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  1. Danilo Meade

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭 Good one Dean

  2. Danilo Meade

    Get a new manager valvelder

  3. Joshua WINKELMANN

    Bayern should sign him, they don't have a reliable lewandowski backup

  4. JN HD

    Liverpool 4-0 win at anfield 2nd leg Spurs go through on pens 2nd leg Atalanta 6-2 aggrigate score 2nd leg

  5. DG weekly

    Were is shane LONG

  6. Er. Prabin


  7. Joseph Fayek

    1:00 Didn't Lewandowski score 10 ucl goals in 5 games???

  8. Andros Townsend

    Sancho not goat status are you kidding me

  9. IamMattDamon

    Havertz is defo world class. Matt seems to have little knowledge on AMC's. The kid (20 years) is ranked 2nd in the world right now amongst AMC's world wide, behind De Bruyne.

  10. Neel Shah

    City should have gotten a transfer ban

  11. Rhoan Suede

    Imagine Dortmund didn't sell their players every season... You have options like Lewy, Auba, Dembele and Haaland on front while the midfield consist of Sancho, Reus, Goetze, Brandt, Gundogan and Kagawa... scary

  12. Origami Inc.

    He's too tiny??😂😂

  13. 민호권

    should have included Tonali!

  14. Aaryan Reza

    Ighalo may just be good

  15. Luke Wakeford

    Last year's prem would also go to Liverpool

  16. AtharvFCB

    Rejecting man utd is the best decision he could have possibly made

  17. tinotenda svondo

    I hate how u act lyk neymar didn’t score Nd almost equalize again😒

  18. Sam Allardyce

    he want to play under a real coach not a p.e teacher ? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  19. Its Just Joel

    I just realized if Man City Get in the Top 4, and Sheffield get 5th, Sheffield could get into the Champions League...

  20. Dwayne Wal-e

    As a Manchester United fan, I would have loved having Haaland at United, but I must admit that the Dortmund move was best for his career at the moment.

  21. Umar Remawa

    Oh there god that’s very very interesting😂

  22. couchyvti


  23. couchyvti


  24. NickstarYT

    Lewandowski has scored 10 goals in the champions league this year

  25. Louise Rothwell

    Oooh salty you think Sheffield Wednesday comes after Pancake Tuesday clueless pricks! CTID

  26. giB racsO

    What is the song at 3:49

  27. Abubakr Wahab Lfc Fan


  28. Briansafc Hd

    2 season ucl and europa league ban 2 season transfer ban -15 points next season Make every player have a release clause and a 100m fine This would be the best way to teach them a lesson and make clubs scared to do it also they UEFA need to take a look at PSG because of the season they signed mbappe and neymar in the same window this is a completely unbiased decision as I support Sunderland AFC

  29. Amar Qayyum

    2028 anyone??

  30. Anew-Wiseman

    I am Dying of Laughter in my Car!

  31. Paul K Sunny

    No, but Chelsea always got this ( from Manchester United.

  32. Hannes

    Nico gefällt mir auf Deutsch besser

  33. AB - 07GL - Lisgar MS (1569)

    who kinda wants messi and ronaldo to team up

  34. Hüseyin Tok

    A message to the Manchester City owner: "Careful how much you're spending for" 💷

  35. terry phidaheights


  36. terry phidaheights

    listen to all the salties i wish they would hurry up with this european super league we,re sick of smashing all the shite teams in the premier league no competition

  37. Puffin - One Handed Gaming

    Atletico's players WERE diving around. hell, they were lying down more than walking on the pitch, it was horrible to watch. it didn't help that Liverpool's attack was as scary as a puppy. it was a horrible match to watch. the 2 year ban is fine. I also think they should lose all titles gained in the time in question. I don't care if noone gets them or if Liverpool gets the 2014 one, it doesn't bother me because if Liverpool get one, so do Man utd for 2012 and it will stand 20-21 rather than 19-20 as wit will after this year so it doesn't matter what they pick, so læong as city lose their titles, they can become null and void for all I care, just like that one year for Juventus. And sure, stick them into 2. Division as ic8ing on the cake. I want man city to feel it where it hurts them. money doesn't concern someone that has a money printing press in their basement like city do.

