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  1. Donagh The Irishman

    Anakin was a good person, what made him a monster was that he cared too much.

  2. Seven Heaven


  3. Rodney James Diesta

    What if the version of batman here is the one who became the batman who laughs?! It would be awesome!!

  4. Rodney James Diesta

    It will be great if the version of batman is the one who laughs

  5. Koushik Bhattacharya

    Toni was back in mcu?

  6. Isabel Ralph

    Chandler and Monica ARE NOT MARRIED

  7. the extream g.o.a.t TV

    He is going to be the best batman period.

  8. Hamza Haidari

    TEAM KONG strong ass motha FUCKING APE

  9. Divorjïçk Găsperack

    Finally they got rid of Ben Cantact. Robert Pattinson will be much better

  10. Roaring Lion


  11. gamesilove

    Hipster Batman confirmed!

  12. ᴠᴀɴʜᴇʟsɪɴɢ

    Oscar is coming...

  13. ᴠᴀɴʜᴇʟsɪɴɢ

    Oscar is coming...

  14. Iron Gamer

    Que geniaaal , se bien la temporada 4 de Daredevil

  15. John Smith

    kong vs godzilla = batman vs superman = krillin vs vegeta unless dumb plot comes into play its obvious who will win

  16. Andrew Stanley

    What background music is that?

  17. Against_All Odds

    Looks like some skinny nerd went shopping in party city for Halloween.


    I wish Ben aflek was steel batman

  19. youll get your rent when you fix this damn door!

    It’s sad for daltonic people who won’t be able to see the batsuit because everything’s shaded red. Also this sounds nothing like Imperial March.

  20. Wish Studio

    ohhhhh cool thatbawesome

  21. Raven

    Kong: *Aye bro can I be the king?* Godzilla: *No.* **Starts fighting**

  22. Yhan Idah

    I am hoping this is for real!!!!! 😭😭😭😭

  23. Michael H

    I want a dark movie! Blood! Guts!

  24. kimberly williams

    I almost believed this was real...such a cruel joke 🥺

  25. Galih Candra

    Ben Affleck's batman is da best IMHO

  26. Random Unicorn

    Vanessa hudgens doesnt look any different tbh

  27. U R A L

    He's an actor ladies and gents, a good one at that. So can people shut the fuck up, and let him do his job lol

  28. Sidney Morelia

    el primer batman puto....

  29. Linda Vega

    Que sea verdad por favor no me mientan

  30. Keilah Grace

    But instead we got hsmtmts. THANK YOU GOD

  31. LoveToSpootch

    Meh.. The mask looks more like DearDevil then Batman..

  32. Jazzy Outro

    When America makes movies, they always focus on happy endings, and they won't focus making any of the fans of each of these angry. So easiest way is to add a third contender, they are are both forced to collectively fight in order to win. So we'll just see a small fight that shows both of them equally powerful.

  33. Happy Guy

    Thor 4 better be about Gorr.

  34. Divyanshu Raj

    Eeerily similar to Netflix Daredevil...

  35. InVader

    Is it me or does the music at the beginning sound like Darth Vader's theme?

  36. Legohero12 Gaming

    This really touched me rn like honestly

  37. amir kiko jaramillo

    Se cagaron a batman

  38. Elô Silva


  39. Thor Gamer

    R.I.P Batman

  40. RAGExHOMEx

    if this was real i would fugin buy a ticket asap it looks fugin DOPE!!!!!!!

  41. Jennifer Waldron

    I swear, if this is a movie, I will watch it every single night to fall asleep

  42. Chandra Anugrah Pratama

    fuck so ugly

  43. Rick Rodappa

    His mask looks like dare devil. Just sayin.

  44. Tiago Camata

    ok, im in

  45. Gregorio Alcantara

    🗑 🚽

  46. Diana Prince

    what a shitty trailer, seriously has nothing to do with Interstaller. Some burk moaning about humans.

  47. SAMMY1970ish

    Can't get past the stupid face he makes,that side grin is not sexy please bring Christian Bale back

  48. Justin West

    I hope they make this dark and gritty. Like I want to see him break bones and shit not just the old punch and dude goes flying, I want to see that shit snap lol

  49. Rhys Tuala

    Now that is an amazing suit, looks like Arkham Knights plated armour!

