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  1. Ellen Ngozu


  2. Jun Su Kim

    I slow down it’s real

  3. Cutting Edge

    I nearly pissed in my pants at 1:33 😂😂

  4. Bravin Gitemi

    Why am I always the last to watch

  5. Andrea Feng

    Wtf this video isn't even close from being amusing. Just stop making contents from reacting other people's videos already. It's far below entertaining

  6. Sword Kill

    Ksi better be on this list

  7. Super Trash

    If someone who never watched Roomie came to read the comments they would be scared for the mental health of this "adult" (cough cough child cough) yeah I wouldn't be surprised if his next video was called I oofed my imaginary kid.

  8. Norberto Coles

    Yo Joel/Roomie... Take a look at BTS's Fake Love and Scene nene (idk who made that song but I heard it was deleted)

  9. Kwesi Ejekwu

    Please do dua lipa

  10. Lumi Nox

    Do you do drugs?

  11. Jennifer Sapphireford

    I hate jake paul🤮🤮

  12. B B

    I am here to find better versions of mainstream songs. :)

  13. my profilepic is bad and i cant change it

    Katie Perry and maroon 5 are obviously copied that one human

  14. Marius Joranger


  15. Ajaxsied

    the editing is way too much for me, sorry, can't watch this.

  16. Erice Aspa

    I like level 8

  17. Ortensio Alex

    You should React to d low werewolf beatbox showcase

  18. Priyantha Rupasinghe

    Why does Roomie hate kids?

  19. Andrea Serrano

    I laughed at 5:47. Damn. Hahaha.

  20. Stephen Devane

    43 voices and still sound crap

  21. drean bartolo

    jaiden really looks in their eyes

  22. Nao Mew

    *never... Do that intro again* *or ill force all horrible singers to sing one of Michael Jackson's songs*

  23. Capri Cushing

    These are gifted people, and they impress the people around them. I like your channel and usually I agree but with this just.. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. m yongco

    Joel do you know Carlo Aquino? He's not a singer. You just looks like him haha

  25. Drew Pendock

    Keep on keeping on!

  26. skidding roblox


  27. Dr LemonZest

    James is good at singing ( his not the worst ) and also I don't get how it went from Adel to doing drum editing

  28. Amanda Ewertz

    You cringe now, but the "Roomie & Friends" videos were the first videos of yours I ever saw (after seeing you in a Jacksfilms video and checking out your channel), and I watched those videos ad nauseam to get me through a tough breakup in college. When you guys harmonize, it's as smooth as butter, and when I sang along, it made me smile even though it hurt. You made me like some songs I might not have listened to otherwise and those are still some of my favorite videos all these years later.

  29. ItzDopeR6

    Anyone realize he looked like momo when at 2:10

  30. Abbie _xox

    He 🤔 your rumin

  31. Katie xxx

    Who is the guy at 6:43? I can’t remember his name, anyone?

  32. Scanlan Andrew

    Just no Pewdiepie Help me PLZ I HATE THIS SONG

  33. Sa sha

    This format of comment: F*cking stupid

  34. Happy

    why they not add Gabriela Bee? She's good better then some in here in my opinion but that's just my opinion

  35. dannyboyplayz

    when i tryed to do dharnis tutorial it souned like i was farting and my mum said EXUSE ME and i went RUN

  36. Cream Pie

    You can watch alem werewolf beatbox showcase

  37. Jeans Hose

    love your channel :)

  38. Andrea Serrano

    I actually thought that a female sang "I took a pill in Ibiza!" 😐

  39. Our kind of Wonderful

    Yahs honesty I always said that jeff never could sing but people blindly support these "artist" *cough* posers really that have 0 talent. Like lele typical nothing special but trisha makes my ears bleed don't understand her support such stupid people

  40. Alain L

    Isn't Ed Sheeran ugly?

  41. Felix Anehag

    You must react to team tag beatboxing especially the one of “Kotchas”. It’s the save that you’ve reacted to before buts its a 2v2 instead on 1v1

  42. Panda Gamer


  43. WillgoX


  44. Emily 67

    I just can’t stop hearing Pewdiepie when he talks some times and it confuses me...

  45. slappy pepe

    React to bbk

  46. Lents's Animations

    I just realised Roomie with sunglasses looks like Harry Osborn from "the amazing spider-man 2"

  47. Anthony Ramirez

    You should react to AURORA if you haven't already.

  48. Londitto

    I recommend you Michał Szpak

  49. Tracy Lopez

    6:56 idk why she had me dying

  50. AFK Donkey

    That Bastille impression tho

  51. Gacha X

    I just came out of the shower and I don't appreciate Joel saying "you should wear some clothes" to me I didn't need to feel violated right now

  52. Jayson james

    Wooow still Billie is d best 4me

  53. Whattasick Toddler

    Probably the biggest fanboy I've ever seen.

  54. Daniel Clover

    bruh its so easy to make up emotional story, there always are sad moments in everyone's life. When I was a child I really liked to climb trees, one time I fell out of tree and it was really painfull.... ^ ^Emotional story

  55. William D'Angelo

    Surely do senoirita by Camilla Cabello

  56. beauty study

    I think Ariana has a lip scync bcs if she do the high notes in every gig she would lose her voice

  57. matsku 7

    Some finnish man did 720 words in minute

  58. Hooded Angel

    I don’t know you guys but I think that guys long red hair looks f’king awesome

  59. Luisa Parish

    oh my god you're joking emma watson is not on this list my god

  60. Groeg HD

    if you throughout on the timeline click on 7:42 it sounds like a snare

  61. Aries varney


  62. T P

    Davie504 went rlly quiet after this

  63. BTS Lover

    I was not expecting that from India ......wdym ?

  64. Nadin Ibrahim

    why does this dude sound like pewdipie?

  65. Frédérik Durand

    0:50 The though that there was gonna be another sarcasm thing after that lmao. Sure you hesitated, peace.

  66. The Petite Mans

    I was like... omg its Home Alone Kid!!!

  67. Navish Perera

    7:17 Me: am I a joke to you

  68. itsme_ nickle

    Low key surprised fergie's national anthem wasn't on here

  69. Casey Thomas

    Yesss this is the roomie I grew up with

  70. Amaya Reyes


  71. Nekriste

    "I did the meth, let's see."

  72. Axxtentacle no

    I haven't seen a comment about the girl at 5:41 yet, surprisingly enough. She was really good

  73. h a k d o g

    The way Demi said "woman" at 3:10 made me pregnant

  74. Mersad Razi

    What the fuck with jonas 18:34



  76. Ezekiel Denaga

    rommie please react to B-Art solo elemenation

  77. Max Tube Ka

    Do you ever think you in the future will be a famous music star instead of sit on the chair of your studio making video about reaction.

  78. Virginia Leabourn

    roomie u shoud have edited at the start the girl said IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM gay 0:00

  79. shrek on ice

    day 24 of asking rami to play the sims 4

  80. Kara Hinson

    You should redo this and we can see the progress