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  1. TheJessiGirl12

    I live in the county next to Fort Pierce, Fl. I’ve gone to the Pregnancy crisis center, and I can COMPLETELY agree about all of this...

  2. Parisian Ham

    Even if Ajit Pai wasn't equal parts partisan hack and brazen corporate shill, he would still have the world's most punchable face

  3. Sonal Singh

    #ChineseVirus #KungFlu

  4. Sonal Singh

    #ChineseVirus #KungFlu

  5. kimberly cornelius

    Miss you tonight post from,home


    ... oh let me tell you Ruthie, the movie had such a wonderful ending. You really have to go see it!

  7. Exciter

    Free Joe Exotic 󾓦🐻🦁

  8. Viviann Sevier

    where's your beloved VP Biden rhetorical question, hiding in his basement

  9. Techno Joe

    It’s astonishing to me that this comment section full of people that are convinced of their intellectual and moral superiority cannot grasp that human beings can have complicated viewpoints based on personal experiences and not have to tow the line of a singular political ethos. I have some conservative viewpoints and some very liberal viewpoints as Ayn Rand did. Didn’t make her enigmatic. It made her reasonable.

  10. brih Mendiola

    This is a bigot VP. He should be sshamed of himself.

  11. Ruth I AM WHAT I AM !


  12. Anarchy

    All the John Oliver episodes are unavailable in UK.... However this one.. Just a month ago is watchable. Goes to show how much western government are scared and realize India has a true leader to push forwards rather than previous leaders licking their butt

  13. Pranz Mesde

    Anyone else slightly distracted by the microphones on John Oliver's tie that I've never notice in all of the episode of his show??? Like damn it's a bitch distracting asf 😂😂😂😂

    1. Pranz Mesde

      Holy shit I just looked through his episode thumbnail on youtube and he has it wtf!!!! I will now not notice his microphones on his tie god damn it

  14. Anarchy

    John fucking Oliver... Did you do your research or just wanted to make video for laughs and half baked references? You CAB interpretation is absolutely wrong and without reading the openly available to read. There has been a lot of insurgency over period of INC era for vote bank that people who have entered do not have basic documents to prove citizenship. Do you recall you had to waits several years to become citizen of US and I m sure would have needed some before hand to travel from UK to US. How is this different if a country is asking people to prove citizenship. NRC and CAB objective is completely different from your dumbass and provocative video

  15. Kanden

    Oliver has obviously never had a good sandwich after a swim. It hits different after one...

  16. Opinunate ted

    The same test was done back in the early 1970s by Andy Roony on 60 minutes. Even back then, most folks did not bother bending over to pick up pennies.

  17. Takatama81

    Not gonna lie when I was in high school some of the most popular kids were in marching band.

  18. AaliAL A

    Why does America have so many elections???

  19. Salnsd

    That comes to 3.233 law suits EVERY SINGLE DAY for 3 full years , HE'S A CON MAN ALWAYS HAS BEEN and man did he ever con the cons LOL

  20. Max Rockatansky

    SLsel is like, since Boris is infected by covid-19, let's recommend this video.

  21. Birdman PB

    Front row, left side, blue shirt = stranger things

  22. One Drop Mtg

    Not gonna lie if I was on death row I’d request a firing squad, it honestly seems less likely to get botched than either lethal injection or electric chair. Of course we could just abolished the death penalty.

  23. David K李誠彬

    Appropriate for 2020, yes

  24. Marc Vezina

    Jusepe > john oliver > anyone else > trump

  25. James Moore

    Hey at least Garfunkel did more then that guy who used to stand behind George Michaels and yell Wham at him every time he closed his mouth!!!

  26. Flopsy

    If I lived in a city with one of these statues, I would go buy a sledgehammer

  27. thateffin guy

    Trump is gonna steamroll 2020! 🤣😂😜

  28. Saurav Sharma

    you don't know well about India and modi

  29. tashi gyamtso

    Dalai Lama is peaceful man with compassionate heart

  30. Coop 29

    "Atlas Shrugged refers to the notion that if all the productive people, those who think, could be persuaded to go on strike, the world would fall apart, because the non-productive (non-thinking) would not be able to run the world and keep it running." I'd say we're definitely shrugging. The non thinking are definitely in charge.

  31. Donnelle Johnson

    I TEALLY like this show.. It's real!

  32. Sean Wang

    Generally I agree with 90% of what John Oliver says with the amount of thorough investigation and analysis his team does. However the fact he is advocating people not to wear mask and simply to cough in their hands and sleeves shows how misinformed Americans are. YOU ALL NEED WEAR A MASK in public! It is astoundingly stupid that people are not. Now yes, wearing a mask will not prevent you from getting the virus but it lowers the chance of you spreading it in case you are a spreader. If everyone does it then it will help. And given how challenging this situation is any help you all need all the help you need. So stop spreading misinformation, stay at home, and if you go out wear a fucking mask.

