The football world - animated!
✋Please note: these shit cartoons are not made for kids in any way. They contain frequent swearing, cartoon violence and non-children themes such as sexual references✋

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  1. Omega 109

    3:17 he called it though oof

  2. man city aguero


  3. I PikleBoi

    De Gea can save you from losing your virginity

  4. mini world player


  5. Red

    Make a song about LiVARpool

  6. lazarbeam lazarbeam

    More like I'm so spursy

  7. Caeden Melling

    Coronavirus will win the league

  8. Armaan Martins

    Remember Frontmen Sunday’s!

  9. Dharam Chand Jagga

    Oh nice neymar is in disguise of Sergio ramos!

  10. Gaming Zone NotLCD#2

    Shut up hazard your a f*cking b*tch MO Salah is the best

  11. 박종국

    0:35 Greenwood was in the 'terrible youth players'. However, he is a very great player now.

  12. Breanna Howard


  13. Jake Tummon


  14. Mark Fletcher

    Is arsne a girl

  15. ege yıldırım


  16. بدر العنزي


  17. cjc 651

    I like bale

  18. Ufuk Ozturk


  19. Hilmy Surya

    Combeak mbut

  20. Recep Ateş


  21. Dharam Chand Jagga

    Would you rather bite Mohammad salad or Lionel messi ?

  22. Dang Tung Tran

    There’s something special about the “Bruno” sound

  23. Steve Prince

    Why is Ron laughing he lost 2-1

  24. Daud Khan

    So @442oons predicted the David Luiz transfer to arsenal 2 years ago???

  25. Meshak Ronaldo

    My favourite player Ronaldo

  26. Aka Ali

    who saw karius drop the fork in background

  27. Ghazala Salam

    Kick out dybala he is contagious

  28. Croaky_Youtybe

    No one realises Solskjaer has actually coached Erling Haaland before he was a mega star now

  29. 4E11 Chi Him LAW


  30. Jake Meng HOR

    Imagine if the 2nd leg was: Bayern 0 - 4 Chelsea. *Azpilicueta removes mask* TAA: Why hello there.


    1:27 the grudge

  32. Jake Meng HOR

    Sterling: Have we learnt nothing? All the toilet rolls are white! So I’ll be selling my new ‘Diverse Toilet Rolls’. Nelson Mandela: He’s got a point there...

  33. MCMT

    Pause on 0:00 I'ts the face I make when I pack an 85 rated icon if fifa.

  34. Anton Tillaeus


  35. MCMT

    Mini pep lol

  36. Нурдан Тастемиров

    Coutinho signed to FCB from FCB!

  37. prasad menon

    Why was mancunian morata picked

  38. bodoti qwiu

    1:15 We always have time for Messi v Ronaldo things😂😂

  39. Kelvin Thwin

    He can save kobe Bryant’s death

  40. Assassin Adi

    Yo I am watching this now

  41. pig gip

    Lol a finnish player

  42. Epic Challengers

    0:07 pep im sorry to say but the gap is 12 points

  43. LKC Nguyen

    Kepa stand when Dele Alli Say Glory to Hazard lol XD

  44. talk time

    Hala Manchester United Whoever is a Manchester United fan like

  45. Syafiq Dzafri

    Anus, get in here and lie down😂😂

  46. ClipBoard _ForSomereason

    Wait, if liverpool won 2-0 and in the 2nd peg ALECTI won 3-2 doesn't it mean it's 4-3

  47. eioshen boboi

    3:20 Dybala didnt won virus. Correction: Virus win 😢