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  1. TerrenceDraws

    I know Kobe was smiling watching this from afar.


    03:52 breathtaking 🙏

  3. rygreg01

    Thank you Common for an artistically exquisite dedication to the tenacity, creativity, resourcefulness, love and inside and out beauty of our people. You delivered a beautiful homage to the multidimensional tapestry of who we are!!!... What a soul stirring tribute. Thank you for creating the opportunity for me to cry from deep within my soul, tears of pain, joy and pride. Bless you and your Gift always🙏🏽❤️✨ R.I.P. Kobe and all of the souls who also transitioned at that appointed time. God please cover their families and friends with the peace and love which only You can provide.🙏🏽

  4. McNasty RC

    Way to many 50's....... What is Dwight Howard doing at 35 in this contest??? Oh yeah he has some Gimmicky crap'''Judge's where Horrible' Just do the Millinial thing and give them all Trophies... Jones has mastered that under the leg dunk'' I get it... But Gordan Pound for Pound ''' has more moves and he is allot heavier''' Powerful to see that Vertical at his weight and size.... Jones is a toothpick..... Sorry guy's but everything is rigged, its not about talent.....I think since this contest is for the fan's really , they should get to vote ....

  5. Val ritz


  6. Brijette Barrow

    So effort less ❤❤❤❤❤Amazing

  7. TheZombout

    You gave a rich man money to do something this easy??

  8. Stephen

    Aaron Gordon dunks the ball from the free throw line while bringing Kobe back from the dead. Judges: 47

  9. Jaaa AaaS

    “1 on 1” action

  10. Simon KennyL Riley

    24:20 Kobe?

  11. Łukasz Konobrocki

    18:50 It is all over!

  12. Senadin Music


  13. Sanchez Sanchez

    Okay I just wasted 2 minutes and 14 seconds of my life this is retarded

  14. Jennifer Tisdale

    That was beautiful, gave me chills and made me cry... RIP KOBE AND GIANNA ❤️🙏🏽

  15. Nat Ski

    there should be like a match/set point thing like in other sport

  16. el adam

    Jésus is alive .

  17. Lucas Lu

    Hands down one of the best final quarter of all NBA games, kudos to the NBA for making those changes!

  18. Kenneth Reuter

    The fuck did Marshawn Brooks do to deserve this? Lmao it's not even a scene from GOT

  19. Yoyyo23

    Her voice, so powerful. Jennifer did her thing. Shook me out of this feeling of trying to hold these tears in for our beloved Kobe and GiGi. Great tribute, Jen. Amazing, touching, heart wrenching. YES! RIP KOB, RIP GiGi, RIP to the 7 others.

  20. C. H.

    Not a foul, Lowry drew his 3rd foul🤣

  21. major nick

    Wade wasn’t gone do that if Candace ain’t do that G shit Wade held it down for the hood 😭💯💯💯💯💯💯

    1. major nick

      Wade been said stop it’s a tie

  22. José Torres

    Wath your mame the song minute 9:06? 🙏

  23. butterfly6199

    Jennifer Hudson what voice....what a beautiful tribute... may they all rest in peace.....

  24. Anfubvinch

    Over-demonstrative douche

  25. Kevin K

    Dwade should never be a judge again. Connaughton's first dunk wasn't an "8" either...the guy is only 6'5" and has an insane vertical.

  26. D Richmond-Scott

    Jennifer...was born to sing...

  27. Patrick harding

    Dame needs to go back to the lab fo sho

  28. Sherwin Gomez

    Dame time

  29. Blue 7653

    NBA sucks

  30. Pé Pé Lá Key

    She the goat .or did y'all forget..being distracted by jlo and Beyonce 🤷🏾‍♂️. ..know the diff between a singer and a performer

  31. Andrei Rollins

    Good damn ms rooks

  32. zz

    AD not there but Embiid is? 😂

  33. Peyton Place

    Wow how about that dance team? That little boy went nuts!!! Great job!!! Thank you Chance! You make the City of Chicago proud:)

  34. Sam Taylor

    Greatest brothers in football.

  35. Zane Quillen

    Lebron was ball hogging like hell

  36. Denny Kaleal

    Candace in her suit lol. How can you not like Candace Parker

  37. Nala Racan

    This is all about kobe 157 1+5+7=13 155 1+5+5=11 13+11 =24 kobe's no.

  38. Dede.that.girl

    This was just AMAZING

  39. ItzMonkey how are ya


  40. M. Watkins

    That was absolutely beautiful ❤️

  41. Bryan Soto

    Lmaoooo felt like Wayne was bout to forget his verse any moment

  42. Jay Martin

    you can see lebron's age if that was 10 years ago lebron would have demolished giannis instead of getting blocked

  43. D Low

    It Always That ONE Person Saying “Sing Bitch” 😂😂😭 At 0:40

  44. 2 Train

    2k20 On $witch a 5/5

  45. english iranian

    Wait a minute

  46. GreenLight In Flowmotion

    Gordon robbed again

  47. Son Alex

    Straight cringe

  48. Drew Burns

    There are at least 15 guys that can do DJJ's last dunk. Windmill from two feet inside the line. Only 1-3 guys can do what AG did. Robbed!!!