  50. Rhys Tuala

    He looks more like a Nightwing tbh, but lets hope he does well.

  51. Rhys Tuala

    I'm gonna give him a chance, this could be a diamond that everyone is deciding to leave in the dirt.

  52. Raijin

    Love the fact that the symbol is made out of gun parts.

  53. Bryam Jimenez

    My everything is tight right now.

  54. Walgreens27richmond

    An i the only one who can't wait to see this

  55. Gloria Cotton


  56. Timspider tim


  57. Dakestoel Music

    mascara malaaaaaardiiiiuuuum!!!

  58. Rob

    Looks like an Alien.

  59. Cocaine Mitch


  60. S M

    when it comes out?

  61. Diego Gonzalez

    Solo vengo a ver cuantos se creen esto

  62. Michal Ratner

    WAIT is that sharpeys BABY!!!!


    People: DareDevil? Me:Carnage?

  64. Angel GA


  65. Charles De Rosas

    To be fair, he would be a better replacement for daredevil.

  66. xman42

    Can you link us the last song

  67. northspack


  68. Jango Fett

    Hugh Jackman in his logan role would be perfect


    Like por las esenas de titans

  70. Sophie Static

    Wait..... this isn’t real, right? Because Monica and Chandler is always gonna be together! 😭

  71. Milagros Ramirez

    Me encantó!!!! Es hermoso!!!! Todo el traje, como se ve el Actor, la música

  72. AlwaysFollowGod

    Deathstroke season

  73. Einstien And Enfield

    Dude is rocking that underbite! Hell yea batman!

  74. Jr Leyva

    Edward: I'm not a vampire, I'm BATMAN!!!! WTF!!!! JAJAJAJA

  75. Chris Toussaint

    Minderwertig hoch 10

  76. Florian Kirschner


  77. Mr ZeroX710

    O god

  78. Jackson Zirkle

    This is what happens when you listen to the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise

  79. Erik Malkavian

    #MakeItSo #FalloutMovie

  80. Vincent Silva

    5 things you didn't notice about the batsuit 🤣

  81. Joni Ofark

    Yawn another gay film

  82. Ricch Gamez

    It’s awful and his voice ain’t even near a Batman voice plus he looks more like doctor Crain than Batman

  83. Brown otto

    we are going back and forth with the concepts that are clear-cut.

  84. doritão games

    É real?

  85. GeT RekT

    RED??? Really???

  86. Maria Gandara

    I Don't know about the Light House because I have not watched it but I Do know a movie that ROBERT PATTINSON WAS IN AND IT'S WORTH WATCHING ITS CALLED REMEMBER ME😍😘

  87. khondamir imamnazarov

    Daredevil much?

  88. David Wolton

    Riddler returns!

  89. Hamzah Baig

    I just hope his hair is black

  90. Rao

    This looks dark and gritty, it's also ironic because Robert pattinson said that batman was never a hero

    1. Rao

      @Dan Blizerian frank miller's version of the batman was the best Batman has litterelly set people on fire and let them burn, snapped jokers neck, thrown goons of the bridge, what's your point

    2. Dan Blizerian

      Rao frank millers version paints him in a very evil light.

    3. Rao

      @Dan Blizerian if u have ever read batman comics you'll know he is not heroe, he is a vigilante

    4. Cas 6319

      He didn't say he's not a hero, he said he's not a SUPER hero, which is true.

    5. Dan Blizerian

      Rao he isn’t...he’s a traumatized psychopath stuck in a negative feedback loop, trying to avenge his parents death.

  91. KnightSmoke20

    Everyone knows the villain creates the hero - who’s the villain here?

  92. lrey87 87

    That mask looks like it was ordered from wish

  93. Hjernespreng

    A bit too bulky, but I'm really looking forward to Pattinson!

  94. David Simon

    que te paso batman? antes eras chevere..

  95. عماد احمد


  96. John Salcedo

    Um the batman is supposed to have ears on his chest logo,all of them

  97. Trey Roberts


  98. Zion

    Godzilla and King Kong gonna be friends and defeat other villains

  99. antho keilan

    Like:Kong Comment: Godzilla