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  1. Joshua

    He did it for a video check his yt out he made a video of it. Logan Paul

  2. weird stuffs

    billie should be able to wear whatever and whenever she wants.....this generation is horrible

  3. juana sotolongo

    Hateful people

  4. i8 sushi

    Mannn afroo wildin

  5. Rohan Andicot

    This shows how false is media

  6. marlonschillin

    whats the background music called? i really like it

  7. treyydayoungan 11

    Trav was starting to notice this nigga and he took Pop Smoke under his wing that was like his little brother ik he devastated rn man.... RIP Woo🙏🏾🥺🥺

  8. Yo0264


  9. Cheryl Bristol

    I love this vlogger, serious fun reporting.

  10. Liza Paza

    Kendall is absolutely stunning . She’s the prettiest amounts the bunch .

  11. 999 shit

    4 men broke into it and he didnt passaway he was murdered your geting everything wrong lady..

    1. 999 shit

      @Iggy Azalea why do you think nicki Minaj did this? She loved pop and if you come on my comment talking about her planing this your disgusting.

    2. Iggy Azalea

      999 shit Nicki Minaj was behind it

  12. Miss Blessed

    ITS FUCKING CUTE STFU‼️😕y’all just mad hating

  13. Nicole Johnston

    People need to let Kylie raise HER child how she wants!! The look is soooo freaking cute!! Stormi is ROCKIN’ them hoops!!!

  14. Iggy Azalea

    Nicki Minaj did it

  15. xXTopNoTcHXx

    Stop giving her a bad name. We have enough negative people already. We don’t need no more

  16. Grace Villegas

    The only reason why she would be wearing hoops is because Kylie is a stereotype diva who feels privileged and entitled because she’s white and a billionaire to allow her child and should where hoops like a black child in the community because her baby daddy is black ... she’s already encouraging racial appropriation and only will allow it. Y’all don’t know how she thinks I swear

  17. courtney kibling

    Y’all got pranked 😂😂

  18. Craig Jones

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  19. thirtyplus_ Ager

    No match only jana

  20. Stefan Bergsma

    Lets kill drake

  21. Josh Rentos

    How tf is Mongeau pronounced “mojo”?

  22. ShadowClaw Gaming

    RIP pop smoke

  23. ShadowClaw Gaming

    We ain’t making it past 21 this will continue when will it stop

  24. Kay Quinn

    Got her baby looking thoty already smh

  25. James Guinnup

    Love Billie Eilish Forever so JB will be there for her.


    Kobe,Nipsey,Pop Smoke,Cameron Boyce all died that live in la


    I thought this was fake


    “We ain’t making it past twenty one”-Kxng Juice Wrld-dead at 20,Pop smoke,X,Cameron Boyce died at 20 THE ILLUMINATI IS TAKING CONTROL OF 20 YEAR OLDS

  29. roysgirl11

    Why does this commentator woman get on my nerves more everyday.. I'm unsubscribing and getting the hell out of here.

  30. Tita Linda

    OMG, I know justice cannot touch him, that is the law, he was found inocent, BUT, they should say that no matter what, he is the murderer of these two victims. I feel so sorry for their families, the two children she left behind, and the Goldman family, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 🙏🏻

  31. Deena Charley

    I swear some people need to leave the people alone of course they don’t care what they think, there billionaires they can do what they want lol I seriously don’t see why they’re wondering about how to raise their kids, just leave them be! Kids nowadays wear lots of accessories, heels, intercourse, drink, do drugs and what not STOP WORRYING!!!

  32. Meili qiu

    Ugly baby

  33. Jimmy Greene

    This entire story - the worship of this family is so insane!! God help us!! Who ever follows this crap is hallow and without soul. Wow!!