  49. RedLightMuzik

    Good luck in New York 😏


    The S tho Bru

  51. fatalfriend

    Not even a broom

  52. James Recap

    If you are a packers fan you really do not like this guy but if you are a Seahawks fan you are thankful for this guy

  53. N JC

    Gilbert Arenas be like...Imma kill 'em every time

  54. Judge Victorio

    blue balled me with the cocoa butter kisses nanana lmaooo


    Lil Wayne needs a hair cut 😂

  56. Aaron Day 570

    Mikes a legend

  57. Alen Vidović

    So, lil lilard? Lil lard?

  58. CIBAA Choi

    The All-Star Game this year is the best in recent years, man!!

  59. NosyCarton80

    Serge is so loyal. Fucking love this guy!

  60. Von Nipales

    Im a huge kobe fan and a huge lebron hater but now had a mad respect for lebron. I think lebron is more of a brother of kobe than shaq. Shaq is fake asf.

  61. Nick Young

    I found this to be kinda cringey

  62. Tammy M.

    Her voice literally gave me goosebumps! A real talent! RIP Gianna and Kobe and all those who lost their lives in this terrible accident!!

  63. Prankahan Lang

    kyle lowry causes the game....

  64. brodie brodie


  65. jude dominguiano

    now all star starter won't be a big deal anymore because what mattres most will be on who's it going to on the final minute of the game

  66. Joseph Humphrey


  67. bdusa

    Everyone talking lebron joining the dunk contest how about this guy?

  68. Jam Max

    Once Lebron retires also nba is not gonna be the same. Thats a fact

  69. spidermonkey304

    Sorry but this was the most BORING performance. He sucks just walking barely moving no energy.

  70. Dubzzz 504

    :56 dead

  71. Oop Nation DKJ

    Soooo no timeout tho

  72. Gerald Glenn Mullet

    Playing for a cause. Nice 1.

  73. Opaque Psyche

    Chuck only like this because he’s ringLESS.... nobody liked him in the league so he never had help, CP3 is the same way. 💯💯💯

  74. Ms. Kng

    I love my city 💜😍 we go hard

  75. Miss Maria and The family

    Beyoncé could never

  76. Loghan Brown

    aaron gordan did the same dunk twice, the right person won

  77. Ricardo Barahona

    These commentators just wanted the game to continue

  78. Darwin Dak

    Paul in Final minutes 😯🤔 Westbrook 😠😭

  79. Denise White

    So beautiful 😢😢

  80. Στέλιος Λαζαράκος

    @4:18 are we just gonna ignore the 8-sec-violation?

  81. AJC711

    Am I the only one who doesn’t mind hot shower

  82. Anrcy TV

    Nobody: Baby Brodie: YOOUUURR SOOFFFFFFTTTTTT!!!

  83. Fatih Aksu

    Slippery when wet Cerrard falling background

  84. OGM

    J Coles was better

  85. Looter

    lost so much respect for D Wade what a bitch bruh

  86. kdpowers

    Team lebron has won it! Wait a mi...

  87. Francis Gabriel

    James Harden rare playing defense

  88. Joel Tyler

    Is there anything more annoying than these commentators saying 'THAT IS A 50'

  89. Arnab Sinhababu

    KD should have went to Clippers and should have Teamed Up with Kawhii and PG....

  90. JeffSayYes

    Durant's got no reasons to play this year

  91. 蘇怡峰

    This is Not All Star Game,This like NBA finals Game 7

  92. Hs 4a08

    Chance with the NB though! 🔥

  93. alex tasos

    “Even in the darkest times You feel Kobe’s light “ I FELT IT NEVER FORGOTTEN

  94. Styxy_II

    I really wanted Aaron to win that's a rip boiz

  95. Jean Lance

    Yes, Yes, Lord,, its going to b Alright soon", but now", We need you, Lord, not cause of the demise, with kobia , he is apart of it n the rest of the Crew, make my life Lord meaningful down here which is not my Rightful home, we on a Journey, making our life mesningful down here with love for all", even the envy ones I want you Lord" to take me up, when its my time" for u too want me back", to say" Well done my Fruit n Faithful Servant, use me"Lord what must i do, lead n direct me n the Ways thats pleasing to Thee", Amen!!!🙏👀💛💜💛💜💜💜💛💛💛🏀🥉🥈🌅☀️🌛⭐📖📚🗂🇱🇷. Thank you Kobia, for your insperation,,

  96. Lang Sankulay


  97. Lang Sankulay

    We will remember Kobe bryant and his daughter 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭⚾️

  98. rogosanity Drip

    RIP 🙏🏿❤

  99. Jamal Ahmed

    Can someone tel me what adebayo was wearing cuz that jacket is fire

  100. SW Smoker