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  1. Abdullah Zafar

    I mean i am a Barcelona Fan but given their recent performences in LaLiga i think Napoli are gonna go trough and that Liverpool will win it 7 times just like Ac Milan back in the day that is

  2. Zak Nur

    What’s the song this was based on?

  3. Lindon Arundel

    Man citty are a descras a fucking descaras

  4. Shasi Kumar

    Do one on man City ban

  5. Tommy TwoShot

    Who tf is holding the sign? 0:32

  6. vighnesh Sathya

    De Ligt: “Ajax, bring me home!” 😆

  7. loan vo

    PSG Lose dormunts

  8. I.D.O.S

    F*CK MANU & European League, AJAX Bring Me Home What a card

  9. Lalzawna Vangchhia

    No Liverpool

  10. Gamelord50

    Eat your cereal

  11. Lionel Messi10


  12. Matheus Corá

    2nd best decision in liv history

  13. Nicholas Jensen

    Real Madrid will crush City

  14. Leyenda de un Crack

    Mi favorito es el Barcelona , el Chelsea y el Tottenham 😄

  15. Frost Gaming

    Why is no one talking about "MAY THE BEST BOLD GUY WIN" cause it was so funny

  16. Rima Waleed

    Man city r going out

  17. Manish Kumar

    Bayern Munich gona win the champions league

  18. HFA12

    How Ironic Felix isn't ruled out in this video. Also how Ironic Oblak is underrated. This comment is written by a Reds fan.

  19. Rafael Santos

    Juve, Liverpool, Barca, Bayern, Spurs, Dortmund, who cares but Valencia and...Man City on pens

  20. Chí Dũng Phạm

    Livepoll is the chamipiom

  21. Ryan Ekong

    Barca, psg, Juventus, atletico , mancity

    1. Ryan Ekong

      But Barca is winning

  22. Free 2 Play

    Cavani is standing with Atletico Madrid!!😂😂

  23. Chris This

    Man city will win the champions league. Man city next year: *dead*


    Man u will win Phil Jones 20 goals muhh


    Next year: Man City got banned 442oons predicton: Man City

  26. Manuel Mangano

    And the Icardi come And Cavani lose his *"friends"*

  27. Aditya Shrotriya

    Nobody: Dean: Banchester city

  28. ASTRO!

    let me get this straight i've just watched pep guardiola shag 2 goalposts

  29. xuanbao Xb2103

    Nice video

  30. Tony Clarke Sr

    0:52 😂😂 Zlatan is the king 😂😂😂

  31. North east aviation


  32. The Lego Dude

    I l

  33. Darragh Ó Reilly

    0:42 The premier league trophy wrapped up for Liverpool 😂

  34. Marie McFarlane

    You are welcome

  35. Connor Big abs

    This aged well @442oons

  36. Flavi Toper

    Everyone can wins,except man city

  37. ramet

    i love this song

  38. Zizou TV 10

    Banchester City... What a name !!! Oh my God

  39. nik nur azmah

    0:25 anyone noticed timo werner at chelsea

  40. Viviana Alfaro

    I think 🤔 Messi has to win

  41. P.A GamingVN

    Sacked Lampard =))))))))))))

  42. Nut -EE

    Liverpool PSG Atalanta Spurs Bayern Barcelona Juventus Real madrid

  43. Youssef Mallak

    LFC Dortmund Valencia Leipzig Bayern Napoli Lyon city

  44. ROCKY. C. S

    Knew this dude was a citi zen🤣🤣🤣

    1. ROCKY. C. S

      Ps. Hala madrid🙃

  45. iM QooL

    Make a video about courtois

  46. 선지우

    Where is bald mourinho..?

  47. Yves Berlis

    00:27 couthino 😂😂 because he‘ll warm the bench againt chealse

  48. David Basiely

    Alisson sounds like Dean 😂 0:46

  49. Waldness Topic International

    My predition: 1. PSG wins 3-1 2. Real Madrid CF wins 5-2 (because of man city misthology) 3. Altanta BC wins 2-0 4. Liverpool FC wins 6-3 (if man city loses) 5. Chelsea FC wins agg 4-4 (Bayern were been out at home last year) 6. Juventus 5-1 (100% likely) 7. RB Leipzig wins 3-2 (Tottenham don't knew the match) 8. SSC Napoli wins agg 4-4 (Italy football club ALWAYS beat barca out at match)

  50. TurtixGames

    Liverpool will win if not then bayern

  51. Dantay Hyman

    Who here after Chelsea win?

