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  1. Eterna1

    I am a god that’s why

  2. Travis & Brianna

    Assistant resume: i have been subscribed to you since the beginning, like wayy before the big n word controversy

  3. [ JTSM] ryan the gaming person

    I should be your assistant because I care about the seas and will work hard as your assistant

  4. jodeci southwind

    My assistant resume: I eat ass

  5. Icetea002

    Leafy needs to come back

  6. Buoyant Watermelon

    I should be your assistant because I'm a sad little sad boi

  7. Charles Zelaya

    Assistant thing : I like fish

  8. bin

    Eat your cereal

  9. Jason Murphy

    I should be your assistant because all I ever want in my life is to be successful. Not for myself, not for my family, not for my friends, not for money, but to help and truly make a difference in the world before it is too late. I’d write more, but i doubt you will even see this so I’m gunna leave it at here. Trust me though, if you choose me, you will not be disappointed, lets go keeeeeeem!!!

  10. Michael Silver

    Assistant resume: Nothing interesting honestly

  11. Br-itec

    its so good to hear leafy's voice again

  12. Flame_ Ninja7

    Eww snitch 9ine

  13. PayPal me bigboi7

    It’s not Lana it’s Lana

  14. *-pupper-*

    is no one gonna mention how this kid Dom Tracy goes live on SLsel, clickbaits, says “whoever top donates gets my phone number”. Then, gets hundreds of dollars and ends live right when the donate battle is over ?

  15. Cranking All Day

    Guy is hella racist and super annoying. He can go work at McDonald's now

  16. Boyd Daisley

    Jim Sterling from my dad wrote a porno!?

  17. Maxyboy2099

    id liow to be the assistant because im useless and want to die knowing i did something big for the world and enviorment :D

  18. Emperor Saltines

    That don’t sound like leafy

  19. Carl Hunter

    I should be your assistant for team seas because I'm going to be studying marine biology starting in the fall of 2020

  20. Kitty RandomCSGO Clips!

    I should be your assistant because I’m British. Done and dusted.

  21. Trrendz

    Assistant resume: Hi I’m 13 so I like environment

  22. Levi Bargo

    Leafy we miss you


    "I'Ve BeEn ToO MaLaYsIa"

  24. Boyd Daisley

    How can ricegum come out of retirement if he never had a career

  25. Fuavy

    For those of you curios about the E Girl who died, she met a man on discord and they wanted to meet irl and they did and he murdered her. RIP Bianca

  26. Jahnos Onfroy

    Keem could probably wipe the floor with Jay. Jay looks like a person with early stage cancer

  27. hello nice to meet u

    Assistant resume: good at CPU, good for moral support

  28. Samuel Guimarães

    Assistant resume: I got the coolest Brazilian accent and Brazilian attitude

  29. kid

    Aa12 isnt bad, there are people in this world who actually date people 30 years younger than them, like if they known each other before he became 18, then thats not that bad. And you cant just be mad at him because the girl is apart of it too.

  30. SuperAstigs

    Assistant Resume. PSS. I've travelled 14 times to the Philippines Manila driving 7hrs north to the mountains, since year 2000,so I'm use to being Busy.. And Showbiz.

  31. Xbox Collisions

    Assistant Resume: I'm at Anne Frank's Hideout

  32. Sm0kieee

    assistance resume i have been here since you where getting only 1k -10k views on youtube i dont realy remember when or what video i started watching you on but i knew it was a couple of months before the leafy and dramaalert beef. and i remember finding your channel on a "top 5 most hated channels of all time" video and you where on it. so i went to have a look and watched your videos and thought in myself this guy isnt that bad at all. and ever since than i kep watching all your videos till know your getting almost over 1 million views per vid. so it would be a honor if i could go with you

  33. It's Lyn

    Leafy should ask Nik if he could spare some chin

  34. Chris

    i should be your assistant because i wanna be famous

  35. Kevin Cabrera

    Bro, I'd be fantastic, considering im a poor university student trying to make a name for myself

  36. Victor wwe Salas

    You stupid

  37. Hector Le

    Nooo ricegum pls say no plsss



  39. Repel Quaqcy

    Assistant resume: I will block anyone if they try to shoot plastic straws in the trash.

  40. Amna


  41. Tokyo TheGreat

    Oh yeah yeah

  42. ChaosTJC1

    Hey, Keem, Eat your cereal

  43. Alex Webber

    I love drama alert

  44. SuperAstigs

    Assistant Resume. I Live in Australia, I have a passport, I'm great at multitasking, I schooled my 21 year old boss.I love Being in the Spot light, I can Handstand walking.i can show you all the Gossip in Bondi Beach Sydney. So you know u will get the views..Hit me up,if u want a Game Changer!!!!! PS..i love Planting trees/ Following Impaulisive and Mini Jake Paul..I Miss Uncle Kade and Erica..

