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  1. FoxHoundVIP

    Joey did his thing.. but shooby was the strongest influencer hands down. If it wasn't for shooby I think Joey would have lost. I was rooting for Joey tho so I'm happy he won! :) he looks can deceive and make u think he's a jerk but nope I saw a good guy .

  2. Pablo Bartelotte

    you can't beat dying while doing what you love

  3. Sand Yang

    I’m just wondering how her wedding dress made her boobs look bigger than it is.

  4. Amanda Wright


  5. Johnny Aldana


  6. Lovely Lady

    Zeddison forever its really great -----------> if you agree---------------->

  7. sonya buck

    There was this ad of a girl saying yahhhhhhh lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. mothpip

    this is the reason why many celebrities keep their relationships and lives away from professions private because they dont want this. no one would be comfortable with this. unbelievable.

  9. DCBeatsMarvel

    Everyone hating. Honestly nip would have never collab with Khaled if he was so fake. People in the internet think they know people's lives.

  10. TorresV019

    I like the UK version far more

  11. scjames

    I love that there’s a US Version! I love the U.K. show!

  12. Fienie Vidi Vici


  13. PeachesFenti

    Ok but the host looks like that one pit crew member from drag race

  14. Grety gre

    Italy love Becky

  15. Sandy Stamps

    She’s nasty!

  16. Crystal Martinez

    He kissed a lot of frogs is not the appropriate way to put it smh @ her

  17. White Phoenix

    as if those braindead host that are puppets will tell or know anything about the illuminati world

  18. Stephanie Knowles

    It will be wishful, when all media and VIPs will act and look natural. This is all so artificial and has no good outcome at the end.

  19. muhozi James

    I'm really falling in love with Bieber's generosity. He is no longer rude. i wish him to let go off the past and live happily with his one.

  20. jerramy

    Surprising that he hasn't even seen the movie yet he feels confident to comment on it. I haven't seen the movie yet either, but I did listen to interviews about it. Apparently, it is full of allegories, clever meaningful staircase ups and downs denoting the rise and fall of class separation etc. Just didn't appeal to me until I watched spoiler clips that told me it was a slow boiler with horror at the end. Might be a very clever movie for movie makers but for us plebs, we probably need to watch the "what does it all mean" youtube vids at the end. After I watch it I may change my mind. If I don't get it or don't like it I'm a little bit afraid that I'm either too stupid or too shallow. Oh well, give it a go.....

  21. Iperia Cham

    His honesty is what makes him unique compared to other artists.

  22. Dee

    I love how Hailey was a little Belieber when they met and then he sang One Less Lonely girl to her at their reception... that is the cutest story.

  23. basic bitch

    The film was a flop for reasons literally not even related to the movie. Every single thing they said was factual. The movie was marketed so poorly, 99 percent of the people who Shit on the movie didn’t even watch it, the type of humor and aesthetic of the film was too ahead of its time so people in general were the problem, they weren’t ready for a provocative film like this.

  24. Jell O

    I don't care what anyone says but Parasite is the only movie that gave me a roller coaster of emotions and then left me weeping at the end. The beautiful moments, funny moments, scary moments, bleak moments... I definitely went into this movie blind and wasn't ready for it but left wanting to know more behind the meaning of it. No other movie to date has done that to me. This movie is definitely for the more analytical and introspective sort of audience. Well deserved award.


    I’m very confused about people who only move in together ONCE they’re married. How do you know you’re a match forever before cohabiting?

  26. charly sisson

    7:53 I feel like she’s trying her hardest not to cry. I would totally break down if everyone only viewed me for only my looks and didn’t respect me or my talent.

  27. EyesWideOpen

    > the movies were good what planet are you on? oh right, Hollywood doesn't care about critical objectivity box office gross = whether a movie is good or not. Gotcha.

  28. Chew Hui Xin

    Joaquin Phoenix. Very well deserved to win and mad respect for him. Joker is one of the toughest role to play and he nailed it. Very outstanding performance.