  52. AProdigyGaming _

    0:33 Keylor Navas at Napoli

    1. Haziq Ijaz

      Thats ospina

  53. Matias Gerber

    OSM online Soccer mánager

  54. Da Slayr

    That ending😂🤣

  55. Tehacker10 Kidizoom

    Man City The best tema in the world

  56. Arif Setiawan

    Banchester city 🤣🤣

  57. Michax HQ

    What's the name of orginal song?

  58. Loukman Doungbe

    mesi do you want ronaldo to join barca?

  59. Se-Hwan An

    hmmm..... man city?

  60. Wolfy's stuff

    2:22 *hEy YoU gUyS*

  61. Cristiano Crack

    Im madrid😡😡😡😡😡 madrid will win the champions

  62. Loukman Doungbe

    messi is better than ronaldo?

  63. Hian Yahya

    Hendo lifts the seven times is the right thing

  64. johnny Lama

    RB LEIPZIG ROCKS💖💖💖💖💖😎🇺🇸🍺

  65. Rest easy Gus

    1:00 why, man ? 😞

  66. wong heyman channel

    Of course man city will be knocked out

  67. RetroJosh07

    Liverpool 442oons: Manchester city are going to win the champions league! Champions league: right lads let's make 442oons unhappy and give city a 2 season banned

  68. Mangle 19

    How come he blurs mbappe but not Neymar

  69. Jude Hindi

    Did someone mention my favorite football cartoon I prefer gridiron heights ngl but champions is pretty lit and game of zones beats both so I don’t understand why the last episode will be in the spring :/

  70. Dramuz Motovlog

    Man city 😂😂😂😂

  71. Seraphim Venger


  72. Subhaan Muhamedd


  73. Yahir Jimenez


  74. Karley Vance

    It’s called soccer ⚽️ not football 🏈

  75. Ives Tuart

    Man city can't even win the premier league 😂😂

  76. Gamer

    Bug Theory

  77. Hendi S

    Man CHEATY?

  78. SB500

    Can't tell who has better jinxing skills: UrinatingTree or 442oons

  79. Trần Minh Trí

    Fuck you

  80. Afterthought_btw

    Difficult round to predict, this one. Could see a few shocks: I'm going Liverpool, DvD, Atalanta, Leipzig, Bayern, Barca, Juventus, and, based on what happened in the last week, Man City.

  81. Byron Mansfield

    What song is this based on?

  82. Byron 52

    Bro if atletico knock out liverpool the ucl is going to be real good this year...MAN CITY WINNNN

  83. Jose Mourinho

    I acc can’t wait for the champions league to be back now📈🚀

  84. Colin Latham

    Wheres eriksen in ex prem

  85. Luisa Roman


  86. Boss Craft

    It wouldnt be dean if he didnt root against real madrid

  87. Shiri Reznik

    Bayern gonna win

  88. shailendra sahu

    City is going to bottled against Madrid.. be afraid.. be very afraid😂😂😂

  89. Arubaruna

    Finally a good corner taker ❤

  90. Dk Kd

    Why Bale has a sheep, thats because maguire got pony? 🤣

  91. Guzman Felipe

    City fans that don’t believe it 1:07

  92. Matthew the gamer

    Real Madrid for the win

  93. Benijizer

    He predicts city to win every year 😂

  94. Champions League Winner

    Dean You Said Spurs we’re gonna win but Liverpool did L O L

  95. Patrick Matrix

    Dean 20/21 season: Who going to win the champions league, my prediction is Man City

  96. Martin Siedlecki

    If city win then it's all scripted

  97. kian greenway

    liverpool are go to win it

  98. Shabana Ali

    ovs man city are gonna win

  99. juggernaut 0

    Next do Wenger or ferguson

  100. Pengu Blooper

    Eat your cereal

    1. Gamelord50

      Eat your cereal