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  1. Patrick Madonna

    Bonjour ,vous savez que c'est pénible ; Avez vous besoin de promouvoir une quelconque migration africaine avec ce médaillon ;On s'en fout de l' Afrique ;Ce visuel sur l'intérieur de cette maison aurait suffit voyez vous ;Vous faites chier nonobstant tout le respect que je dois à ce garçon que je ne connais pas et pas envie de rencontrer quand bien même il serait le dessinateur de l'intérieur de cette maison ; Vous n'auriez pas une chinoise ou un indien d'Amérique ou un aborigène d'Australie plutôt !!!! Vous nous emmerdez vraiment avec cette propagande à peine dissimulée !!

  2. Nothing Dog

    "It's RUSTIC!" "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

  3. Nurul Abdul

    Simplicity is the best. Nice cozy house, easy to maintain 😍

  4. kaduzy

    Beautiful home, cute couple.

  5. Todd V

    Oaxacan old fashioned It's so easy to make half dozen ingredients and 10 minutes of smoking later...

  6. Abu Elmi

    I really like it please get in touch with me I'm really Interested in the mansion perfect budget for

  7. Dust

    Its an amazing house but dude...giants can easily live there! There is no reason to have such a big house

  8. Sheep Thief

    must be nice.

  9. Salvatore Caruso

    Todd finally moved with his fiancee

  10. Joel Hernandez

    Damn beautiful house and environment

  11. wingsandstrings

    Id rather go solo the rest of my life than get with that disgusting pig

  12. not fooled

    in the real world this falls under who cares

  13. MBT 3

    Imagine seeing your son being eaten by a bear through your sauna window

  14. Canada

    this is a very shittily edited video

  15. Samuel B

    Moving to Alaska really panned out in the end.

  16. Philly Dennis

    Someone spread a rumor that he was gay .. And I truthfully believed that until this vid

  17. 45HK

    you can't go out into the ocean because of wave. you have to stay in the harbor...

  18. Ah shit, here we go again.

    This is nothin how I expected robbie house to look like but that’s awesome 😎 i wish he still had 4 more iron man movies on his contract. Lets pretend he is still iron man.

  19. Danielle M

    AAhhhh makes me so jealous i am so sorry to feel that way

  20. fiogray

    No outdoor swimming pool?

  21. Jay A


  22. Ah shit, here we go again.

    He gets so high idk if even gets high anymore when he smokes its just a lifestyle now. House is so dope

  23. Ishan Sheth

    Vinewood Hills

  24. Danielle M

    Aww so cute the need some kids to mess it up a little lol

  25. Jasmina Abdurasulova

    I just freaking realized that this is the mom who casted in spy kids.

  26. Nick Lemmo

    I love how they make 22 mil sound like nothing

  27. Saint Mickey


  28. Alex Piacentini

    this house is tasteless

  29. Marc Brunengraber

    He should have shown off his seven Tour De France trophies. After all, he won seven in a row and no retroactive “stripping” changes that fact. Everyone in that sport doped. He just covered it up better than some and not as well as others. Still the best cyclist ever and I love what he created with Livestrong.

  30. Sly Fox

    The price is for the location. It has to be.......

  31. Sly Fox

    IKEA bed in a 22 million dollar house

  32. Weird Banana

    He’s such a good dad

  33. Sly Fox

    Is the meat packing district good or bad???

  34. Migel Vazkez

    Meth pays

  35. Miguel Perez

    my dream home

  36. Jessie Joseph

    Mick Jagger had sex here? Kiss and tell.

  37. John Wick

    Get the Look

  38. Katie B

    The house that Blue Ice built 💙🤍

  39. Walter White

    Aah you here! Give my share back

  40. Baljeet Singh

    The guy sounds like he just fell out of a pub

  41. Eva Ivy

    This video came and went - FAST. AD, if you could give us more time to linger, yes? If she doesn't have time to fit you into her schedule (and we understand), then reschedule her for a time when she does. Then, we will get more time in her space (as with other Open Doors AD has SLseld) and more information on her interior choices, which is the part we look forward to the most. Please & thank you.

  42. KiloWhiskey716

    Beautiful home


    Anyone else triggered he dont have socks on

  44. Sabine Dory

    I just love how they say this could be all yours for just 35 million.

  45. andyiswonderful

    What's with the transcontinental accent? Who are you? Cary Grant?

  46. Oh shit Flight

    The guy said it’s priced at only 88 million dollars like it’s 88 dollars

  47. Swain

    ew smh

  48. John Hung

    Prefer the bedroom where the magic happens!