  29. Shirley Cooper

    Oh my god these 2 hosts are so annoying and loud and seriously are you stupid asking how they look like both parents and why they have their cute personalities..umm that's normal for every child born of their parents.Please get rid of these two over dramatic overbearing and loud hosts cuz I can only listen the first words that come out of their mouth then STOP!!!

  30. Shirley Cooper

    These are every day normal kids except our kids aren't videod every time they say something so smart to be put on a celebrity channel.

  31. Shirley Cooper

    They act like the more they keep.kissing ads they will get and hang out with Beyonce.....nope!

  32. Liz b

    Someone better have given that translor a bonus

  33. butterflybloom1

    DJ Khalid does not want to leave the stage. Nipsey’s family are probably thinking rap it up and let’s go.

  34. Sang ayu Metzner

    Justin look younger than her

  35. N Mil

    Hailey is perfect because she is so devoted to him. She makes him her number one priority.

  36. N Mil

    Hailey Baldwin is perfect for Justin. She is so in love with him and he is in love with her. Angry Selena fans are upset because they like the idea of two famous celebrities dating each other and getting married. They're immature and stupid. They know nothing about real life. Selena Gomez was and will always be a bad fit because the two will eventually be fighting over their careers. Selena Gomez was not prepared to be following Justin around and supporting his career while hers take the back burner. STUPID SELENA FANS DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS BASIC FACT.

  37. nevaeh

    idk who i need to speak to about this, but if diablo decides to remake the film or create a tv series, i will 100% audition for it

  38. SuperGirl Nikky

    Where can I watch the full video?

  39. Lyric Cook

    even if travis cheated on kylie why does everybody else gotta make it their buisness like why are you encouraging this

  40. 20somethingsWorld

    I wanted shuby to win

  41. Zed Zam

    really intrigued by the movie parasite 🦠, the only winning movie that I haven’t seen 🎥

  42. David Spiegelhalter

    This dog is so fat it’s unhealthy

  43. Jamie Joan

    i cant stand these hosts

  44. Keshun Davis

    I'm oscar night because I'm winner, mama for Dyersburg high school

  45. Cindy Mell

    Beautiful couple

  46. Aubrey Penns22

    That should be him and Selena I'm sad

  47. NC Old-Soul

    I think doctor's won't say but I think alot of plastic surgery, just cutting on your body and adding fake things have a lot to do with some women having babies. Not to mention if a certain age

  48. Tigist Hawass

    How she speaks scary women.

  49. Fuiape

    Isnt this dude a pit crew member in Rupauls Drag Race? guess we have another Avril case happening here!

  50. Thaleia Rivera

    I want jelena back together i don't like Hailey to be with Justin

  51. Der Spion der mich wiegte

    “There are many injustices in the world, but Hollywood celebrities feel none of them”

  52. 318 LOUISIANA

    Mane these some plain looking ugly ass kids

  53. Kasandra Howaniak

    Not the biggest fan of Justin, he's had some serious attitude issues in the past, but hailey generally seems like one of the most healthy people for him and i'm happy he has someone in his life that can help him on the way to his best life and mental health.

  54. Jimall Joseph

    I hope he apologised to the family for his disgusting behaviour. Imagine how he treats his family behind closed doors. He holds on to the money and food. He shouts "This food is from God"! And he refuses to share it.

  55. chun_li fury

    She's the top cougar . Lol. He looks very laid back.

  56. Kasey Kreshka


  57. gurkan eren Yılmaz

    Şey ben anlamiyomda türkçe yazsanız olmazmi

  58. Brookie May

    meg and milo are my favret carter

  59. Team Lovato

    God bless you.❤

  60. Private Private

    I’m glad he won a Grammy. Moms is so proud. Beautiful moment.

  61. sidthemyth

    this one is dumb...

  62. Paul James Brady

    If his marriage lasts another 12 months il eat my shoes live.

