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  1. Turtle56

    0:17 his reaction tho lol

  2. Paul Durbin

    I was watching espn yesterday and some old pro ultimate frisbee match was on. Marques appears on my screen... wtf. I look it up and he used to be a pro Ultimate Frisbee player hahaha that is awesome

  3. Turtle56

    I can't believe this channel has been around so long....

  4. Huy phúc Nguyen

    What should i go guys note 10+ 5g or 1+ 7t pro I'm using 1+7t pro right now should i try note 10+ run Snapdragon

  5. Bassem Aboghazalla

    Believe or not u made all my customizations exactly

  6. Lize's Fun Video's


  7. Ednaldo Francisco da Silva Filho

    i hate when headphone jack is located on top. You lose a lot of earphone's wire. But is better than don't come with it.

  8. Tek Minion

    I switched from the Surface Pro 6 to the Surface Laptop 3. MBKHD hit it right on the mark when it comes to the Surface Pro lineup, it is a Laptop when you want it to be. However what I was looking more for was a laptop period!. Moving from the Surface Pro 6 to the Surface Laptop 3 was one of the best decisions I have made technology wise. The keyboard is great to type on, the added screen size is great for when i need to create presentations or needing to view two things side by side and then the battery life has just been better. Since owning the device, there have a few software updates roll out that seem to have had solved the loud fan noise issue. When I would use my Chrome browser and watch like an hr worth of videos from SLsel or movies from Netflix, the fan would kick on and it would just be annoying. The heat from the laptop would not be terrible but I just thought the fan was kicking on too fast. Now with the updates, I now hear false noises because the laptop does not make a sound anymore lol. This is a great productivity machine, great for multitasking, awesome typing experience, build quality, and if your moving from a Mac, this laptop gives you the closest experience to that of a Mac. However like MBKHD has pointed out, and I agree, the device is much cleaner than the Apple lineup to their laptops. Compared to the MBP 13 inch I moved from, the SL3 feels better in the hand, the weight is more proportioned on the SL3.

  9. Tech One

    Stuck at 480p

  10. Mark Hubert

    So it’s a Surface Pro...

  11. Sayem Ul Haque

    It's the phone iron man uses

  12. LaMar Beatty

    Nice Doug promo, dope vid ✊🏿

  13. Matt McCarty

    Better camera on iPad is great for document scanning

  14. Sam LSD

    Fuck China fuck Huawei What's your twitter ?

  15. abdulla mehmood

    Nice Thumbnail

  16. Patrick Armstrong

    Quarantine Vlog Day 13

  17. 王煜

    why is my 4g always speeds between 50-80Mbps in the countryside?

  18. Siddharth Warrier

    Bixby found murdered after release of SLsel video

  19. Stephen Granville

    The m8 only had 2gb of ram?? Could've sworn 3. God though I forgot about how HTC took chances with these portrait mode effects 😂 it's a shame they didn't get the credit they deserved.

  20. LitoGeorge

    Question: how do I pin an app to the ram? (like he did with ticktick). Don't see an option on my Note 8 - and its fully updated.

  21. Brian West

    69¢ aye?

  22. Robot Cat

    Me reading the thumbnail: bitch what

  23. SoHappy ToShowUS

    how is genesis graphic high definition compared to snes?


    erm... I got hurted. OMG! im using ipad 3🙃

  25. Lawliet

    0:59 *reloads gun*


    how did you wash that

  27. Aditya K

    Hey Marques just a little bit of question:Why don't you have a 60fps cameras?

  28. DistrackXmusic

    Hey marques!! I realized that the Bixby button which you can turn on by holding the power button...the power button hold can although can be mapped for other stuff

  29. Rahul Takroo

    Is it just me or everyone has the 480p limit

  30. Carl Coronel

    Hug to hug guys! ❤

  31. LikeMikeSIKE

    He's like 15 in this but everyone thinks he's like 9

  32. anuj joshi

    Don't you play any games? For some relaxation or entertainment

  33. Arik Jones

    If you could only choose on flagship today to use for the next 5 years, which would it be?

  34. Leo Varghese

    Please do an Android 11 Top 5 video

  35. Cubamus Prime

    MKBHD download Good Lock. The best reason to get a Samsung phone.

  36. Hershel Jones

    Will the floating one work with the 3rd gen iPad or just the 4th one

  37. Mal Mo

    You’ll know the boredom from quarantine has led most of us to download tiktok 😂 Marquee are no exception hahahah

  38. hasan kharfan

    So you are a basic android bitch.... No no offence

  39. Cubamus Prime

    Samsung Browser>Google Chrome 💯 fact.

