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    6:23 I feel you grl

  9. Star Logan

    It really takes Alana about 3 hours to get more coke

  10. Unicorn_naomi Lewis

    Now she is suffering

  11. Raanwi River

    No Way i love

  12. Theodora Perez

    In the video Vicky's hair changes to different colors of hair

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  14. Theodora Perez

    How did Vicky's hair go to brown then black

  15. Theodora Perez

    In the beginning of this video it had showed Vicky's hair was short but then during the video it showed that it was long

  16. Imelda Alvarado

    I loved it and irá awsome i was eating posole while watching this I loved it who else did to

  17. Josh Moto Gaming #Support❤️

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    How many eggs

  19. sunita rawat

    I like lipstick prank

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    Omg so funny lol

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    5:50 is Kevin 👌🏼 ok

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    Great video

  23. Abigail Solis

    What about the thumb nail

  24. Oddysea

    Just do that first one with a blanket and you got yourself a sick ass cloak

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  26. Domitila Solis

    Like si quieres que lo pongan en Español

  27. Angel Wiz

    Not to be rude but when the cereal hapened I'm just eat it

  28. Jamin Green

    Bruh when ever lanua was getting her new coke bottle and Amy was making jelly mouse and thy said AIT A FEW HOURS like bruh it don't take a few hours to get soda

  29. Equine friend

    “One more period before RECESS to bad they don’t allow nap time in HIGH SCHOOL” lol I wish we had recess

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  32. Rasheedat Tiamiyu

    Pop jello in fridge for few hours She only went to go get a snack

    1. Rasheedat Tiamiyu


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    it takes 1 hour to get a bottle of coke

  34. Claudia Gulfan

    Umm i have # years old and im like high school, im not like the child im like 5% so yah

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    Sharing is caring but why do they not let you share at school

  36. Propius

    you arent supposed to "recook" the kernels after popping you know, read the bags

  37. Giulia Aljazrawi

    Me having cereal while Olivia eating cereal Me : ITS DELICOUS

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  39. Dave Henrickson

    Me: Sleeping My class: are you sleeping???

  40. Inday Sarang

    Toy hot wheels

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    I don’t really do the planks or hacks but I really enjoy watching them

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    Avocados in Mexico

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    How u just now waking up n u got face full make-up doe LOL 🤣🤣

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    123 go before u uh post make sure u spell right u spelled cool like this: coll

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    who likes ketchup

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    If you left your cereal on the table you cereal would have been already spoiled

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    I heard a crunch .

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    Y'all videos suck

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    Isn’t it easier to just make the game lose, then use jello???

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    8:30 the corona virus is. Real

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    I have a question. It’s just random. It may be offending. Why don’t we hear their voice?

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    she doesnt have to 1:59 Like why.

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    For the glue one they can’t squeeze it cuz it’s closed

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    Who's talking

  68. Tarik Taoudi

    *Im still so sleep* me:Than why did you get up to make this video hun?

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    Was the boy Lily’s boyfriend

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