  34. Antonio

    Fuck them niggas man rip x

  35. Moon Rise

    Ugh! I swear i wish this trifling troglodyte family just GO AWAY ALREADY!!! ITS 2020 and people STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS DUMB FAMILY? WHO CARES ABOUT THIS STUPID GIRL? If she not trying to sponge attention off Travis shes sponging attention off her own kid! The Most PATHETIC woman that ever existed. KHLOE TOO!

  36. Jeff Trubey

    Stars come , Stars go, There death is gut wrenching . But we will remember there legacy on this earth . Just like AvIciis

  37. Fiona Nazarko

    “Enough of that let’s move onto the important stuff” ... ok 👎

  38. Kayson Rhodes

    Kylie and Travis have an adorable little girl she’s a cutie pie

  39. Margaret Waldron

    Because he have beautiful child with her what is the big deal if he give her Valentine's gift you guys full of it

  40. Marco O.

    He said he was talking about his ego!!! Not about Kim smfh

  41. Joey Wayne

    If a Grammy can be broken then I don’t really want one.

  42. jen

    yall r so over dramatic let the girl live

  43. Cyrus MARK

    Fuck diddy, yes he was behind pac's death, Fuck Diddy and his greasy ass muthfucken crew, if you wanna be down wid'im f**k u 2. Diddy yu are fucken disgusting shit...

  44. Gwen Lusane

    She's kylie's daughter!!

  45. Wendy Heredia

    Sigh 🙄 it’s not their kid, stormi looked cute with her hoops, I wore them at her age for a costume in Halloween 🎃 and they were bigger hoops than hers sooo what I am still living and breathing, it’s not like she is going to have the child run 🏃‍♀️ around with the hoops I am sure she is well aware that it can get snagged on something. Even as an adult that can happen. People need to mind their own business for real.

  46. Kathleen Veronesi

    Hoop earrings on a rwo year old looks cheap. REALLY. Kylie is a wonderful mother to Stormi who is Truly born star. But, hey, she needs to understand and respect her mother.

  47. Raven Dragneel

    But Stormi is just the cutest

  48. Jacob Sanchez

    Did anyone just here him say “ how much money is on the line 10 million 20 million” That is sooooooooooooooo much money

  49. Kev G

    Fucc diddy

  50. Raven Dragneel

    People should stop worrying about kylie and her daughter if she wants to spoil her daughter let her its her life not nobody else's. There are some parents who have they're kids either dead, taken away from them and never seeing them again so people stop worrying about her and live you're own damn lives

  51. Kimberley Reiger

    Who cares that's her daughter people mind your business

  52. Jeanette Gonzalez

    People are so irritating when it comes to Justin Bieber lol y’all need to Let them be already!

    1. jennie Taguba

      Dont you know that HW built its portfolio on lies and cleavage?

  53. Katherine Madden

    It isn't her "mother's involvement" Oliva Jade knew she wasn't on the rowing team, she knew what her parents were doing. Don't act like she so innocence

  54. Loliewitdalyrics

    1:37 is what you came for

    1. Jaime Smith


  55. Pritam Roy

    😂😂Logan make you look fool

  56. Gino Y

    F****** low life pieces of s*** taking a beautiful soul away from us LLP

  57. Katherine Madden

    He got ya!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. NRPKitty

    Because everyone cares about a toddler’s hair... 🤦🏼‍♀️ Is this is society then I don’t want to be a part of it.

  59. Elizabeth Garcia

    Kylie is a good mom & it's fine for her kid to have earrings as long as they're not too heavy & she doesn't tug on them. I don't see the big deal.

  60. Xenya King

    Shut up ugly girl woah vicky

  61. Terry Ragbir

    Just asking can we kill dows people then make fun of there death because i cried cried and cried when i found out

  62. Miss Cocomo

    What's wrong with people judging all the time?! They're not contributing to these people happiness or money so shut the fuck up

  63. angel ickes

    Y'all got played

  64. angel ickes

    Y'all got played

  65. Erica Garcia

    Why is all of our legends dieying

  66. Erica Garcia

    Long live pop smoke

  67. AwesomeAdam From 2099

    Iit should be costellers all the way.


