyoncé next.

  38. darrin cleary

    What was the picks ? Since this was 4 years ago .. too lazy too google. I’ll wait

  39. Brendon Shutley

    Didn’t heal the little boys he touched

  40. rusosky87

    Para ser honesto, ya lo he visto unas 15 veces. Y me emociona como la primera. Esto fue de otro planeta!!!

  41. J Moore

    What happened to the Labrador puppy and Clydesdales??? I guess those days are GONE.

  42. William Taylor

    Darrell was a little faster than Tony D, but Tony didn't hit the burners until it was too late, and he looked over 3 times, which also slowed him down.

  43. The OverLord

    Falcons should’ve taken Epenesa in the mock bro

  44. Luis Sánchez

    ¡Hola Miami!

  45. Garrett Peitz

    I like how this superbowl didn't have the wrong type of drama. No fixes, bad calls or anything like that. The Chiefs were simply just better that day.

  46. iXavier9

    Ayuda por favor!!! Vivo obsesionado con esto!!!! Latinas In Da House

  47. LRWS

    Please get Winston out of Tampa.

  48. CarGoLito

    Yo as soon as JLo’s part started, I already recognized that Parris Goebel choreographed for her and see her veteran dancers. What up RF fans 👑

  49. Mr. Bizarre

    Kaep played better on XLVII, against a better defense...

  50. Dave Wright The Thinker

    He did awesome but I'm not sure he hit 49. Looked liked some bouncing off his chest on a few. Official lift requires complete control. Obviously still amazing.

  51. Giuliani

    2 was better then 1. 25 was better then most of the top 10. And all the catches against the Lions were bullshit :)

  52. Danny Duncan

    What will LSU be like without joe burrow?

  53. patrick smith

    Omar Bayless should've been on this list.

  54. Rez ThuNder JiNi


  55. David Beachem

    0:15 a female when she sees her best high school friend in over 10 years

  56. Anasofia Guzman

    This halftime show-this small tiny piece of so much power made me feel so confident and proud to be Latina. We are really one of the most spiciest and beautiful culture ever. I feel so empowered wow

  57. Dave Little

    Every one of the top 50 comes from a big school. There are always small-school players who work their way up the draft board. This felt more like "let's recite the names of everybody who went to the playoffs".

  58. Zachary Devan

    Brady looks so goofy running.

  59. Jerome Nolan

    9:41 and 11:37

  60. Michael

    I like Higgins or Ruggs for GB

  61. YeahOkayCertainly


  62. alizhey Pradhan

    In the comments sections it's all about: 50% comment on Shakira 30% about how they are slaying despite their age 20% about who will keep the same spirit the following superbowl

    1. Jim Richmond

      There arr plenty of JLO comments as well. Too many fans of the ARAB are so JEALOUS OF JLO. THEY KNOW JLO DID WAY BETTER THAN THE ARAB MIDGET. 😀😆😆😆😆😀😆😀

  63. R

    . . *5:15** let me help please*

  64. Caleb Symmonds

    I'd rather have an old Brady than a prime Derek Carr.

  65. Christopher Waxter

    This is beautiful.... We're World Champs!!!!

  66. Todd

    Un mojito, dos mojitos

  67. Jack Costabile

    What in the world did J. Lo do at 7:05

  68. Aphi JaJetzt! หยา-เย็ทซ์ท

    Im here for the countlessth time. Mucho gracias🏆

  69. Aut Qast

    Prime Time son , Needs to listen to HOW greatness is earned , not given, it is taken out of the hands of EVERYONE who doubts you, hates you, says you aren't enough, and Work & Dedication never has time for complacency. Discipline isn't born, it's made, and greatness is only for the hungry. If you full. You ain't hungry.

  70. Tae 2x

    He still putting in work Adrian Peterson the 🐐

  71. Ryan Simonis

    I’m saying it adam you had a pretty good predictions with the Steelers one win it’s ok

  72. Eddie

    7:59 they don't want to wash their hands anymore. lol

  73. FortniteGaming

    Hello Gifting Next 10 Subscribers Something From The Fortnight Item Shop I Pushing it to 3 More Weeks. “Sorry”

  74. Ricardo Francis

    Sublime! Thank you Demi

  75. Jerry Nosowsky

    Trannyhill...Ain't going anywhere.

  76. Jose Musa

    Best halftime show

  77. Ed Cera

    24 touchdowns with 12 interceptions in 12 games on the giants. Ok NFL 👌


    i think i watched this about 30 times somewhat motivating , when you down never give up

  79. Dung Le

    Hay quá

  80. LegitWizard9 9

    Mad props to them but nothing beats Prince’s performance back in 2007

  81. few things about me

    No matter what I do, I keep coming back to this. My oh my

  82. D3RPY DUD3

    This is how many catches were made 🥳🥳😏😏😏😏😏😏🥳🥳🥳🥳👇🏻

  83. Aaryan Virk

    how is the 100th catch not 1

  84. Tomato Brian

    Literal tears from watching such strong, timeless women defy age and put up a fantastic performance. /somebody hold me :')/

  85. Franchesca Duduianu


  86. somosrecapas

    Jlo que mujer!!!!!!!!!

  87. Mason Chavez

    Let's go

  88. Kurtis Viktor

    This video should be entitled. There's nothing Patrick Mahomes can't do when his inferior offensive line is allowed to do whatever they want against a superior defensive line. Mahomes sucked this game. Worst perfomance in SB history by an MVP QB.

  89. D3RPY DUD3

    This is how many times they said Julio Jones lol it’s a lot 🤣🤣👇🏻

  90. HeyStopIt Ethan

    Just watch 15:02

  91. Dalton Bolser

    i would watch this vid but the way y’all made this is garbage, makes no sense like who jumps around and then instead of going 50 to 1 you go 1 to 50????

  92. Jerry Nosowsky

    Rivers to jags

  93. Caden Tanksley

    K how is murray better then Brady what. And then show the two best qbs running smh

    1. Caden Tanksley

      Or matt ryan better then those two

  94. Kurtis Viktor

    Michael Lombardi. "If the Chiefs aren't going to get called for one offensive holding penalty all game, just give them the trophy. No need to play the game."

  95. Maria Eduarda Reyner

    Shakira é a verdadeira rainha latina 🇨🇴❤️🇧🇷

    1. Jim Richmond


  96. Charlie Richards

    or the td pass form danny amendola to david blough

  97. Random Viewer

    16 Grammys 5 Premios American Music Awards 18 Premios MTV 6 Premios Guinness 46 Premios Billboard 25 Premios Lo Nuestro 7 World Music Awards 7 Premios NRJ 2011 Grammy latino 'Persona del año' 100 millones de sencillos vendidos 90 millones de álbumes vendidos El single más vendido del siglo XXI 'Hips don't Lie' 7 giras internacionales *Presentaciones: Glastonbury Rock in Río x4 Live 8 Premios MTV x7 Premios Grammy x3 American Music Awards Live Earth Ceremonia de clausura de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA x3 Y ... SUPER BOWL 2020 !!! Shakira ya no necesita probar nada más. Una LEYENDA.

    1. Jim Richmond

      JLO = $400 MILLION THE MIDGET= $300 MILLION😀😀😀😆😆😆😆 GAME OVER. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  98. Charlie Richards

    MNF fle flicker stafford to golladay

  99. c g

    Beautiful !!!!!!!!!

  100. Nour Al Betar

    It,s another amazing song wowwwwwwwwwowwwwwww👑