Hi I'm Lia! I love making crafts, art, and more! I upload videos like DIY, Beauty, Hauls, etc.

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  1. Stephanie Akers



    Ur supposed to put the tattoo in for 2 minutes instead of 2hours

  3. Piper Gacha

    3:56 A surprise awaits you in the mirror on the right.

  4. Christopher Wickwire

    When you said " you know what I mean" I was like....... What is she talking about??? ....

  5. Gracie Sing

    13:13 Lia: I think this is more of a holiday gift Me: isn't Valentine's day a holiday!?

  6. austin Hensley

    i can see youre boyfriend in the back

  7. Gacha xXPhoenixXx

    Sssnpiperwolf:-pops balloon and screams- Me: same dude same

  8. Kordi Schelvis

    I love to eat food that mite be meh dinner tonight

  9. Lacey Moore

    I would go there JUST to use a black light on the nasty @$$ place.

  10. Christian Figueras

    4:02 look at your right...who's there?

  11. Lauren McSorley

    no afence but i tried the egg hack and i looked great

  12. Frenold Soares

    Simple closet but she's makes em look awesome

  13. Frenold Soares

    Literally anything she wears she looks 🔥

  14. Lizzie Blanchard

    You should get bangs

  15. Burnout King

    I’m going back home now to see you

  16. James Mallette

    Where my favorite French youtuber😭😭😭

  17. Alexis Hawco


  18. Simranjit Saini

    Comb Ur hair first babe before doing any hairstyle

  19. Gerardo campos

    No one Literally no one Not a soul Sssniperwolf: SKRRRT

  20. Lauren McSorley

    what happened too your arm

  21. Chloes World

    I spent the night there once

  22. timeka towne

    Is that sssniperwolf.

  23. Animal Cutie lover

    If they don’t cut sushi right, it’s poisonous and could kill you or make you EXTREMELY sick

  24. Bd

    Lia: u get to sneak milk into class. Me:WHAT IF DE MILK GETS BAD? XD DIY FAILED

  25. Andrew Phillips

    Where is the OG SQUAD?!?!? Who else remembers where she is?!?!

  26. SurelySixFour Hee

    Poor sausage 😂

  27. SurelySixFour Hee

    Ello adult lil lia

  28. Celine Bally

    So me and my mom did a christmas class last year and we did the cinnamon candle. It works really good,smiles nice but its to expensive when you could just buy an cinnamon candle. I wouldn't waste my cinnamon sticks on it.

  29. Christine Tarr

    What your number

  30. Sara Gonzales

    Lia: don't look Me: looks away from phone Lia:I SAID LOOK AWAY! Me: I'M NOT LOOKINGGGGGGGG!


    O my God I love that channel bag

  32. Animal Cutie lover

    I would have left the minute I smelled something

  33. Hewo Strangr

    I was literally just drinking Kirkland water

  34. Gabrielle Cadieux-Sabourin

    Who else wishes they had Lia’s hair? I know I do.

  35. Dog Girl

    Ash put her paws to the side as if she was a air plane

  36. Jaky Meleros

    Omg the dog was me when I see food fr thoooo 😂

  37. Animal Cutie lover

    The cockroaches have me the creepy Crowleys

  38. IXQ lizard

    Subbed sssniperwolf in 2017 or 2016

  39. IXQ lizard

    Im og

  40. Mieke Love

    Why did u change ur username To LITTLE LIA


    “Is this a scam” literally me everytime my teacher saids: today we are going to do something fun😂😂

  42. CoolDevil_Person

    .... oof nice

  43. Gianna Barone

    What are tampons

  44. Perfectly Presley


  45. Gabriela Acevedo

    i tried a hair hacks an i ended up burning my hair of

  46. Kaina Majuste

    ti's cute sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  47. juice Hernandez

    Who hates paper cuts



  49. Ben E

    Is this ssnyperwolf


    Haha when she said yes am a fool, am like a perfect sweetest fool, o my God I love her just soooooooooooooooooooo much

  51. Crystel Dorneu

    Why she doing like sssniperwolf

  52. Hadlie Rowton

    can you give me shout out in one of your vids?

  53. Hadlie Rowton

    can you give me a shout out in one of your vids?

  54. Ajyah Ford

    Lumpy is judging too😂🤣. Also the gray camo outfit on lia and lumpy are my two fav

  55. Irina Obreja

    Gurl you have cheetos everywhere 😅😂🤗💖 luv your vids

  56. Makeda Jones

    the first /secend on creeps me out cuz they use hotels like that in horror movies

  57. Ivana Ortiz

    The dogs🐶🐩 where so cute when they got on the castle dog

  58. Michael Arlington


  59. Mindy Alvarez

    I used a piece of homework my teacher gave me so now I have a compass on my arm cause it worked

  60. Elisha Lindsey

    My two favorite dresses were number two and number four

  61. Mindy Alvarez

    The tattoo one worked for me

  62. Haley Jagernauth

    I no how to make slime

  63. Gianna Barone

    What does Alton mean and why do you have to get it altered you look good in anything

  64. DiamondCookieGachaPlayz

    Lia, Lia, Lia, Lia... You have to seperate the egg like Gordon Ramsy! And that's also not how you seperate an egg

  65. Tierra Garrett

    Ooooo have the tea

  66. JenniferLynn Casey


  67. Elbert Palacios


  68. Vulturul Negru

    So on this cahnnel can I see your booty more . Or there's a 3rd cahnnel for it where I gave to say the pa$$word

  69. Amanda Duhhh

    And I just figured out you have a second channel after finding the first two days ago I am now never going to be bored again yay!!!

  70. trouble maker

    You have to add a lot of perfume to that shit uwu

  71. glen bowman

    i loved the green in your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Jessica Leggett

    these people are so akward

  73. Helena Schmidt

    The last “hack” was confusing! How did she get into the shirt and under where!?

  74. Annalyse Bartos


  75. •Itz Mimi•

    2020 Vision! Me: that’s a *Lie* It’s 2020 *THICC WATER*

  76. Valentina Guzman

    I have black hair

  77. Faten Taha

    When lia said you really cant tell the difference she looked like talking to the glue bottle at the beginning

  78. Elizabeth Wilson

    Do you know that Cinnamon bark off of a tree

  79. The Keke show Grodon


  80. Anthony Lupien

    I LOVE IT SO COOL$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  81. Anthony Lupien


  82. Autumn Houck

    The face mask look like leatherface from the texas masicer

  83. Aimee G

    a little cute

  84. •Itz Mimi•

    Ooo~ *Sees the new wig* Yessica gon be JELLY!

  85. Bre'Onna Donovan

    When Lia says “your watching this at lunchtime” I say “I’m eating dinner grl!”

  86. Marlena Quick

    No lia I like hate those

  87. •Flying Baby Yoda •

    2:50 she got them!!!!

  88. Gacha Snowflake

    Are you sniperwolfs sis

  89. Faith Florell

    You made me hungry from the first hack

  90. Sofia Tiso

    That pony tail actually looked gOoD

  91. A’Naiya Green


  92. Cienna Desjarlais

    Mike n ikes

  93. Esperanza Quezada

    1000 of10

  94. brookie namjinsopevminkookrules

    Nobody: Me: _ze yum_

  95. klara harris

    15:27 instant Wedgy

  96. Hailey Kluge


  97. Rachel Harrop

    for the tatoo, you can also draw something with liquid eyeliner and spray it with hair spray . . . but you can't wash it off with any type of water


    The short looks like a lufa 😂😂

  99. Chaise McMillan

    there is a band that its name is caamp 2 a's

  100. Clownbang

    lia,it’s called a zip tie