    This gun violence needs to stop why so many young black people dyin

  69. Pretty Woman

    KHLOE is the only one raising her daughter/TEAM BEAUTIFUL BABY TRUE right. KIM and KYLIE are raising their daughters to be THOTS like them. Big old BAMBOO EARRINGS lol. 😂😂😂😂

  70. PIG

    Bruh they divorced tho

  71. stay real

    She's garbage, her hit record is her talking!

  72. Sam 8

    Well if it was any other person nobody cares, so nobody should care about him instead of his family

  73. Jefferson Vasquez

    Jake fucked up by saying KSi is scared

  74. Anthony Kurosaki

    FUCK! why tf it had to be smoke dawg..

  75. Shawna Riggs

    He didn’t pass away he was killed there is a huge difference!

  76. Ada Velasquez

    I think her mommy only put the hoops on Stormi for picture time, not playtime. Calm down everyone. 😊

  77. Pess Adilla

    How tf did u fall for it

  78. Dank Memes

    tell logan "goodbye to your account."

  79. Musician Friendly

    If it's real gold, then I can see the concern.. But if it's cheap then I wouldnt trip. They're not that thick and a small size. Earrings are earrings. People need to stop trying sexualize everything on a CHILD.

  80. YP

    😂😂😂😂 They called jake Paul a boxer

  81. That one girl Kennedy

    Okay. So the kardashians can show all the skin they want. They can dress however they want. Their famous. AND YET BILLIE CANT??!!! SHES A GIRL IS IT SO WEIRD TO SEE SOMEONE BEING FEMININE ONE TIME? (No hate towards anyone used in this comment. I seriously just used the people here as examples.)


    Of the house of who's ... This is mad weird its a set up 😡 R.i.p. Pop smoke

  83. Hannah White

    Lol my 3 year old says 1 2 3 6 7 8 12 LMAO

  84. Hannah White

    Kim butt looks horrible yet her upper body is killer.

  85. Vert JC22

    lmaooo yall got jebaited get rekt

  86. Navado Henderson

    Rip fresh ...rip pop... 2 soldiers that were in there own lane..... smh haters... got a big a section in hell waiting for em...

  87. 1000 Subs with no videos

    “Careful he’s a hero”

  88. Martinez Nely

    Poo di pie 🥧

  89. maxine torres

    It kinda true, hoops are slightly dangerous on there own without a toddlers waving hands, but they are cute. I beat Kylie just wanted her to have a photoshoot and stormi took it all the way.

  90. Stephanie mariah

    Yeah there cute for a 14yr old she's TWO with big hoops....uh no

  91. opallutzz z

    I see why people are slamming kylie for the hoops, wearing hoops can cause a cheese grater effect where since standard piercing holes are super small, and the weight of hoops can be heavy. This, like a cheese grater, can cut through the lobe causing split ears. of course in many cases this happens over time, but one wrong yank or pull can tear a lobe

  92. NAVY _18

    It’s fake tho look at Logan’s latest vid

  93. Sandy Codfish

    He doesn’t like her it’s just for content

  94. Kadynce Williams

    Good loard Jake

  95. Tauhira Foster

    “Passed away “ He was killed

  96. Cristo Fernandez

    Imagine how stupid these people feel after Logan posted it was fake

  97. suzzette1980

    When Selena was crying everybody laugh, when Justin Beiber s...bag tra wreck cries everybody goes awww....WTF...talking about double standards Plus...dont think Billie Ellish needs any help.

  98. Laiii Lai

    what was the point of saying the home might’ve been rented? How does that add anything to the news report?

  99. Lm S

    I don't want want David and Natalie to date!!😢😢😢 David the s ment to be with Liza!!! I don't care what people say!!!

  100. nise Charles

    stormi looks cute in her new earrings. CutenessOverload#