  45. libby v

    assistant resume i m anti trash plese pick me keamstar

  46. Salvador Cisneros

    I'll assist ya, could use some volunteer work haven't done much lately

  47. Chris Sanchez

    True lives on the shore of Clearwater beach I think

  48. Fn Phoenix

    I mean I’m 15 and 6’3. I like da sea and gnomes. Pick me keemer

  49. Chris Sanchez

    I swear on my life on god I live in Tampa Florida Next to clear water Dunedin

  50. real nibba

    Assistant resume: Nigga can’t swim 🏊‍♀️

  51. Ramyzee

    Assistant resume: I am a 22 year old college student at UNC. I came to America as a refugee from Iran to escape religious persecution. My goal in life is to become an international human rights lawyer and help people back home. I have a fun personality, and am very enthusiastic. Have had a lot of personal problems come up lately that have brought me a bit down and I could definitely use a fun distraction like hanging out with Keem.

  52. Chris Bennington

    Asian jake paul and ab. Lol more likely ghostwriters. Lol

  53. Linnea Media

    Finally a video that makes sense. Stephanie was a clown in what she did. Someone did need to talk some sense into Nik too. Great video

  54. Abraham Mendoza

    Can I be assistant save the turtles 🐢

  55. gust3ls

    make me assistant im subscribed to pewdiepie

  56. Niitro

    Tfue: Anywhere BUT LA Keem: "Anywhere IN LA"

  57. Captain_Budder5

    I should be your assistant because I like your videos

  58. nya?nya!

    3:52 not gonna lie a gave a little chuckle to that

  59. King Azect

    I still don't understand it, he made a girl scared, but blames koreans and bts fans for what getting hate, pls explain

  60. speedfiregames

    Rice is so unknown at this point🤣🤣🤣


    Deji is coping Aussie drill rap Look up ladz in the hood by onefour You won't regret it

  62. Dlynn Bardwell

    If I was your assistant I would work very hard and have stuff done because I dont sleep and never leave the house

  63. Nightwolf 1

    Yoo can I be the assistant I don’t have a good reason I just wanna be with Keemstar having fun

  64. FN Shordy

    Assistant resume : really would be interested in this ! I am a small SLselr ( FN Shordy ) I edit my own videos and I also run 2 instagram accounts my main account and my gaming instagram which has 1289 followers n still growing !

  65. Jay Breezy

    That’s why rice is back ok I see you

  66. RedHead Productions

    You could use me as an assistant because you always need a tall ginger in every group. Also it would be fun to help

  67. ShackledBag101

    Bro the video felt like The Baited Podcast 😭😭😭

  68. Christopher Ibarra

    Assistant Resume: Do nothing

  69. Znet King

    I should be your assistant because....... I’m Irish

  70. Chris Sanchez

    I should be your assistant because I want to😁?

  71. Chuck

    Really hope this is the return of leafy

  72. Brandon Morris

    Cause I'm from South Carolina

  73. Elijah Castro

    I will put in all my work if u choose me

  74. Jamie Beach

    Assistant resume: I’m nobody

  75. Jamie Beach

    When will you eat the popcorn?

  76. The Last Mimiga

    i mean. he aint wrong tho, kpop community is pretty toxic

  77. Job Bautista-pais

    whitney is pansexual right?

  78. crazy man11


  79. dank doodle

    I should be your assistant because I like water

  80. FuRy Blitz

    Assistant resume: I’ve been subscribed since the first drama alert channel back before thrust was created 💯

  81. Just Toast

    I want to be your new assistant

  82. ShadowClaw115


  83. Flame

    Please bring back the 2017 days

  84. Lukas depuy

    Antonio brown obviously never watches ricegums music

  85. Emerald Craft348

    Asisdent because I love you

  86. Gage Gooden

    Tbh, I don’t really know what to do with my life, so I’ll happily take the offer to be your assistant for a little bit.

  87. Peddle Shine

    Assistant resume: I love the ocean and I'm trying to reduce my plastic so I can help the ocean.

  88. Pass the Boof

    Leafy come back nigga

  89. Mario Milos

    assistant resume" i think it would be dope to be your assistant

  90. Meme crusader

    Both keem and rice gum share a collective cell count of 2.3

  91. Meme crusader

    And your one to talk about being fake. This crusader disapproves

  92. Mark Zuch with 10,000 Subscribers

    It said anywhere but LA not in LA

  93. Carlos Arjon

    Assistant resume : ya boi just got laid off and already has the outfit picked out, mask and all

  94. Meme crusader

    Just want to say keem u have a total cell count of 2.3.

  95. Rhys 7584

    Assistant resume: I like turtles

  96. Dip In Gucci

    Assistant Resume: I can swim

  97. OhSoCosmo

    Anywhere “BUT” LA

  98. cool guy

    Keem, hear me out. I watch everything you put on snapchat and I genuinely love your content. I'm 18 years old and I'm all for team seas. Please give me the chance to be your assistant. I live in Missouri and would love to see something other than this boring ass state. Thank you for the opportunity. :)