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  1. YoungSavage Gaming

    Deji has definitely been left on seen

  2. Adz Gjf

    Why would u need 30 wood when 7 don't even know how to build LOL

  3. Chronos2K

    deji, before you start dancing pls go training again hehe luv you <3

  4. Not really Gordon Ramsay or am I?

    I guess Deji has never heard of sing rap

  5. Tymon Potkaj


  6. Ryan Gordon209

    Always forget to turn my volume down clicking on a deji video

  7. vSnagBords -_-

    this nigga deji a simp and he gets left on seen 💀

  8. gingy exe

    4:18 that's what she said

  9. jay youn

    When deji did the jerk I DIED

  10. erik Gonzalez

    Deji is fucking stupid

  11. JK 17

    Deji: My guy has scars and everything. He’s sick *Yamcha joins the chat*

  12. RyZe Jupiter

    Being left on seen is the worst

  13. Elisabeth Juliano


  14. Kpn Kopper

    U need Messi deji 🤩

  15. Charlie 08 Evans

    Deji only likes it at 3:30 because that the only way he has small nose

  16. Kacper


  17. 10K Subscribers Without Videos

    Get your own.

  18. Chris Gonzo

    Deji never do the jerk ever again

  19. Tomáš Klabačka

    shit youre fat

  20. Joel Campbell

    Ur intros are so cringy

  21. SM Gaming

    Dejis jerk will be memed so much

  22. priyan patel

    1000000000000 kj

  23. EndWxrld

    Is nobody gonna mention 7:43

  24. Dhia Dachraoui

    Deji please react to wabbit season

  25. Emanuel rodriguez

    Deji going broke is better then all of your songs put together. I mean "Hiding like he's ann" is literally the worst line I've ever heard on a rap song.

  26. ella jones x


  27. Abbas

    😂this nigga doesn’t understand any of this shit dotn react to shit if you don’t know what he’s trying to say😂😂

  28. Valentin Georgiev

    u are fat :D

  29. Abzz Ahm

    The Asian guy is jake The black guy is Deji From the first match

  30. RazeyDX -

    Deji your trash this is rap now a days

  31. RazeyDX -

    Deji your boring now it’s same shit over again

  32. Worried Steelttv

    Sub to worried steelttv on yt

  33. Jayden Grimes

    Deji you are so bad at fifa you can’t win I have got 257 wins you ARE SO BAD

  34. TOX7K


  35. MCU Clips

    I mean it’s better than anything you have ever made deji

  36. king of the north smtg

    7:17 the most horendus shit iv seen

  37. poison580 dark

    This track better than your tracks fax

  38. Mixed Thoughts


  39. mobeen kham

    My guy, he’s fat

  40. Its Frost

    He’s still pissed for loosing to Jake

  41. Gabriel-1

    Omg Deji you’re so fat 🤣🤣🤣 Remember when you were saying to you’re dad: Omg dad you’re so fattttt 😂😂😂

  42. chase fairfield

    Deji still leaves in his moms basement 🤣🤣

  43. Yahia Amgad


  44. JC 07

    7:17 proves not every black man can dance

  45. Eric Rivas

    Logan: Yeah I took an L but I never really lose Deji: I also took an L so I can relate love this bar


    At this point just stop talking cause obviously u don’t know what music is

  47. game over

    You should watch nfl

  48. Kim Bryan

    And he was in jail he’s dumb

  49. Zenpth

    7:35 the disabled kid coming home from school

  50. ps4 Addictionz

    Is it just me that likes deji when he shouts so loud

  51. Logan Wedgewood

    Deji Its not a real jail Me How much would it cost to rent a jail?I think it's a lot.

  52. Frostiee3333


  53. Ryan Dewey

    Deji mate, get back in the gym

  54. James Deeley

    2:03 when you hear someone’s joke but act like it’s funny when it’s not

  55. Bander Ali

    2:54 😂 I dont even need to explain this

  56. TTV.SuperSavage

    Deji u should react to top dog. It is basically two people fighting with there bare hands

  57. Gen Swat

    At first i thought it was a black dude singing then i it took a minute for me to notice that its actually logan

  58. Cyro Playz

    Deji really getting fat

  59. RiftyZ 7318

    Deji a couple of words sidemen charity match

  60. FreddyFazbearGamerYT



    He uses reactions for views

  62. Nansh nansh

    Make better and then you can give advise

  63. fortnite 69

    6:32 killed me lol

  64. Slay J

    You would never know who Antonio brown is because you don’t watch football..

  65. Daria Patynek

    hi deji

  66. Chrissy Paton

    Usually in Russia? That is because they are Russian and not taking their time lol

  67. Big Daddy

    How tf does this nigga expect to react to something when he don’t even know the person like boy I ain’t gonna get nothing Logan is saying then 🤔😂

  68. Elena Gabriela

    Fuck you bich

  69. Arsenal super fan Dakars

    I’m ur friend on Xbox dous plzzzz

  70. Eric Glassman

    Lmao Deji clearly has had a lot of girls leaving him on seen

  71. Matthew Reynolds

    Do you not watch football???

  72. Ramzie Yamani

    Play ayuwoki once

  73. Galaxy Gamers

    Cause she saw it but ignored it we you tried to get it in

    1. Galaxy Gamers


  74. TragicSongs

    its fye idc bout nobody opinion

  75. Dkkdjdj Kdkdjdjdjdj


  76. Jeremy Selph

    He so stupid I’m done

  77. Jeremy Selph

    Deji sucks he said singing he can’t even talk right

  78. Cluegaming 3078

    That's a shoulder head culitian -deji 2020

  79. Mohamed Mimouni

    Who doesn't know who is antonio brown bruhhh

  80. Ken Howes

    Deji you truly are a fucking idiot

  81. Yxng IVY

    Nobody: Any British person: who’s Antonio brown

  82. Kyle Morrissey

    Every American wants to see this fight lmao

  83. jake wilens

    Are you stupid or some shit?

  84. BINGZZA123

    Deji: i look at these little details. Also Deji: *completely misses the fact that the fence was a metaphor and for camera purposes*... this man

  85. Be Daniels


  86. Pulse

    *He has kids but I don't know if he has a wife* *Me:* Visble Confusion

  87. Launch pad covers

    Deji is so fat

  88. Sara Doodles

    "Ay I'm the gorilla in this bitch" cuz that's something everyone says Dej 🤣🤣

  89. Disney

    I think they're called munchkins

  90. Spirit Ninja

    1 year later REMATCH between Jake Paul and Deji Jake knocks out Deji 2nd round DEJI another year later: I could beat Jake Paul if we rematch

  91. Julian Orozco is a lit King

    Deji how are you going to use your own song No l’s but took l’s

  92. Carlos Paez

    When you offer a baby candy 7:16

  93. Enzo Jay

    It’s on Antonio Brown he’s a football player

  94. RhinoAg

    Never spend your time with a UK review. Stopped within 3 min.

  95. The KooK Group

    This is just a few of Dejis old videos but interrupted with fucking laughing 😂

  96. Imran A.Saeed

    *Problem Occurs* Deji: JAMES!!

  97. SynX

    This is just a 13 min of deji raging and i love it lmao😂❤️

  98. Brian Norton

    When he says it’s ok but doesn’t know one thing about AB so he doesn’t see how good this is



  100. Isac Diks05

    its sounds like post malone mixed with nba youngboy and white