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  1. godwin kangni

    1:17 wow that's wet and sticky I wonder how it tastes

  2. My name Jeff

    2:23 THEY SPELT SAUCE WITH AN S ☠️☠️☠️☠️

  3. XxRiRixX RiRitv

    This title is clickbait😑

  4. Flaming Nation

    I guess I am very unpredictable if you removed like almost every square I was on

  5. Becca Bear

    7:43 why would you glue a nail to your phone??

  6. Vannak Entertainment

    Very good🥰🥰🙏🙏

  7. •Popla1234•

    Life is better with kids

  8. Devil-angel Within

    Clickbait huh?

  9. lozie lemon 888

    Yup because taco places stuff tampons in tacos to make them look better. 100% realistic😅

  10. Farrah Hannah

    Am I the only one who watches this when they can’t sleep because it makes them fall asleep

  11. pablo Busters

    Click bait ! No cut water

  12. Savanna Friar

    Limelight. 0:28 Any limelights here

  13. Levi’s Gaming Channel

    Why would you put ginger in coke?

  14. Nevy Aguilar

    Wow new thing they made a spoon into a spoon

  15. KKlempan

    one time me and my friends tried some makeup hacks from them none worked

  16. Arley Banks

    i had a advertisement about plastic,Vsco girls be like,I AM GOING ON THAT WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!lol

  17. Caro Land

    10:35 that's why you don't eat pizza with your hands

  18. Rosa Benson

    haha the "nail polish" on the first one is actually wax haha and thats why it came off like that

  19. kira animates

    2:00 oh wow thats too much of a circle nobidy will belive it

  20. Jamesthecoolone100 Evans

    Who would try 1:53 to stay home

  21. Faith Harrison

    0:11 why would there be a saw sticking out?

  22. Jamesthecoolone100 Evans

    1:17 ew get a whole toilet sit to eat food

  23. TheDaring UnicornCat

    7:24 i thought she straight up...ate it......-jazz music stops-

  24. -*_ Wolfie Edits _*-

    *casually takes center out of cucumber* Me: *why just why did u have to go there*

  25. 『ItzWolfiePlayz』

    Hey black is a nice color

  26. ayisha oo

    Need a better camera

  27. Awesome Cubing

    Nice,WATER COLOR,you got there

  28. itz Ally

    You're teaching us how to cheat on tests and lie about school I bet highschoolers are all over this

  29. TheDaring UnicornCat

    3:38 The upside is if it breaks you can always drink it out of your shoe!

  30. Sandra Martinez

    Like si odias los anuncios

  31. GabbiLikesPancakes 7


  32. katinchworm

    Greasy hair? Where is my dry hair fam?!

  33. Ethesham Mozammil

    in 2 . 13

  34. Legendary Dash

    5 min c vs set tv vs cocomelon Who win lake and reply And support me

  35. Justarandomgirl508

    1:00 is she from 123 go??

  36. Asa Yeager

    3:47, don't mine me just drinking my grapes.

  37. Lil y

    Ok, first of all, the thumbnail is clickbait. You already done all this in another video, and you copied most of these from 123 go. Is this some troll channel?

  38. Lukas Waller

    The worst part is this wasn’t even uploaded on April 1

  39. joshproatlife Yt

    they said EVER SEEN!

  40. Boda Cious

    *Or, just cook like a normal person.*

  41. Jeremy Keyrouz

    When they cut part= you don’t wanna see how much time it took

  42. Jeremy Keyrouz

    When they cut part= you don’t want to know how much time it took to make this

  43. Jeremy Keyrouz

    When they cut part= you don’t want to know how much time it took to make this

  44. Existence. exe

    ,v b

  45. Teo Gaming

    Thumbnail:finally a c*******m for my pe*is

  46. Krish Khinvasara

    I feel dumb when I watch this

  47. Jay W

    Why skin the potato? So many vitamins and nutrients, not to mention lots of flavor.

  48. TheWeirdOne Yt

    Me: looks at thumbnail... why is she putting hot glue on her eyebrows Five minute crafts: WE ARE ONE WITH HOT GLUE Me: ok then *walks away *

  49. TheWeirdOne Yt

    No one: Five minute craft: randomly has cement all the time

    1. Zoey Sexton

      TheWeirdOne Yt YAS agreee

  50. IIDwayneII Oop

    what if we don't have any clips for the toast?

  51. Lunid Gacha

    Ear clogged after swimming? Don't do what u think to do, its better to yawn or open your mouth as if ur yawning, don't pop ur ears

  52. Matthew Art

    °_° 1:39

  53. Amealia Ali

    I’d be less reluctant to try these recipes if I saw them actually eating what they cooked.

  54. Cass DoesCrafts&Art

    Lol have fun with that carmel, all ya gonna get is a mess and burnt condensed milk

  55. DIY Mini House

    Thanks for a great video

  56. Brennababy345 UwU

    4:23 did she flip her off??!!

  57. Evie Johnson