  40. LikeMikeSIKE

    Damn even back then he was ghetto af

  41. Extroyer5

    You forgot the side effects

  42. Tony Starks

    Of course he's not going to mention the health effects.

  43. Aditya YepYep

    Is this video capped at 480p?

  44. Dack Janiels

    "High end specs" 2060 lol

  45. Armin

    You drool about 120hz but I see 0 apps that can support 120fps content.

  46. kishore muddikuppam

    cheap Chinese smartphone 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 IPHONE AND SAMSUNG KING

  47. Yesid Antonio

    i can't believe that i lost three uncles to the civil unrest escobar put medellín through just for his family a bunch scammers be doing this typa shit with that money

  48. Aaron it Roblox

    I like I can’t peel now it’s apeeling

  49. Chanchal maji

    Hello sir Sir i have a manufacturing company and I want to buy a macbook pro or air new version for my office work like billing or challan Would it be right for me to buy it?

  50. Anitai

    tried to watch 8k on 2018 smartphone smartphone: why are we still here, just to suffer


    Me:have a 5g phone Comments:5g is deadly Me again: oh no😫

  52. KuilowKey

    Yee 2020

  53. Julian Montana

    that's is scary apparently my Google home mini went off

  54. trashbag

    "They've copied Apple in a lot of things" I'm sorry, wasn't it Samsung who first had fingerprint locks, and facial recognition?

  55. Muhammad Anas Syahmi

    This phone literally have more features than normal smsrtphone nowadays

  56. Death Note

    Me: how to buy this phone in 2020 without money

  57. Jeffrey Jewell

    People going to use their stimulus check to buy this !!!!!!!!

  58. Work Hard Play Hard F##k Harder

    Thankx for sharing bro...

  59. Work Hard Play Hard F##k Harder

    Wow... Its damn cool

  60. Lambda Storm

    Isn’t 1440P its native resolution? I don’t know how phone display works but if a monitor displays anything other than its native resolution, things get very very blurry.

  61. TheYasawy97

    Maaaaaan, Marques has come faaar. I respect his hustle

  62. 朴君勇

    Huawei is a electronic trash company.They copy Samsung they copy Apple they monitoring the user! They are evil company belong to the CUP!! Do not buy any products made by Huawei!! Plz to stay awake!

    1. 朴君勇


  63. David Kwong

    Okay. I am 30 seconds into the video, I already clicked LIKE!

  64. Martin Holland

    As always the audio is crispy

  65. Cloudiii Dy

    Never been a fan of Apple products BUT... I really wanted to get my hands on the iPad Pro just because of Procreate app.. will it be worth it just for digital drawing purpose 😶

  66. roget



    1. easy screen turn on 2. sound quality and effects to boost bass of audio from your phone. If possible download Samsung music. Make sure to turn on video enhancer to boost your video content. 3. separate app sound. You can play a sound from a current app with your phone's speakers and leave your music playing with your connected bluetooth devices . 4. I answer calls with my volume up key and end them with the power button on my Galaxy. Even if you won't use it..just enable it, there are situations your screen is dead but the phone is not and you still have to answer calls. You can have caller names read aloud in default call settings in phone app. 5. Since people ask for my phone to do one thing and end up doing the opposite, you can pin apps which will require your password to the home screen. 6. Samsung pass to auto fills websites.

  68. Hanime Tv

    Buy iPhone Cover with gold and diamond ? Most expensive phone in the world = Profit

  69. Natively Born American

    What's the film you used to detect magnetic fields?

  70. Mr Dannie

    2:53 1 year before.... Apple: iPhone 4s comes out with Siri. It’s a series of voice assistants.

  71. I Am Gates

    Man, that “Thank you; you’re welcome” exchange is so wholesome and very much needed. Great stuff :)

  72. Ken

    I think the Genesis was the most successful console Sega ever made. Either that or the Saturn (which was conveniently omitted in this video and jumped straight to the Dreamcast). Brings back memories man. I still have my Genesis somewhere! Also, I recall being pretty impressed by the graphics of the Dreamcast. In 1999 it was the most technologically advanced system until Playstation 2 came out in what was it 2001? I guess Sega failed to take advantage of those 2 years. The rest is history...Sony plowed on, Xbox joined, Sega left, and Nintendo continues on in their own niche of innovation and family friendly rather than graphical and technological prowess. Wii was a hit and so is the Switch. Getting off topic here but I like that Nintendo is still around. Xbox and PS are so similar to each other and I feel like Nintendo is that guy that is a bit different. They are clearly capable of making some amazing games and I'm glad they are still around doing their thing.

