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  1. J T

    It's nice that Jimmy let Wes Anderson design his house

  2. johnnyborealis

    please keeps these long distance jams coming

  3. Александр Богачёв

    I'm so proud of u George I can never tell. Here you are on a Jimmy Fallons Show Gotta admit, never liked ur Pink guy stuff, but what u r making in a name of Joji is absolutely beautiful, oh man I have never cried so many tears as I did to ur songs. Please never give up. You do you and just keep doing that no matter what my man i love you

  4. Captain Melvin Seahorse

    Dime instead of time , every time

  5. Elaine Ferry

    I get fresh organic vegetables delivered from Misfits Market, a life saver in this crisis. Kudos to your neighbor!

  6. Laboon 344


  7. Andrea Scheidt

    Im. Boy

  8. Joshua Riddensdale

    Gotta say, he did pretty good for never having played it.

  9. Святой Пермодед

    Вобла астраханская)

  10. Ting-Ting Meng

    I knew Tina Fey would be on!!

  11. three fist band drummer

    Lol Loki hello brother Thor shut up.

  12. Mamitotwo

    Thank you 😊

  13. melissa nunez

    Her booing him And him getting all flustered 🤣🤣🤣

  14. D-D-D-DAam

    The time when America get a president that is not a WAR LORD, the zionist media hates him, weird right? 🤔🤔

  15. David Callaghan

    the jimmy fallon show is the best

  16. Isitlove Cartercorp

    Orgulho de ser army...que talento meu deus...amoo esses bebês... ♥

  17. John Andrews

    Damn...shes hot!!

  18. t Carlson

    Three men and a grandbaby

  19. Pradip Gurung

    Not gonna lie AI are the ones that gonna end human race in future 👀

  20. TangerineBliss

    I love the noisy kids, that's what every parent trying to work from home is dealing with. 😂 And binge watching the video doorbell, why didn't I think of that? 😂

  21. Worry Worry

    I’m going to miss these “at home editions” I love seeing inside the celebrities homes too. My Alexa kept responding while I was watching this. Shows are so good.

  22. Taehyung Vlovenotes

    Did she also predict to end the engagement?

  23. Rosario Longoria

    That singing was amazing!

  24. sam hill


  25. Tris Dass

    Rice cooker excitement is funny especially when rice is staple in our country and it cost like 20-30 USD.

  26. Chris Ray

    Alexa needs a full name, so it can know when it’s really in trouble. Alexa Marie Bezos, you listen to Tina Fey right now!


    Very nice. Just wondering what app they used for the video call?

  28. Surprise's Mom

    Omg that Roots song!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh sooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!

  29. Gayle MamaButterfly

    Hi Jimmy....THAT was the best! Such a good voice! Thank you for doing your show at home...I look forward to it every evening. Your girls are adorable!

  30. Erin St.

    lol so true i wore holes in 2 pairs of my socks

  31. AuGxsT DxYs

    I cant read it like ari 🤣🤣 I just wont tell my mom

  32. soukous25

    most boring part of these shows are the guests, something to skip.

  33. Joshua Riddensdale

    I love playing Mike Tyson's Punchout. I have managed to beat him, but most times, those one hit knockdowns get me. And Mr. Dream will never be Mike Tyson.

  34. Annarita Paradiso


  35. Dexter Olausson

    Mark Zuckerberg and MatPat from GameTheory got pregnant and out you came

  36. Aissa Moreira

    vai Brasil

  37. Shaded Vilmos

    Wao no me lo creo ella hace todos esos sonidos con su voz el ritmo el cambio de voz wao es increíble

  38. Bavo Deweerdt

    1:41 the guy in the background

  39. Jasper Bearfoot

    🤪😂🤣 🌎💚💚🌍💚💚🌏

  40. Doug Leschak

    Mr. Fallon, Thank you .. so much .. for what you are doing with your show, it is such a respite and a welcome relief and for all the charities you are supporting. We are living on Social Security right now. We can pay our bills and take care of ourselves but there is not much left over each month so we really are not able to contribute. Our apologies. If we ever do have the means we will make up for it. Again, thank you .. very much.

  41. EonTech

    Blake Lively is the truest blonde I have ever seen...

  42. Maria Sharp

    Fantastic! 🎵🎶👏🏾👏🏾💜💜

  43. NAME !

    family friendly lil pump😂

  44. this boi.

    he looks more like trump than trump does.

  45. TikTok Vids

    Love the show!!!

  46. Tris Dass

    Winnie is amazing and responsible. Such an angel.