  38. Maria Chaparro


  39. sparkzy

    Virgil van dijk more like virgil van shite

  40. N Kalam

    Klopp remember the comeback against Barcelona that'll happen to Atletico

  41. Eoin Diggy

    Who's here after Manchester city ban

  42. Peter Strakowski

    At this rate he'll win the ballon'dor this year

  43. Will Miall

    Shout out to babestation lending you guys their backdrop ;)

  44. terry phidaheights

    we are city super city from maine road

  45. Claire Almen

    Ballon dor vote in 2024 Haland Mbappe Sancho Comment who is more likely to win it

    1. Claire Almen

      By the way Lingards 4th

  46. L00kiii

    Im very sure that ganbry will join man city, just because he can play at least two time a season against tottenham XD

  47. Dimitris Papoulias

    PSG will hope not to receive a goal with Reus and Brandt being back. Good luck :D!

  48. Malik Babb

    Shut up

  49. Keyster J

    He will set his once final price this season: As long he is scoring continuous it grows.

  50. Geraldro :3

    Do you even watch Bundesliga? It's closer and more exciting than prem and Bayern isn't overpowering this season just like last season was pretty close

  51. Builder playz

    matt: psg will tear up dortmund, one week later dortmund 2-1 psg

  52. Serba King

    OR realy

  53. Holly

    manchester united ? isnt that the mediocer europe league club from england ? why would anyone good go there to never play championsleague again xD

  54. Finley Murtough

    What would salha end up after mbappe joins liverpool

  55. Jonas

    No hate but in my opinion Dortmund is Actually the better Club than ManU Without a doubt...

  56. Szymon Rowe

    #6 had me in tears

  57. Logan Woodroofe

    Show to say he couldn't do the same at man utd

    1. Logan Woodroofe


  58. Jacob Thomas

    Everyone is just overeacting

  59. Besim Avdylaj


  60. Can’t think of a good Name

    Can Barca lose to Napoli? Neutrals : one word ; Manolas

  61. Thor Boysen

    His release clause is only activated after 2 years in Dortmund, not before...!

  62. Febin Junior

    Wait why would anyone join Manchester City anymore since they got the ban?😂🤔

  63. oral campbell

    It was a bad business because this summer he’s gone to another club and ain’t nothing Dortmund can do

    1. oral campbell

      Jonas if Dortmund refuse they of to pay him 10mil

    2. Jonas

      No He won't but If yes Dortmund would make much much money

  64. Subham Aich

    So I guess Gerrard never slipped!

  65. Jamesgaming 359

    The next year it will be the year that we see if halland will be One of the best of the world if he stays consistent for 2 years

  66. Lord Steinholz

    I Think Haaland could be the Next Zlatan he is sooooo good

  67. Speed Damon

    50mil, 20 points deduction and loss off 2018 premier league title to United and 19 to Liverpool

  68. Jeshua Esher

    He should join United and push martial or Rashford to the right ....he has Bruno Fernandes to serve him

  69. LEELUX

    Who's here after man city ban?

  70. Astir01

    Oh, how I love this fine british humour understating reality.

  71. Game hub

    0:35....... Why do you guys always take a piss of ighalo 😂😂

  72. Cara Miller

    They should replace Luis with Neymar.

  73. Dave is God

    "In fact, Liverpool haven't been beaten for the whole of the season" Napoli: *Am I a joke to you?*

    1. mihir natani

      Obviously in PREMIER LEAGUE

  74. Jesus Alejandro Briceño Penoth

    You left Lewy in the list

  75. Anirudh singh Chauhan

    Wtf is gigi doing in ucl wonderkids ?

  76. E'POOL 23

    the only reason haaland join dortmund is cause mino..i hope he will die..

  77. E'POOL 23

    the only reason haaland join dortmund is cause mino..i hope he will die..

  78. L7

    Im sorry but comparing ManU to Real, Bayern, Barca or Liverpool is just ridiculous. Dortmund is also not at this level but definitely much better than ManU. It was not surprising that he has chosen to go to Dortmund and not to Manchester.