  63. Taylor Swift

    They are young, mid 20s let them have fun. Who cares if they are dating or kissing. It’s normal. Why do we give stupid stuff like this press??? Just focus on Timothée and Lily’s movies more and less on their relationships

  64. Black Forest

    Seeing Justin marrying Hailey makes me happy and sad at the same time. cuz m one of those beliebers who always wanted to be his wife lmao. That moment was unreal uhh my heart.

  65. Donald H. Tyers

    Academy Awards proved public has 'no appetite for lectures from Leftist hypocrites'

  66. Moonchild


  67. Bert Fun

    3:48 Aren't you the cutest? xD

  68. Robert Baisa

    He is the healthy Hanson

  69. Mek Meki

    Hi,Everyone Please Do not mention Selena here.This is about them.I am selena fan.Thanks bye.

  70. Brandon Swickard

    I thought this show was scripted with actors? I guess it's real after all

    1. joseph sage

      it was real.

  71. Lionssky Blue

    so, how long before the divorce? place your bets. i give it 5 years max.

  72. carmiña Mercado

    Want a baby beiber

  73. Salawu Muhammed

    First birth is twin... I promises u

  74. Salawu Muhammed

    Congratulated my real guy....I wish u all d best....more grace an more blessing

  75. kramontono Erica

    "Kissed a lot of frogs " really ?!

  76. Diamond Elisabeth

    Feels like he Did this wedding To abuse selena and make her jelous. Hailey just do Everything he Wants. Maybe she Should love herself more.

  77. Mary Deherrera

    No one cares

  78. gorjuss ness

    *The hate and racism jumped out in these comments* 🙄

  79. TalkisCheap TalkisCheap

    DJ Khaled is not black so what Puff was talking about obviously went over his head. And why Nipsey had to be dead to win. Everybody know what time it is

  80. punk treat

    Omg they’re so dramatic ! Shut up lmao!

  81. Khushi Sharma

    News reporter is more beautiful than hailey Who agree like here

    1. shalom gbibel


  82. allglam rebel

    I have loved you for so long..

  83. Bernardo Bila

    But what does in token and pledge mean tho? 😹

  84. vik -/

    Why this on my recommendations STOP they are nothing without BTS PPL support them and give them views for charity since they are as same company as BTS

  85. Angela Ochoa

    She is Selena to get to Justin

  86. Soarin Dragon

    Given their ever dropping viewership (this year 20% lower than last), is there really a big moment in this ceremony at all? Who cares about rich people virtue signalling while doing nothing. I.e. Natalie Portman's production company only hires male directors but she HAS to make a statement about female directors not being nominated. If it was up to her, female directors would die from starvation! LoL

  87. sexi lexis

    Go thru what stop being a cry baby n man up u got everything in the world n still not happy like wtf

  88. Illuminati Mr.

    Bong tale winning

  89. darkness_plaz rose

    Will there be a zombie's 3

  90. Elinor Baluyot

    Yes bridesmaid Arlene Baluyot wedding big brother armando Baluyot April 23

  91. jessica nicole

    holy fuck its crazy to see how much hailey has helped justin over the years

  92. Ahmad Vahab

    What a nonsense! Are you Bieber fans really absolute idiots?!

  93. Mausumi Moitra

    Dude wtf! She's of my age and she's 15 only and making boyfriend's and all like i am single and ya where's my single squad up.and why the heck they all are interested in them? and when do they study dude!

  94. Nel VP

    When it comes to movies, koreans are really holding the beer.

  95. Amanda Knox

    Selena is no frog 🤦🏻‍♀️

  96. Zayd Hmn


  97. Nancy being Nancy

    😮😮😮 waaaaait. @6:40(ish) , Justin serenades Hailey w “One Less Lonely Girl” .. the song he sang to Selina when Hailey was stanning so hard for them as #goals on Twitter .. I understand that you guys were in a very long term relationship, however, on that special day, wedding day, .. “ how the hell are you going to sing this song to me when I retweeted you singing it 4yrs ago??!”🥶

  98. R U Ready He's Coming


  99. KazB

    He is way smarter than you think


    Wow noticed Haileys neck is long like a giraffe JUST SAYING