  47. Nguyễn Đình Anh Huy

    I imagine Stan Lee as a boss, surrounded by his full army of Spider Man

  48. Icono clast

    Stupid Human Tricks

  49. Ritankar Sasmal

    One of my favourite series!

  50. Nancy A.

    I'd like to see a tour of your fun house!

  51. elida adile

    So much fun!!! Forget all the bullshit and just jam!!!

  52. Brandon Sitko

    We all need a friend like Pete

  53. harini 1402

    Hey jimmy...i'm jimin😂!! Oh my boy💜

  54. AN ARMY


  55. Samantha Rohse

    I can’t breathe bro his kids are HILARIOUS they do not give af about this show

  56. Rachel Rhodes

    thanks for that three dog night rendition! that was so awesome

  57. Kevin Strieter

    Nice show... Great ending!

  58. José irenio Gonzaga faria

    Oh, dear. Yes! Look out! You darn foreigners!

  59. imrajkabir

    Cumberbatch's the best 1.

  60. José irenio Gonzaga faria

    Os comentários estão desativados!

  61. Study Now


  62. Maurice Powers

    OMG!!!! Great show!!! Thank you so much for doing this you have no idea how your helping people!!!💖🌻🦋

  63. vanshika sharma

    So i m bored and had chole bature in my dinner so its nickname will be bored cholebature🙄🤔

  64. José irenio Gonzaga faria

    Não! Não, não, não! Mamãe!

  65. Shaan 'O'grade

    She is a bit desi

  66. José irenio Gonzaga faria

    Nice try, kid, but no. No. No. No!

  67. homeward bound

    I'm a trump fan but this was funny. Too bad M can't give us a Biden skit!

  68. Cole Harvey

    honestly if you make the show to be like this in general I think it will have more views than if you do it in a studio

  69. Cecy Arcos

    Me gusta mucho mi canción favo 🎶🎶😘🎶

  70. salazam

    It's like I'm watching the View. What a sad state of these shells of men.

  71. Conrad Hunt

    At first I thought it was a doppelgänger

  72. Seacano o

    🤣🤣🤣I admit this is funny

  73. Michael Giblock

    Not even a big Fallon fan but this is great

  74. Vishakam87

    Is that a tiny little yellow Gorton’s fisherman on the wall???

  75. Rodran del Avona

    Thats the best part....she's pretty much unaware what she ment for people...speaks for itselfe

  76. mtsuleo

    4:08 someone tattoo this into my brain

  77. Daniel Limon

    I'm a big fan of the show n many of it's bits, some of my favorites are musical impressions challenge and Lip-sync battles, love the entertainment, wanted to propose maybe an at-home edition of Lip-sync battles???

  78. Cecy Arcos

    Amo esta canción y siempre la voy amar

  79. Muse Inglis

    The Roots 💕!

  80. Radian

    Y'all really putting anyone on Jimmy kimmel

  81. Tara Fedozzi

    All ways my favorite avenger

  82. elida adile

    Jimmy dancing is straight up JOY

  83. madikinz17


  84. Tracy Hays

    LOVE IT!❣👏👏👏 We were isolated and dreary and I woke to THIS!! Listening on a LOOP this morning!! WHOOP!! THANK YOU JIMMY AND THE ROOTS!!! 🥰🤘🙏🤛👏👏👏

  85. Kim Yarbrough

    More diaphragm, Tina. #Alexa

  86. Paul Bouchard

    From everybody stuck at home - THANK YOU all the people keeping the world moving at no small risk to themselves and their loved ones - cashiers, shelf stockers, delivery people, ...anybody still stuck working right now.

  87. Denise Katz

    You made my fuckin day!!!!!

  88. Shorouq Tahraoui

    Plot twist : she knew theyd use the megatron music

  89. leandoer

    why she always looks like she's high as a kite

  90. Laurie Steele

    OMG you should never go back to the studio... Best thank you notes ever!!

  91. kenwes69

    Safes are great for one thing only..... Being a decoy....The real valuables should be in a totaly disguised hidden spot in the house..... Let the burglars steal the safes with junk in them

  92. salazam

    Fallon thinks he can edit film by marking a paper. I swear, the level of genius in this guy is amazing.

  93. Anky Dogra

  94. moi45able

    At first, I had crush on Timothee, but now I found Armie more thoughtful, caring and sophisticated. Yes, I just heard about what actually happened between woody Allen and Timothee.

  95. ZeldAddict 444

    Knowing that I can body ninja makes me feel like a God

  96. J.O. kee

    I LOVE his laugh

  97. JP Biscuit

    LMAO, the little one is just a little clown. Gotta love her.

  98. Janet Burgess

    That was great. Do More songs. Although I am sure it isn't easy.