  49. D P

    Sorry did thumbs down because of the emptiness of the misses

  50. Dian NurmalitaS

    my sims character couldn't bought this type of building without cheating :((((((

  51. Falcon

    zedd: the small door "the doors bigger than shaq"

  52. Chief

    Idaho is probably one of the greatest hidden gems in the union. Glad I got to experienceBoise for most of 2019

  53. Taylor_ Vancouver23

    They sound so matter of fact and official with each other🥴 I can only imagine how every little thing is such a huge discussion🤦‍♀️

  54. mildly vanquished

    0:56 "so i'm not sure the name of this artist here no i'm just kidding it's Keith Haring." almost had me for 14th of half a second there Mark

  55. crewcutter2030

    All that, from dealing meth.

  56. HD RYDER

    I hope he walks out the backdoor and catches a few trout for a good meal!

  57. jose nunez

    i had no idea this was my dream life until now

  58. John Hung

    Cute couple

  59. John Hung


  60. Madao

    Last time when I saw Jesse there was a lot of snow around him as well.So this is where he landed huh

  61. Matthew Melange

    We need a wealth tax

  62. Matthew Melange

    We need a wealth tax

  63. Matthew Melange

    We need a wealth tax

  64. Mahadragon

    The Black Badger lives in Idaho, who knew?

  65. Tracy R

    funny how this is described as an apartment

  66. Big Fella

    thats a lot of money to get burned in a wildfire

  67. Rragon77

    Hey they got the same bathroom floor as Ted Benekee if I even spelled that correctly lol.

  68. YoYoMA _

    Wine should not be EXPOSED to UV light. It will RUIN IT! BUT THAT WAS THOUGHT OF?????........WRONG

  69. some1sgottabU

    They better have some kids or get a smaller house lol.

  70. 0lijfje

    Yes.. I really can see the Moroccan style...

  71. Jeanne Smith

    Most beautiful home I've ever seen. Amazing!!

  72. Ciera Shine

    Gotta love gentrification

  73. Warhawk98


  74. LochMorar

    The apartment that Stranger Things bought.

  75. YoYoMA _

    If i was rich that would be the LAST PLACE to live

  76. Ruby Violet

    this is the most perfect and stunning house I have seen on this channel

  77. Leah Garrett

    omg you goose, watch the candle.

  78. LEO

    I bet Aaron Paul plays RDR2

  79. Alisa Johnson

    Where's the meat?

  80. MrAlucard1964

    Thank you for sharing. It definitely gave some in-site to who you are. Awesome home and family.

  81. Josie Z

    I think they’re made for each other. Both Kim and Kanye have very strong personalities and arent’t the ‘easiest’ people. Kanye does not like many things, but his wife and kids put the brightest smile on his face. And Kim always talks about her husband with so much respect and she has stuck by his side through all the challenges he has faced. She seems so patient and understanding around him too. I hope I’ll be lucky enough to experience a marriage like this one day.

  82. Seungwoo Seo

    I like how I can't tell if he's being serious or joking half of the time

  83. Natalie Leighton-Hess

    This is the FIRST round / curvilinear home that’s interior embraces the shape. I love it 👍

  84. MrThreescoops

    He's very irritating

  85. Budi Tardy

    I couldnt see the lab where all the suits were?

  86. The Mechanic

    Watching this made me realize i am really poor.

  87. V


  88. Veridiana Carvalho

    So nice to see Aaron happy with his beautiful family and dream home!

  89. Budi Tardy

    Did stark pay for all those?

  90. Gabriel Skolnick

    Is that Bigfoot at 1:53 on the right side of the screen??

  91. Margaret Roberts


  92. Lidia Ciot

    From somebodyeals experince be carefull with the fireplace upstairs it is very heavy if in the basement have a good suport to heald that wheight.

  93. CantFightRobots

    Please go easy on the super loud super bass heavy transition music. Its super jarring. Especially to head phone users or people with nice speakers.

  94. Taylor Leek

    i clicked on this bc i thought it was bob duncan

  95. Ryan D

    Beautiful home and family Aaron, Cheers man! Smoked Oaxacan Old Fashion : 1 ½ ounces reposado tequila ½ ounce mezcal 1 teaspoon agave nectar 1 dash Angostura bitters Strip of orange peel with pith, one inch wide

  96. krys

    Lucifer is gay

  97. Kicks Solid

    That pool and that bathroom too small for this price 🤷🏾‍♂️

  98. Xeno Phon

    "Whats your skill" " I dunno, people just like me I guess." And millionaire. Yeah this society sure isnt a diseased cesspit.

  99. G Bottone

    They really should’ve gone into the shed and found Walter cooking the blue

  100. Julien Earle

    thats that harley quinn money