  33. Suzyiz

    Now we all know who Joe Exotic's "Bitch In Florida" is

  34. Action Yuri

    I can't wait the time where politicians of this era will be studing material and people will curse the universe.

  35. Ryan Eastburn

    We were so young when this aired 🙁

  36. Welfare Queen

    I LOVE Liberals they pay me not to work! Gracias

  37. GroovyVideo2

    Very Creepy donald grifter and gang

  38. GreenCup, BlueCup

    Eating bats is civilized? wtf ???

  39. OLe3446


  40. Michael Kelly


  41. Donnelle Johnson

    I am LOVING this show!

  42. GreenCup, BlueCup

    John... oh no. You're show and monologue are crap.

  43. Welfare Queen

    I LOVE Liberals they pay me not to work! Gracias

  44. James Moore

    The term for a Visa to come to America, from another country that has a higher % of one race then America has of the same race is called an "M&M transfer"!!! Or a Majority to Minorty transfer!!! It was Texas answer to bussing, and integration. So, I could ask, as a white person, to be moved to an all black school, but, I could not ask for a transfer to an all white school and vice versa. So, instead of integration we got a lot of schools that went from white to black, and schools that went from black to white. Which caused massive segregation!!!??? Ooops!!!

  45. markbatch

    Looks like 14k trump loving, fox watching, easily manipulated americans have watched this These idiots are so easily scammed by the word "socialism" They cry out against countries like Venezuela & Cuba, calling them socialists or communists, voicing how much they hate socialism / communism, even though they dont even really understand it Yet back home in the good ol capitalist US, they say nothing re the massive levels of corporate socialism going on in the country, every single day

  46. bato


  47. Epic Noob

    ATTN: #FDT = Fuck Donald Trump Not saying I created it, but I stumbled upon it just now and it seems poignant.

  48. WithTheWorks

    I'm pretty sure that's /not/ what cattle rustling is,,,

  49. El camino del Guerrero.

    Snowden is the best.

  50. JD Mogol

    It's so boring how Jon panders to the left with Trump rhetoric jokes.

  51. On Couch Arrest

    So glad we got rid of our penny

  52. Simon May

    Hi Indians coming here to spam hate on facts, the world thinks you look like children when you barely scrape together a sentence in English.

  53. Moses Brown

    It seems to me that rather than attempting the impossible task of policing FB, that a much easier campaign would be the "it's full of shit" initiative-- which, lordy, I was pretty sure everyone already knew, but guess not.


    The chipmunk bit with the “easy way out”???

  55. Ken Lieck

    It infuriates me that nobody will try my delicious Raccoon-Fried Steak! They recoil in disgust no matter how clearly I explain there is no more raccoon in it than there is chicken in a chicken-fried steak! Idiots!!!

  56. josh fritz

    What taxes?

  57. Wolfamper Maybe the origin of all... Watch after 4:56 min. The vídeo was uploaded in 2010.

  58. Frankie DiBernardo

    So unfunny 😂

  59. Ed Driver


  60. Paul Knittle

    Thank you John.

  61. noah

    South korea was soo prepared because of the sarrs virus that hit them some years back. So they had an entire system still in place ready to go. I just dont understand how the worlds super power doesnt have a contingency plan for a pandemic and have massive stockpiles of masks, PPE, breathing machine and all other things needed. This should have been in place decades ago but the US wastes soo much money on soo many stupid things but not doing something like that. What does that say for everything the government says. Maybe everything they say is a lie. Makes people uncertain and just not believe anything anymore. Just redicoulous.

  62. boston massachusetts

    Sucker you keep making and rest of the world loosing job

  63. Orlando Rotundo

    Please let the libtards die Mr. president

  64. MorganTheGorgon

    The fact that trans people(myself included) have to deal with the type of discrimination shown here is so mind-boggling to me. I mean, studies say that nearly half of all trans people attempt suicide. I, myself, had a plan to do so in November of last year. The only reason I didn’t is because of the few people around me who actually cared. He didn’t even cover how difficult it is to be able to medically transition. Insurance doesn’t like to cover any procedures or HRT unless you ‘live like your gender identity for a year’ (this is a stipulation in some cases, not all). Not only this, but we have to struggle to see a therapist that can diagnose gender dysphoria before we can even properly think about being able to transition. IF we can find one, we then have to go onto a waiting list to be seen. Once finally getting an appointment, we have to see said therapist for at least a year before the diagnosis is made(most of the time). Procedures and HRT are so insanely expensive if you can’t get insurance to cover it, too. I hope you all have a good day, and just know that no matter what your gender identity or sexuality is, there are people who support you. I support you.

  65. Rin Rin

    God bless you, Mr.FNU..

  66. indoor gangster

    The Chinese like snacking bats too!

  67. David Kralt

    Western men are full of perspiring moments in which they persevere through problems. SO whats up with this.