    1. Jean- paul Walters

      Yeah it rains in Manchester, at those other clubs, it's mostly good weather, I guess that's why Di Maria didn't work out, especially when his house got broken into 😂😂😂😂😂

  79. K1NG Z

    Klopp needs to play Takumi

  80. Bennyboy200818

    10:35 matt was right

  81. DEMOCRACY! Daily

    Best player in the world at the moment

  82. Lewis Wright

    It is unfair

  83. Pradyumn Sharma

    Man as a Bayern fan, I wish that this crop of young players which includes "Sancho,Haaland,Hakimi, Brandt" etc stay together at Dortmund for atleast 2 more seasons and turn the team into absolute beast squad. Because all of them are supremely talented and if they're performing so well now, you could only imagine how good they'll become in a year or two.

    1. ItsmeErritheFirst

      @Alan Serrano yeah, I remember buying him to Lazio in fifa 14 😂

    2. Alan Serrano

      Thorgan is nice as well.

    3. ItsmeErritheFirst

      As a Leverkusen fan, I was sad when Brandt left. But was happy it was Dortmund and not some English crap team.

    4. optimisticazure ._.

      I agree mate


    Man U fans r salty 😂

    1. Jean- paul Walters

      Man U must be living rent free in your head 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  85. pat

    What about lingard and Phil Jones they are still world class

    1. pat

      mihir natani yup

    2. pat

      Emad Makishima YES LOL

    3. Emad Makishima

      Lingard has really potential. He will be great one day...

    4. mihir natani

      Lingard is a youth prospect 😁

  86. pat

    Because he’s too good for Europa league and yesterday he proved that

    1. AtharvFCB

      He outclassed Mbappe, Neymar, and Di Maria

  87. Damsco Tinus

    Dortmund’s scouting is on another level but they have to stop selling there players to Bayern and try to get that german title more

    1. Gameplaytv

      @L00kiii they scouted Haaland for 3 years and talked to his father at the start of 2019. Sancho wasnt linked to any top club when he joined Dortmund. Dembele was scouted by Dortmund before he started performing that well at rennes

    2. L00kiii

      but thats the reason why they get so many talents. i mean it was not great scouting by dortmund at Haaland, Demebele or Sancho, they were linked with any other top club in europe. but they chose dortmund for knowing that they can develop very good and move to a next level club 2 or 3 years later (at Haalad i guess at the end of next season).

  88. hikkespett

    The 20M was just part of the fee, it's reported that his agent got an additional 18M and then there is the release clause. Still a good deal for Dortmund.

  89. Hamza Amir

    In short haaland is smarter then Neymar in decision making

  90. CR7MAGIC

    Real Madrid Fits Him ABSOLUTELY !! EH#7

  91. Disaster Artist

    with Brandt and Reus back in and Meunier and Verratti out Dortmund could have a real chance at the Prinzenpark even though they are still big favourits to go through thanks to the away goal

  92. Shourish Kothawale

    Just one question how can you predict he would have been bad at united?

    1. Jean- paul Walters

      @Kroos Control Lukaku: 27 goals at United/ 15 in his 2nd season, more than Zlatan managed, and Man U fans argue about Zlatan being a United great, arguably even a legend. Arsenal fans said Sanchez was rubbish in his last season at Arsenal. Mkhitaryan left United, and was significantly worse at Arsenal. Depay was good in the first few games, but tailed of due to LVG rigid system, and not letting his attackers express themselves.

    2. Kroos Control

      United have a famous reputation for ruining forwards in recent seasons Eg: Depay,Lukaku,Sanchez,Mkhyitarian

  93. Ice Revenge

    2:30 Matt sounds stupid if you watch that after the match😂

  94. Rohan Waddud

    If Man city Premier League trophies are being taken away, this means Liverpool will have 21 trophies 😃

  95. Rob Hollister

    nice purple light

  96. yusuf ahamed

    Haaland is a future GOAT.

  97. 5thStreet2009

    04:51 pointless transition

  98. A M Fuwa

    Sancho did not have potential b4 the dortmund move and Reyna also

  99. Jose Gonzalez

    City should do sule sane swap instead cause city need defense

  100. Sanjeev Ingalagi

    Their training regime/ creative players develop these young kids not all big teams plays decent football . There are not just a audition platform 😐☺