  73. jimv1983

    Changing what the volume keys control is something I wish Google would add. Stock Android used to have the volume buttons control ringer volume when no media was playing. A few years ago Google changed that to always control media volume (even when nothing is playing). I hate that.

  74. Dont Say it

    6:22 the phone comes up

  75. Nigger Killer

    MKBHD: What's on my phone? Me: Kinky BDSM Sh*t!

    1. Henry H

      Nice try, was almost a little bit funny

  76. Topu

    Wholy moly 7.46 bil minutes being more than 14,070 years of watching SLsel videos XD Touch ID is what I'm hoping they would add back desperately. Still, on their latest Touch ID smartphone, iPhone 8 Plus ;)

  77. Random Chick

    5G damages explained : Vape Shop Patriot he installed it.

  78. Anish Hegde

    5:13 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦

  79. Topu

    The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a great built smartphone with all those sick flagship features esp. on the S20+ and S20 Ultra ;) However, the battery life sucks and zoom camera not as sharp as the other flagships ;'(

  80. harjit grewal

    😂😂😂😂 computer, computer e eh ji 😂😂😂😂

  81. Mohammed Saeed

    lol, I had my 8th birthday video on one of those cameras, was it JVC? Magnafox? Honestly I Can't remember but we had those small VHS tapes to record videos on!! Man, a device just to REWIND the tapes!! We lived the 80's wohoo, lived the Retro Tech, it was new 😂😂😂😂

  82. ////////////

    This is my all Time Favourite phone But dont have Money for buying 😣😣😣

  83. GD Enner

    Friends: Hey, wanna hang out? Me: sorry i can't. My shoes ran out of battery.

  84. michael jeacock

    i have a oneplus 6T so it is pretty close to stock anyway but i do tweek. i like lawnchair launcher for that pixel feel and the google page off to the left. i prefer swiftkey over gboard but both are good. page is set to 6x5 the usual stuff in the dock (phone, messages, chrome, play store, camera) then a row of 5 apps i use a lot on top of 5 folders for quicker access (shopping, productivity, maps & transport, entertainment, games) then to the right on a second page i have a calendar widget i stretch to fill the whole screen and set to schedule (i like home agenda but the default google one isn't bad either) i also set the swipe down from the middle to open notifications and swipe up for draw. i also add velis auto brightness because i am not keen on oneplus version not sure how good samsungs is. other must haves are universal copy and join by the guy who also does tasker (it lets your phone and pc share files send web pages share clipboard so you can copy on one and paste on the other get notifications on your pc send text messages and some other stuff).

  85. Ronald Rigali

    Does this support the full paid version of Adobe Lightroom or am I better off buying a MacBook Pro to edit photos?

  86. Trần Rin

    Tablet becoming a laptop and laptops are minimalist to be a tablet 🙄😖

  87. insufferableCrab

    Just add a simcard tray, call and text to a 3ds and I'll be fine.

  88. The Master2898

    Mine got a bluescreen and i couldn't use it

  89. Badri narayan About science and other stuff!

    Neighbour: What’s a Computer? MKBHD: Checks the time

  90. superluig164

    And this is why I like Samsung better - because these are all options. Pixels don't have a lot of those things as options.

  91. Joshua Müller

    The recommendations brought us together in 2020 once again

  92. Naso

    Get the app "Goodlock" on Samsung store, it has some more customization options.

  93. dejeros

    Imagine you run out of battery so you turn on the ultra save mode (face recognition and fingerprint disabled) once you need to go and turn o your screen you will be asked for the PIN you assigned, guess what, ultra battery safe mode disable gboard, and sine you are not using the samsung keyboard, your phone is totally locked

  94. Nirobi Coleman

    Rollable Screens

  95. VašVoljeniStanoje

    So pay 400$ for galaxy fold? So win win?

  96. Tiny Tim

    And “block” meaning absorb.

  97. fatma alsouri

    Still no magsafe? Nah

  98. axezFN

    Just saying, in one part of the video , the iphone was standing alone how!!?!?!?

  99. Nate Petrella

    You can use the sound assistant app to put the volume slider on the side of the screen rather than the top. Makes it closer to stock android.

  100. dark side

    Samsung is the best in the world ❤