  68. Jesse Cole

    I'm sick of hearing about how "We went to the moon." I don't go any damn where. Three old dudes in a shuttle I've never set foot in made that trip. It's like looking at how rich Jeff Bezos is and saying, "Damn, wasn't humanity RICH!?!?" No... "we" weren't. I'll reflect on the great wonders of humanity the day we can all share in the successes of the few. Get me a first class ticket on humanity's "moon train." 'Til then, I'll continue to view the moon landing for what it was: a bunch of powerful assholes showing off to make some powerful Russian assholes jealous.

  69. glenfoxh

    This furthers my view that the government is a Legal Mafia. It's not what is right or good for the people, it's about what can make the government system money.

  70. Ricky

    2:55 .org???? Really????

  71. markbatch

    The american government didn't give a shit about 9/11 first responders in new york Why would the give a fuck about Puerto Ricans who are thousands of miles away from DC

  72. Kathy Fritze

    Catheter Cowboy,, Pure Gold!

  73. Gav Powell

    "I wanted to give the American people the chance to decide what kind of government they want to have." And then they elected Trump! Kick in the teeth or what?

  74. Alu Pahrata

    are we just going to ignore that "one disastrous batmistva" line?

  75. Rin Rin

    2:29 That guy lokked like Rahul Gandhi.. 🙄

  76. Ian Andersen

    i think everyone here has missed the real point of this video. BEAR GRYLLS DRANK SHIT !!!

  77. NinaTailor

    i don't feel sorry for you at all, you had a chance to stop this guy at the ballots. All i hope now is that you don't try to flee to better managed countries like Argentina or the netherlands . I pray that just once, you stay in your fucking land.

  78. Mothman’s Boyfriend

    This is a lot funnier after that Netflix documentary came out

  79. Sayali Rokde

    Wow! I live in Germany and here we are encouraged to have a kid, raise it the best we can. And i just cannot fathom why a mother in the great USA (!) cannot afford to take time off to raise a frickin country's next generation. I work at a startup with 25 people and we can afford to grant a paid maternity leave, why can't the booming USA?

  80. محمد جمعه

    I think it's ok to watch that now

  81. Tarek NSIRI

    Any HIMYM fans?

  82. Stefano Locatelli

    Dear John, Liverpool stopped his run to the title and Atalanta stopped his run to the UCL. But Please, everybody out there in the US...listen to him. It is ALL true. I am writing from Bergamo, the italian Wuhan. Stay safe.

  83. markbatch

    Ladies and gentlemen, i give you the president of the united states The supposed leader of the free world No wonder putin is so happy If an 8th grade student presented a report to the class and spoke like that, they would get an F #8645

  84. Oopsie Poopsie

    No Christians I’m America are true follows of Jesus. If they were they would all be fundamentalists religious communists, against all forms of “ sexual immorality “ IE adulatory, homosexuality, and pre-marital sex of any form. Jesus talked constantly of inviting poor and disabled people to your home or your community’s and feeding them instead of your friends. Jesus also wanted people to give up their families to follow him. Jesus was an religious, authoritarian, communist. If you want I can give your the verses in the Bible that back up these views.

  85. Aishwarya Priya

    The Aljazeera story is bullshit on the curriculum.

  86. Erick Morales

    I get the same fucking call 10 times a day all from different area code, I've blocked so many numbers, it's so infuriating I want to throw my phone against a wall

  87. wingsandash

    Years from now, the boy in this video, who will have since become a man, of course, will look back at this... and be immensely proud. Kudos to his parents for having a healthy sense of humor.

  88. anccert

    So a Brit bashing American politics. Sounds like sour grapes of 1776. Are you willing to talk about Apartheid of the 90’s in South Africa? Several centuries after we kicked your ass out...Are you comparing the Brits monarchy rule to that of the Coronavirus? What a douche!

  89. revalesq

    #GeneralStrike #Jointhe IWW

  90. S G

    And there's the Joe Exotic I knew I had seen before!

  91. Mikko A


  92. Eric B

    With any luck at all at the very end there will be internet access so I can watch this.

  93. Rafael Santos

    Watching again after over a year. Bolsonaro unfortunately was elected, coronavirus is already here in Brazil and his response to it as the president is ridiculously irresponsable.

  94. Professor Jena Bills

    Please add accurate captions to your videos so that college professors can use them in their online classes. Auto-generated captions are not compliant with web accessibility guidelines for higher ed distance education courses. Please help professors deliver informative and engaging content as they convert their courses to be delivered 100% online during the course of the pandemic. Thanks!

  95. Tyler Gordon

    This screams of eugenics haha

  96. Ricky

    Vegan sushi? How can sushi be vegan if it's fish?

  97. ed3bn

    Are we sure he isn't a robot or something?

  98. East Side Doom

    Still waiting on that cure for cancer...


    If your high right now, you'll love this.

  100. primal mythic

    plaid looks like a picnic tablecloth.