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    They must 89 of her

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    Placing this here before 3 billion views

  7. hihihi heheh

    ok but this song literally speaks to my soul, thank you thank you thank you taylor <3

  8. L Wigg

    Let’s be real you get chills every time you listen to this song

  9. RemusGT

    Started with Bob Marley yesterday and now I am here listening to Taylor Swift

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    Amo esta canción desde el 2012

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  12. Abiogenesis


  13. Edgar Flores

    My life

  14. Usnim S

    I really can remember the very first day of high school. I've sung this song to myself while I walked in school. I sat in front of of my ex best friend's chair. Everything was awsome. I was struggling with anorexia but that was ok. Now I'm not in high anymore. I'm studying for collage exams. It's been months since I last saw her. I miss her.

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    Gg Taylor

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    Love ya🌈🌈

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    Hey I’m hiding from corona right now! Come subscribe to me to see some never seen before footage! My dog barked at my horse!! 😱

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    The message behind this video is actually sad

  20. moonstone

    people who are here from tikok didnt get the chance to scream the lyrics of this song at the top of their lungs in first grade looking out the window pretending you were in the music video. smh. 👋

  21. Rap Battle Avenue

    Lightyears better than the studio version

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    "shake it off shake it off oOooooA"

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    Lenda que nos faz ouvir a luz do dia

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    2.5 مليار مشاهدة يا الهي

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    U! Like

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    Taylor is Queen 👸 👑

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    Me when i was ten watching the video: :O Me now 16 years old looking to the video for the 898837382th time: :OOO

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    Monday 25 May 2020 1,155,503,535 views

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    2020 and LWYMMD was the last iconic of the pop world

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    I really into this Song

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    Soy tu fan Taylor Swift siempre escucho tus musicas❤ I Love 💙💝

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    It's corona time 🗿

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    Tiktok live 😂😂

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    It's my 22nd birthday today. Been waiting for a long time to play this on this day 😍🌸

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      I’m 22 today as well. Happy birthday

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    why didn't this song take off? so weird

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    Taylor 🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 love you from Indonesia

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    4 years...... never expec that time flies so fast.

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    This gives me so many chills oml

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    Selena Gomez acts so well in all music videos.

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    2020 anyone?

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    Hi Indonesia 😊

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    I saw Ellen

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    I love your vids so much make more pleaze. :)

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    Nobody: Really nobody: Me: Hey that's Jace from shadowhunters

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    the best tay's single ever!!!

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    The best tylor ever.

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    Lol i was 6 six years old in 2009

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    I like her better with the glasses

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    I don’t trust people that didn’t know this before tik tok.

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    I know your genetics can take my DNA, monster gamma bass, kids.

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    Indeed you are the queen of snakes

  56. Tutorials With Elina

    The fact that she actually had the guts to do this mv when some celebrity’s can’t even make jokes...

  57. Eray

    I'm here to say that Taylor's French accent is absolutely adorable, so cute I can't 👌 ~ From a native speaker ~

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    Ya between her ears...

  60. Tutorials With Elina

    I remember watching the parody of this song when I was 9 and thinking this was the fake version lmao

  61. Leana barefoot

    "I recommend this guide: *A𝐏𝐏𝐈.R𝐄𝐒𝐓* So grateful it exists." 4:14 Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  62. Tutorials With Elina

    Here after one decade...

  63. Tutorials With Elina

    I didn’t know this song before But I didn’t see it from TikTok I just searched Taylor Swift since I wanted to listen to her songs and bring back memories

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  65. Roshan _

    This music transports you. Idk where but it's transient! ♥️

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    Hi. I love this song taylor. would y’all mind checking out my youtube channel? i’m a small youtuber trying to make it big!!! ❤️

  67. The P- Waves

    Video and Song of the Year!!!! Awesome Job!

  68. Ariana Grande

    She went from country pop to bubblegum pop now to R&B pop

  69. Lauren Yes

    Glückwunsch! Du hast einen deutschen Kommi gefunden^-^

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    So cute! :3

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    Me! e o mistério de como todas as lives dessa música são incríveis e esmurram a versão gravada

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    I’m sure, the music video is coming on this Friday!😍🤞

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    Cream on the cake

  74. goofy horse lover

    who's here because elton corey sam and colby went to this abandoned mall

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    Im loving her room XD

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    I love her is the best

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    I swear this video keeps getting better every time I watch it.

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    Quem veio pela treta do Leo Dias e da Anitta

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    taylor swift was the og incel

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    A Taylor já quer pegar o menino

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    "Starbucks lovers " Lol

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    I used to love Taylor Swiffer , then this song came out 😳

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    2020 anyone?

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    Amazing ❤❤❤🎵🎶🎵🎵🎶🎸🎻🎤🎤🎵

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    Who Heard this Song on tiktok?

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    Je suis le com français que tu cherches ! 😊👍🏻 Sinon j'aime bien la chanson !

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    Here for nostalgia not from gang signs on tiktok

  89. Sérgio Diniz


    1. Sérgio Diniz

      Clarice 10

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  91. Karla Gonzalez

    Randomly she said I promise you you’ll never find someone like me.

  92. George Brady Evans

    Damn!! That is stellar & I love the video. Be that Goddess you were born to be!

  93. Mohammad Thoriqul islam

    Sing this song when 13yo. And now 21yo i'm searching again hahaha

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  95. Viren Maran

    That scene from the bathtub, she stole it from katy Perry's This is how we do lollllll

  96. Sonminlal Haokip

    Love this Song...

  97. Exklusiv’s Philosophy

    Aweso-Me For anyone who Felt like Me😭🤦🏼‍♀️

  98. David Zettie

    I've even traveled in time in a hospital room. Or a very bad flashback

  99. Alexander Zakel

    This is like when a alien had to make a music video about men, but has no clue what a man is, and has to make the video based on buzzfeed videos and articles.

  100. David Zettie

    My dreams get pretty wild.