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  1. Babay Sazuke Babayputri

    Lana,s hair is sooo long

  2. Zenon Macarayan

    But is hot it explod or somting

  3. Zenon Macarayan

    If you have an a toser how is not hot wen you look at that

  4. Tori Hartsfield

    It’s weird when they get a shower

  5. zy- gaming

    Oil face

  6. Lilian Mataga

    Jennifer is very good at putting perfume very slow and carefully. What type of spider is that with a big fat buttie . how can a bugger be bathing. Jennifer is very well mannered when eating. Kevin is very crazy when eating. Jennifer is use to waking up early. But Kevin does not know about waking up early. How can Kevin be scratching his butt when sleeping.

  7. Tori Hartsfield

    Sorry chinese

  8. Tori Hartsfield

    Emily looks chi ese

  9. Mila Isla


  10. Lilian Mataga

    Lana and Lily are always giving each other pranks. Lily is always getting the wrong chocolate egg. Kevin can snore so bad. Lily is on WhatsApp while Lana is carrying all the paperbags. When lily put food colour on the sandwich it looked disgusting. Lana was really pranked so bad by lily about the sandwich. When Lily pranked Lana she was totally frightened.

  11. Tori Hartsfield

    Junk food lover

  12. apple venky

    I love food

  13. Loyda Aguilar

    vicky looks very weird

  14. get artsy with elsie

    I was like.. Oh I thought the Coronavirus was still active Sofie: *hugs Amy* Me: um

  15. Lilian Mataga

    I made a hack with my long sleeved T-shirt

  16. Brooklyn M

    I just love Lana

  17. Eldyn Reyes

    The cherry pie looks good and stay home and wash your hands 😷🏠😋🤯

  18. Cloe Gilbolingo

    Wow good ideas

  19. Yuen Del Rosario


  20. Yohan Caparas

    Jokkkkkk hahaha

  21. Stephanie Rogers

    I like sprinkles because they're very tasty but not that Tasty And sprinkles are good but I love that ornament that Sofia made It's so cool I wish I could have Has the idea to do that

  22. Yohan Caparas

    I hate sophia 👺👺👺👺👺

  23. Stephanie Rogers

    It's hard to make a snowman when it's actually snow People and books make is so easy but it's not easy Me and my brother all made 1But then it just keep on falling and then we had to keep on doing it but then I got easier But then you go hard but then we had a carrot that was sharp it of but it was okay so that was over and now we're done so snow is done and I'm very sad because snow was very fun cause you you could make It is a snowman you'll Be able to do it another snow day

  24. Mini Foods Jaisingh


  25. BFFS 4 EVER


  26. Alidore Oliveira

    Put tape on one side of her face takes off the other side Magic.

  27. nausheen khan


  28. Byron Brock

    im 3 years old

  29. Alidore Oliveira

    Girl with the greasy face is really white

  30. Emilio Faella

    123. Go

  31. Shreya Ganesh

    Yes because we all have lemons at school 😂😂.

  32. April Chaban

    Just do it the night before for God's sake

  33. Kaylee Colens

    The one when she is going to sleep she is just slapping oil thats gonna give her a breakout

  34. Claudia Price

    I do not get Cold

  35. Claudia Price

    And I were bright colours

  36. Tori Hartsfield

    Is this sponsered buy jume

  37. Kaylee Colens

    I like how it says hacks but like 2 of them are hacks and all the rest where just ordered online