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  1. KaDuWin

    Even with a far inferior car, vs the best car on the grid with the 2nd best driver on the grid, Senna was still that much better. His car control and strategy is what makes a him legendary. Anyone with a dominant car for 7 straight yearsbe gifted wins, but its when a truly great driver has a bad car or competitive car and their skills is what shines through, that makes them a great. Senna's skill always overshadowed every car he drove.


    Niki lauda isn’t dead he just racing with the other dead f1 champs

  3. Skooky From The Future - Autism

    1:10 *”YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”*

  4. Andrej Bovhan

    I want spa 93 race!

  5. Johnny Gucci

    Why wasnt this in the Movie? Only in the credit scenes..

  6. wildemar correia

    É muita tecnologia associada a uma técnica fodastica.

  7. CrazyG7

    Who here watched the original one? this is reupload

  8. A Bains

    Good race

  9. J. Lívio

    Senna was in an other level. Simply the best

  10. Patrick Roloff

    So many comments here. Makes me thinking: Are u folks really watching F1 races nowadays? I mean that sport is literally brain dead for about a decade. So many questionable decisions by FIA in the past. DRS limited power so and so many races with one engine... And now i watch a battle for position and a former 2x WC ( who used to fight hard ) cries like a Baby for Pos. what? 15? It's a shame that circus clowns calling themselves Formula One. I can hear Senna, Fangio... rotating in their graves

  11. gabriel kelm

    ininininininin 😂

  12. Miguel Nadal

    I can barely understand one word in five!

  13. Kimi Sauber-Könën

    Bwoooah ... I mean, B W O O O A H 😴😴😴

  14. R41K0N

    Show us the 1976 German Grand Prix, if you would please.

  15. Your Mom

    New to the sport. I mean super new. But if you see a man waving a yellow flag, why is he still full throttle?

  16. Double J

    Best drive of the century

  17. TheWeeaboo

    Ah Kimi + Italian Engineer. I think this is one combination we should avoid at all costs. Finnish people with poor English and Italian people with poor english.

  18. Adrian Smith

    Se nota que no tienen la cabeza en nada. Hacen cualquiera y están solo para divertirse. Ya estoy viejo para esto.

  19. eldemasiado

    N.1 was almost a preview of Suzuka Bianchi tragedy.look at Liuzzi hitting the scraper!

  20. Sebastián

    Sanganchao sanganchao Hamilton en la puzolana, ahí está el milagro!!!!

  21. Vinz

    Gutierrez crash aaaahh

  22. Ty Johnson

    what utter crap

  23. Matt Tarrant

    “The Williams was an innocent party” Stroll smashes Heartley against the wall 🤦‍♂️

  24. eldemasiado

    This is insane

  25. akmal danial hassan aminuddin


  26. CoughingPig

    Fastforward 2020..... nope, too dangerous to start up due to a foreign virus 😡😡😡...

  27. nvr2serious cc

    Wish car these days look just as simple as then, were skills prevail more

  28. Charlie Jeffs


  29. SurrealCereal

    they should have just let them start in hte order they crossed the line tbh

  30. Juan Milla

    Isn't the vettel debut question wrong or the other interview is wrong

  31. Emma Asante

    It's no surprise he was on top during pre-season. Just wait for the season to start and the beast will be unleashed

  32. Juan Milla

    Kevin Magnussen... Kimi:shrugs who gives a shit

  33. Marjan B

    Daniel was clearly not honest in that interview. He is not always the good and smiling guy. With that, you'll get a lot done from the fans ..Max has a no doubt answer.

  34. Marjan B

    Goose bumbs for Gasly . Redemption for Max.

  35. william gomez

    one handed driving that's crazy. these cars had monstrous power too.

  36. David Gray

    3:11 No doubt, no doooubt...

  37. Matty Brabeck

    I wonder if he had a feeling of instant regret haha

  38. Gavin Johnson

    Vettel should’ve got a black flag for swerving into Hamilton. Petty, pathetic behaviour.

  39. Marjan B

    I just heard the audio between RBR and Max in Hockenheim 2019. 18min, but wow, impressive.

  40. Luke

    Please don’t judge me, but I’m quite new to Formula 1. Why do they put those casings over the wheels when the car is taken into the shed? Is it like to preserve the rubber of the wheels?

  41. Daniel Aviacion


  42. Karel Channel VideosTube

    I really want the TM Master Cup to come here on the pacific tour If there is haze, play this music:

    1. Karel Channel VideosTube

      Possibly after Japan and before Australia (Gold Coast)

  43. jamb0y

    Good, but Still not as good as Nigel Mansels 1992, look it up!

  44. Vineeth Niranjan

    I want to meet him in Austin

  45. AI fan

    Schumy vs Ivan Drago