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  1. perseve perseverante

    Let me go plis felix xd

  2. athanos lee

    Such innocent simple joy. I thought Nordic people are all depressed as hell. Kind of encouraging. If a Swede can be happy, so can I.

  3. Jesse Duran

    I do that I’m 8

  4. Draw Things


  5. Daimao sama

    I think kin is gold in japanese ang silver is gin (anime reference)

  6. Jesse Duran


  7. 50,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    And i waited 15 year to watch this

  8. Uber Gaming

    seeing pewds play my absolute fav game is just the best

  9. Gary Wroten

    You guys are so weird but it is funny🤣

  10. Sugoi Game

    Felix getting better at Japanese language

  11. 50,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    I thought it was Subscriber....

  12. Jonah Arnold

    Was that the actual "Brazil"? Rocket League refers that to when its a 7-1 win. it must be

  13. Nova - Li

    04:37 is just straight up Cry of fear throwback 😭

  14. ZoD_10

    2:06 pewds should tell Ksi that 😂

  15. Shawn R

    Subtle “when was this recorded?” I fudging love poods.

  16. Not Scary

    I keep on thinking that the corner of his green screen is dirt and I keep trying to wipe it off

  17. Mykel Barrmentos

    what if this playthrough will end up just like those unfinished playthroughs that pewds has, like how he didnt finish terraria

  18. Joshua Mercury

    I don't like you

  19. Emster234

    Pewds got the covids

  20. 50,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    Who else is triggered when the start of the video Dosnt have the full **My name is jeff**

  21. ああ

    少々待ってください 超流暢でワロタ

  22. Raff


  23. Joshua Mercury

    Hate you

  24. Aimee Lynn

    bruh this video is making me laugh so much lmfao

  25. PetRussian

    When you need subs so you start buying them

  26. ZeHaunter 1101

    Pewdiepie: I love Lele Pons Me: Simp

  27. Zeba Zakit


  28. Cønnør Folëy

    I miss 2017 pewdiepie the one who didn’t suck a d to get kids 10 and under on his Channel.

  29. 828 Hype

    Anything on Xbox=GAMER, but Minecraft on Xbox does NOT MAKE YOU A GAMER

  30. PakCheDaBest

    You can put a ladder to your scanner room

  31. Opening food is a class I didn’t fail at

    Fridays with pewdiepieeeeee

  32. Enzo Draws

    "Jojo's grandad or whatever" You mean Joseph, aka also the previous Jojo?

  33. LegoBrick Films


  34. Leo Gonzalez

    0:39 he loses his hat:(😂

  35. Mathai Kandathil

    Use the smithing table to make your netherite armour

  36. Evanness

    You get an A me simp

  37. Tord

    what if t-series secretly loves pewdiepie and is subscribed hmmmmm just a thought~Tord

  38. Faulty Reload22

    Did you figure out that you can use the repair tool on the Seamoth to restore its health? I couldn't see the damage meter.

  39. oduriii

    make upgrades Pewds and *EDGAR LOOKS SO KAWAII DESU CHAN*

  40. Epic Roblox Player

    you can upgrade the maximum depth on the upgrade console

  41. JreastGaming


  42. Marcel Khawaja

    0 Deaths continue ..

  43. 50,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    The thumbnail hurts my eyes *But i still stare at it*

  44. SirFeraudi García

    Dude this game is supposed to be scary and really tense and Felix just straight up turns it into a fucking comedy lmao

  45. Yuto Yamamoto

    im japanese

  46. SuitSeim

    play call of duty warzone

  47. Dismantle HAARP

    Love edgar :'(

  48. Kellan Feng

    I just feel like pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye and Markiplier has a special bond together


    Did he actually called the seamoth a CAR

  50. kaya


  51. Mersilion Tech

    ok the weird rapper......is that even rapping sounds like a a classic 8 year old fight

  52. FlamingScythe53

    You actually added asl as "hands"

  53. Ian Davis


  54. bmw_ily

    bro u need to make the third episode for life is strange....

  55. j miller

    damn pewdiepie isnt even talking about the virus ravaging his population

  56. Oskitzo

    10:50 Felix be harnessing his inner Iggy

  57. Just_In _Drawing

    Pewds in his cat headphones "Instine and steven hawking are the biggest pussys of them all"

  58. Lucky L

    Y didn’t u repair ur Lifepod

  59. Hi there Person

    21:30 coolest part of the video

  60. LittleQueen Rihanna

    I just now learnd i have trypophibia...that made me itch and throw my phone when i saw the thumbnail

  61. I3ugs

    15:09 bruh Felix did not see that thing the brick looking thing "not nether brick"

  62. Storm Spider

    But felix wheres the aquarium??!!! 😱😱

  63. Garrett Yeno

    7:45 this guy is a gamer and has a girlfriend *HE HAS BROKEN ALL LAWS OF PHYSICS*

  64. Rafiza Hafif


  65. Elodie Ouellette

    it’s kind off horrible to force your child to be on national television like that

  66. Hani Rifai

    why is SLsel recommending me this after the Simp video Pewds made

  67. techno guys


  68. Ve3rcitys

    Hopper is that you?

  69. mrmong

    Are you going stare at the floor and carry around items that fill the screen again

  70. Prince Antwi

    Turn on sub. 13:22, mama thot 😂😂😂😂

  71. Pompom Yourkey

    Im an extrovert because I spend -25 or 25 hours a day on my pc at home!

  72. _GEN _

    5:37 *monkey sound*

  73. Jash Taton

    Where is terraria?

  74. Jack Morley

    Please play through the whole game it’s soo worth it!

  75. lightning jade javier

    There's something better than diamonds it's netherite

  76. ßèłłæ Ö

    1:10 What the?

  77. Maggie Chapman

    Day 503 of quarantine: I've made a big move today, i watched this play through since 3 days ago... i started watching at night instead of day... I need part six, this cures my boredom, it's almost like an addiction, need...more...now...

  78. DTH zazath21

    There is an entrance at the front you have to get on the land where the spiders are

  79. Zwiuch

    Did anyone else notice the mask just sitting on the left?

  80. Lord CroptoX

    Its my idea or pewdipie looks like ben from the firts season?

  81. Marzireon_ Playz


  82. Marwan Elias

    Whear gold armor

  83. Jackson Wolstencroft

    Did anyone catch Edgar Smedgar morse code blinking that pewds is tryna make him frick his son?

  84. Muazzam 0547


  85. ToastedToaster778

    You should have made the video 10 minutes and 1 seconds just for the meme.

  86. Yusuf

    You named the white cat Sven Cat

  87. fancy.slacks

    nice styx reference pewds

  88. Gelo TEM


  89. marcbiensteven salvador

    pewdiepie: dum ball was like a father to me😢 one episode ago pewdiepie: dj COW NO IM aN IDIOT HE was like a father to me😭😭